Customs Broker Performance Review Phrases Examples

Customs Broker Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is well respected by his customers so much so that he always had the most referrals from his customers.
As an independent broker, he's not beholden to anyone but his customers.
He listens to customers and their needs and comes back with possible solutions to please the customer
Dedicated to the customer and trustworthy he is an asset to his customers and his company.
He is at his best when he is in front of the customers solving customer's problem.
He also knows what the customer needs are and follows through with his word.
Always doing right by the customer - he often found himself having those "hard conversations" that no salesperson wants to have with their customers.
He knows how to negotiate with customers and how to meet customer requirements.
His keeps customer engaged and sensitive to customer demands.
Highly motivated and very well liked by all of his customers.
It was always important to him that the customer come first and we do everything possible to make the customers' requests come to life.
He is customer focused and does everything he can to provide the customer with the right solution.
John always provides a customer centric solution as he understands the needs of the customer.
He gets to know the customer environment and the customer needs before providing solutions.
His "customer friendly" approach was appreciated and admired by our customers and internal customers.
He not only gets the job done, but goes above and beyond the needs and wants of the customer.
He knows his job inside and out and he knows what is the right thing for his customers.
John always makes sure that the job gets done right for his customers.
Great in front of customers he tried always to get the best for his company and the customer and as such is highly appreciated.
He also earned the trust of his customers to be an advocate/consultant to the customer and not just another vendor.
And he is always trying to put himself in customer shows and try to think they the customer was thinking.
He always is thinking customer first and the best way for a customer to consume appropriate messaging.
He understands his customer, and he understands how to get things done for his customer internally.
John strength comes in his customer first approach and making sure the customer is happy.
He provides leadership for his customers and very good with the detail of his customers.
He always puts the customers first, including internal customers.
Ofer is well liked by customers because he will always keep his word and he because he gets things done.
He will go out of his way to do the right thing for customers and would be an asset to any company.
He would go out of his way to help you and your internal customers.
He always used to tell us, how and what the customer is thinking.
John understands the customer relationship and has always been well respected at the customer.
He makes every customer feel as if you are the only customer and that takes an artistic
His customer Centricity and customer relationships are outstanding.
His earnest and customer-oriented interactions with customers always earn him respect and accolades from our customers.
His customer base grew more from customer penetration and customer referrals than any other rep in the organization.
He responds to customer needs and builds an ongoing conversation with customers and potential customers.
He always knew the customers very well and delivered not only to his team, but also always to the customer.
Not only to himself, as his main customer, but also to his customers who would be served by his team.
He not only cares for his customers, but their customers as well.
He knows the equipment, and is always there for the customer.
John always puts customers' needs in the first priority, and always tries him best to meet customers' requirements.
Knows the markets, he serves and know his customer needs better than the customer.
His customer-centric style shines through in each and every customer engagement.
He understands the customer and how vital customer experience is to engage
The way he interacts with customers and potential customers is based on trust.
John cares about the customer, both customers, the dealer and the end user.
He handled and showed very well in customer finalist presentations demonstrating credibility with the customers and brokers.
He's very good with customers, always has great solutions to customer problems which helps him look good to his customers.
John's drive to go above and beyond for the customer, by being always available to them is commendable.
John is always looking for any way he can to both help our customers, partners and our organization.
He is always trying to do what was best for the company and interacted well with customers.
He made sure he was doing everything possible to meet the demands and needs of the customer.
Additionally, he can interface directly with other departments and customers.
He is willing to do what was required to meet with and keep his customers.
John knows how to sell, and how to present what is best for the customer.
Driving him self, but motivated, but the results for the customer.
John truly sets himself apart in his interaction with customers.
John always keeps the needs of the customer front and center.
Not just for his company, or his peers, but for the customer.
He places customers first and will never try to sell something he doesn't believe in or that isn't the right fit for the customer.
He really understands his customers' needs, he listens and makes sure his customers see the value of what they are purchasing.
All of our customers enjoy speaking with him and he goes above and beyond to make sure the company and the customer are both satisfied.
John excels more than most at truly understanding his customers' needs and delivering the best possible solution for that customer.
He likes to know as much as possible, which applications are interesting for the customer which is appreciated by the customers.
He always keeps the customer at the forefront and, looking to deliver solutions that customers would see as best value.
He particularly excelled at looking after premium customers and received many commendations from such customers.
To him, customers are not just outside the organization, even his colleagues and staff are his "customers".
He goes out of his way to make sure each customer or would be customer receives white glove treatment.
He listens well to truly understand customer needs, and he delivers solutions that help his customers.
John is doing a great job at the customers and he has found many new deals with his customers.
Always watches out for his customers want and will provide custom solutions for them.
He took our customer's needs to heart and did an excellent job satisfying customers.
He is great with his customers and remembers every customer he speaks to.
Our company, as well as our many brokers and customers are the ultimate beneficiaries of John's talents.
His customers and partners trust him and he always does what is best for the customer, partner and company.
John is someone who is committed to help where he can and look for the best solution together with the customer.
John always goes above and beyond to make sure his customers have what they need to get their jobs done.
He also goes out of the way to make sure that the job is done and the customers get what they ask for.
He always offered help to others and provides the best solutions available for our customers.
John always makes himself available, be it for a solution or for customer escalation.
His customers really like him because he listens and then provides the best solution.
He makes sure he has found the right solution, and can be trusted by the customer.
John went above and beyond to help us which speaks volumes to him as the customer.
He's always willing to help and is very passionate about his job and customers.
He customized several tools for us that we used throughout the organization.
He always came to him with several possible solutions to any customer problem.
His solutions are always based on need and very appropriate to the customers.
John looks out for his customers best interest and comes up with solutions.
John goes above and beyond for customers and is always a solution focussed.
Not just any solution, he seeks out the most appropriate for each customer.
He'll make sure the customer is always satisfied at the end of every job.
He understands very well customer need and provides appropriate solution.
John always followed up with our customers and got the job done.
John would jump right in to get the best solution for his customer.
Getting the right solution for the customer was his first priority.
He always got the job done and satisfied each and every customer.
His solutions are always in the best interest of his customers.
This allows him to put customers first in all of his solutions.
John gets that his job has made his customers more successful.
He has provided many solutions for his customers in the past.
He is willing to think out of the box for customer solutions.
John always puts the customer first, and this is obvious in not only the way he plans, but also the way he talks about his customers.
He is very customer oriented and does everything he can to make sure the problem is completely resolved before leaving the customer(s).
In-between the troubleshooting he is keeping his customer posted on all the results and does his best in customer happiness
He puts the customer first with a can do attitude doing everything in his power to make sure the customer is satisfied.
John is amazing with customers and he was well respected by both his internal colleagues as well as the customers.
He translated customer insights into actionable and relevant value for both the customer and the organization.
He truly cares about customers and their needs, which is reflected in the customer experiences he creates.
His approach was always "customer first", even as it applied to him as his internal customer.
There has been a very high level of customer retention among those customers he served.
He thinks clearly about the customer journey and how to move customers through it.
Takes care of his customer and will bend over back words to satisfy his customers.
John is a customer passionate and he is always thinking about customer needs.
His approach in dealing with customers is very strategic and customer centric.
John would always do right by the customer making sure we solved the customers needs using the right technology.
Moreover, he presents well to customers and follows through after the meeting.
Best of all, however, was his interaction with our customers and partners.
Knowing the needs of the customers and delivering what they are exactly looking for - is one of his key strengths.
John always keeps the customer experience above and over everything and does not try to be politically correct.
John's attitude always made him want to go above and beyond to take care of him and his customers.
John really understands what the company wants, but more so what our customers should experience.
John always kept his word to his customers and that was always one of his strongest attributes.
He exudes confidence and always wants to do what is best for the customer as well as the company
His customers value his word because they know he always has their interest in mind.
John knows how his customers go about making decisions and he knows how to close.
John is always thorough in his analysis and dedicated to serving the customer.
Understanding customers, their needs and delivering results are his strengths.
That said, he knows his customers the best and every detail to say the least.
He always comes with the preparation and asks the right question to the customer.
He is always ready to help and this is why customers called him every time.
John's expertise in customer experience is second only to his character.
John cares to do what's best for his customers, but also for the company.
He sets an example by outperforming for his customers and for his company.
He built confidence within the organization and mainly with the customer.
He is forward thinking and always has him end customer at the forefront.
His strong orientation towards customer needs is one of his strengths.
He's trusted, does what he says he'll do and cares about the customer.
Contact him if you want your phone to be ringing with more customers.
He used to go into details to bring the best out of him for his customers.
John truly cares about you and you will be his customer for life.
John is very detailed and knows his customers inside and out.
His passion shows in the analysis he provides for his customers.
John is always thinking of how to bring value to his customers.
His experience gives confidence to customers and his colleagues.
He keeps the customer perspective in front of the organization.
His attitude towards facilitating the customers is exceptional.
His approach to selling is very oriented to help the customer.
He believes in customer first and is an asset to our company.
He treats his customer relationships with great respect and goes out of his way to make sure we do right by our customers.
He does this with customers too, and that is why he has so many established long-term relationships with his customers.