Data Architect Performance Review Phrases Examples

Data Architect Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He architected the data access layer for our big data warehouse.
He knows the difference between gathering data and getting results from the data
John should be the unit of measurement for anyone looking for a data architect.
John began as the enterprise data architect, responsible primarily for the data warehouse.
He can help any organization move on the data continuum from data to wisdom.
He knows the power of data, the right data, in achieving real results.
John is a thorough, precise and detail-oriented data architect.
In addition, he was the initial contact with the client's data architect.
He has mountains of data with him and yet he knows what to extract from his data and present, not many can do that.
He always came through for him on time and with very accurate data.
John makes data-driven decisions, while always taking the time to understand the logic behind the data.
John is one of the few people who can see data for what it is.
John knows data - that's the first and most important thing to know.
He does more than present the data, he tries to make the data tell a story so that it is more meaningful and actionable.
John's insight into data and data analysis has demonstrated great vision.
We hired him to be our project manager and architect for our new realtime data warehouse.
John is an excellent data architect, programmer and startup warrior.
He challenged everyone in the organization to use better data and to look at it in new ways.
He knows how to ask the right questions and always delivers what is needed from the data.
He always made sure that we had all the data points about every candidate ahead of time.
Yet, at the same time, he is open and willing to make changes as new data suggests.
John consistently provides the data on time and according to specification.
John always provided data and analysis that was both timely and accurate.
He provided us with excellent data that was well organized for our needs.
John provided our organization with thoughtful and well organized data.
He always looks for data to answer questions and back his views.
He has an unmatchable work ethic and is a very solid data architect.
He successfully architected multiple complex solutions for data storage.
John in our evolution, he was a key architect of our data processing capabilities.
His data requirements were always well thought out and clearly presented.
He can sharply analyze data and make things in the right direction.
He always comes prepared and was very good at presenting his data.
He is an excellent presenter and uses data to make his point.