Data Entry Clerk Performance Review Phrases Examples

Data Entry Clerk Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is also very data driven and constantly provides data driven insights.
Him ability to look at data and create stories from that data was phenomenal.
In today's data economy, he clearly understands the untapped value of data.
John also has an incredible way with data in a way that only someone who was also adept with data could truly understand, appreciate and articulate.
He is a true data nerd and would find things in the data no one else would even think to look for.
He has an eye for understanding complex data and the ability to explain that data.
He is passionate about anything data and loves to find the hidden truth in data.
John is a very strong believer in data, and surfacing data for discussions.
John has a thirst for data and an elite ability to see stories in the data.
Driven by data, he sure knows what actions should be taken and when.
I was persuaded by his data, so we went with his recommendation.
Often he provides more data and insights than what is expected.
He is extremely data-driven and uses data not just to measure, but to drive results.
He is excellent at looking at data and turning that data into a meaningful, actionable story.
And if he doesn't know something, he will gather more than enough data to become an expert on the subject.
He has also been of massive help when looking for potential causes of anomalies in our data.
He knows what he does in and out and knows how to deliver data quickly and accurately.
You can be certain that any statement he makes is backed by data and consideration.
He provides you with all the data necessary to make a great first impression.
Wink taught me about data normalization, and this is one of his specialties.
He loves his data and knows how its clever use can make all the difference.
He used data as the jumping off point for many of these recommendations.
He values your data as much as you do and is extremely trustworthy.
Always seen him playing with data before coming to any conclusions.
What he doesn't know about data connectivity isn't worth knowing.
He always found a way to make the data meaningful and actionable.
He truly made playing with data really fun in all his sessions.
He explains his positions clearly and backs them up with data.
He combines data to make it look understandable and appealing.
He has great instincts and can back up his hunches with data.
He's a data driven, pragmatic thinker, who owns his data and can get to the point quickly.
John has a very keen and sharp eye for data and can explore data from hidden angles.
John worked for me as a research and data entry clerk last summer.
He has an incredible way of looking at data and can come to conclusions that are not easy to understand.
His currency is very much data - he understands its, values it and knows how to get the most from it.
John's ability to think outside the box and look into data is what separate him from others.
He knows how to clearly make his point and back it up with data and/or reasonable guesstimates.
John is very focused and data driven by what he does and what to decide for next steps.
He can literally argue with anything and can still prove it right with enough data points.
Working with him is a pleasure as one can be sure that no crucial data is being withheld.
He knows how to get to the heart of what nearly any data can (or can't) be used for.
When it comes to your feedback, he is straight, to the point and with exact data.
He always made sure that the data we needed was as clear and concise as possible.
This allowed him to make data changes on his own when tuning gameplay features.
John can do both (and in tough conditions, that is - even with messy data).
John understands data and how it can be used to unlock competitive advantage.
He's data savvy, and understands that in the end the numbers are what counts.
The way he was able to glean insights out of available data was fascinating.
John was the go to guy to get the data, then dig into it and find the gems.
If there is a way to use data to leverage anything, he will figure it out.
John was well-versed in the topic and had reams of data at his fingertips.
Solutions based on both logic and data bounce off him almost instinctively.
John is very passionate about data empowerment who also acts on his ideas.
He never jumps to conclusions and seldom makes assumptions without data.
He understands the data very well and resolve the issues very quickly.
His ability to mine, manipulate, and disseminate data is outstanding.
His comfort and familiarity with data in all its forms is remarkable.
John has a thorough understanding of all aspects of data warehousing.
He has the ability to understand what are the crucial data necessary.
John recovered data for me twice when it looked to be totally lost.