Data Center Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Data Center Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John understands how to build and manage world class data centers.
John was the program manager for data center consolidation within my organization.
His contribution to the data center consolidation initiative was essential.
He provided the standard for which subsequent data management is still based.
John's contributions to the data management profession are immeasurable.
John was always very precise and accurate on him data management duties.
He's got the hustle and leverages data more than most managers out there.
He contacted me to know better ways of managing the high data.
John is a visionary manager when it comes to contact centers.
I would recommend him to anyone interested in data center work.
John is well versed in other data center technologies such as storage, backup/recovery, and data center networking.
John brought extensive experience in data management, data governance, data quality to the table.
John has a thorough understanding of data, data modeling and database management.
His openness and views of the data center world are needed these days where companies today have a greater dependence on their data centers.
One look at the data and he comes out with amazing deductions which somehow or the other always manages to elude us.
Professionally also, he keeps his data up to date & has always been close to the top management.
John had great insight into data management, and his advice has been often invaluable.
He is passionately committed to advancing the data management profession.
He managed to maintain accurate data under very challenging circumstances.
He is also very strong managing/ analyzing large amounts of data.
He excels in both server and storage management and where they meet in the data center.
He handled every live-move data center migration and every one went smoothly.
He is also immensely talented in settings up the data center and stuff.
A participative manager, he is clear about his expectations and drives with data.
John is very thorough in collecting and managing critical data.
John was a pleasure to work with as we went through our data center move.
He is extremely knowledgeable about data strategy and best practice management of data.
John's expertise was crucial in the rapid deployment of a new data center.
No matter how something was brought, he managed to ask the right questions and look further than the data that was presented.
John is a dedicated manager who makes the needs of the organization the center of his agenda.
His expertise in the areas of contact center management is second to none.
John is an exceptional data center engineer and dedicated manager.
He was very successful in keeping the data center up and running as planned.
John was timely and helpful to not only to help analyze the data, but also to teach me how to complete future analyses and manage my data.
John is an authority on and deeply experienced with enterprise data center issues.
John helped organize a multi-site data center disaster recovery contract for a significantly sized data centers.
John is always available to listen to and discuss ways to "simplify the complex" in data management.
John puts an emphasis on all the right things: measurement, optimization and data management.
John is a dynamic individual who is really passionate about data management world.
These make him a perfect candidate to manage any data oriented product/initiative.
He excels with managing large amounts of data and synthesizing it effectively.
John has a well grounded, data centric approach and management style.
The most notable is his ability to manage a vast amount of data.
The work he accomplished with the data center relocation was truly impressive.
John was ahead of his time with respect to setting up screening and computer databases to manage the data.
He is extremely good at assessing data and making appropriate management decisions based on conclusions drawn from that data.
John is a very knowledgeable consultant with in depth knowledge of data requirements, whether for data extracts, data warehousing or data management.
He is comfortable with everything from a spreadsheet and data analysis, to people management.
He's a fast learner, knows contact center management inside and out.
His deep experience in data management is clearly evident in these initiatives.
John is a very knowledgeable in the data center and cloud environments.
We worked together at our company during the build out of the two data centers.
John has shown tremendous strength in managing data centers and the people he works with.
He was creative in analyzing and presenting data to his management.
John can go wide and deep on any topic associated with data center technologies.
He was instrumental in our data center migration and our ability to finish on time.
He was able to balance data center requirements with the clients needs.
John would work with different managers to make sure that the data he was inputting was up to date and accurate.
John and two other colleagues and flew down to the remote data center to help with the initial install.
John provided a new level of dedication to our department and data center that was never seen before.