Customer Support Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customer Support Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He was always there on time and ready to support our very important customers.
John is excellent at being able to support numerous customers with a variety of custom solutions simultaneously.
He works with the customer to implement the solution, and provides outstanding customer support.
John is absolutely passionate about customer experience and support.
He commands respect within the organization for always being supportive of colleagues and customers.
He delivers first class support for his customers and expects the same from his vendors.
He goes beyond his line of duty by supporting him organisation along with the customer.
He is passionate about his job and is always willing to support customers and partners.
John was always available to me and my team and would go above and beyond to support the customer and our partners.
He is eager to support our needs when it comes to licensing for us and/or our customers and he always has someone other than himself in mind.
But most important of all, he is passionate about what he does and aims to support customers every way that he can.
He is consistently available for help and support; willing to go the extra mile for both his partners and customers.
He is always supportive of his colleagues, customers and partners, even when his own workload is overwhelming.
John used to provide me with all necessary support that needed to interface efficiently with my customers.
He supports his customers as if they were his own company and has always earned the respect of his peers.
He has tremendous ideas and is always supportive of our colleagues, partners and customers.
He was well respected within his peer group as well as the customers that he supported.
He was supporting our customers within a couple of days of starting.
I know that our customers appreciate the guidance and support he's offered to them as well.
John supported me during some very challenging customer meetings and through his patient, empathetic and customer focused approach, was able to address the customer issues.
John supported me through many customer engagements and often times under tight deadlines.
John will take risks if required and provides full support to his customer.
He emphatically and unconditionally supports his customers, even more when there has been an emergency need.
As a colleague, he is always helpful & support unconditionally to make customer & everyone successful.
John is very dedicated to supporting his customers and solving their critical issues.
He prided himself in his ability to deliver world class support to his customers.
John shows great dedication in his role, provides excellent customer support.
I recommend him for any customer support role, including managerial ones.
John is willing to learn new tools and support the customer through the end result.
With him supporting you, one can easily commit to customer on any staffing needs.
He comes with extra energy and goes the extra mile to support the customer.
He's also very attentive, punctual and professional and goes out of his way to support his customers.
He continued to support his new customers throughout their lifecycle with us and was tireless in ensuring that everything was as it should and more.
John also realized that our mission was to support our customers and not merely continue the status quo.
He knows how to see an opportunity and turn it into an effective way to support his customers and clients.
His desire to support his customers and drive their agenda into the opportunity is admirable.
Very supportive in his approach and in front of the customer down to the point.
He was involved in the customer support programs at both of these companies.
He was proactive in solving problems and really understood "customer centric" technical support for customers.
During the process of customer support from our company, we became friends.
John is a specialist in understanding what makes his customers and partners tick.
He is always fair and supportive of his team, whilst doing the right thing for his employer and customers.
He will go out of his way to support you as a colleague or partner and always goes the extra mile for the customer.
Our support customers were always confident in the ability of his department to solve their problems.
He will leave no stone unturned in finding the right solution for, or support for his customers.
He understands the needs of customers and quickly depicts how our solution supports them.
As a result, this earns him the loyalty and support of his partners and customers.
He accomplished this by having focus, and a customer support strategy.
Coupled with his own considerable competence, this meant, despite the sometimes thorny support issues he had to deal with, he consistently won the respect and support of our customers.
John excels at balancing the needs of the customer with loyalty and support of his reports.
Focusing on customer needs he is supporting his organization by spotting on high potentials.
John puts his customers first and has a way of sharing and supporting ideas that inspire others to take action.
He strives to always ensure the customer is getting the highest level of support whenever possible.
John is not only extremely knowledgeable, but he is reliable and consistently provides support to me and my customers.
He is communicative, attentive and very passionate about what he does and who he supports, albeit a colleague, customer or potential customer.
His customer focus, ability to propose innovative solutions and ongoing customer support create unmatched success for the companies we have supported.
He has very positive working relationships with all the customers he supports.
He continually delivered results, went above and beyond in providing exceptional customer support.
I have found him always willing to go an extra mile to support his customers as well as his team members.
I have always found him very honest, collaborative and supportive towards customers and team members.