Data Modeler Performance Review Phrases Examples

Data Modeler Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John knows data & all ways to mine, manipulate, modify & decipher any data or models.
Additionally, he contacted other data providers to determine the availability/procurement of additional meaningful data that was beneficial to the data model.
He understood not only the data, but also how our customers used the data.
He thoroughly understands the requirements before finalizing the data model.
His understanding of data modeling and warehousing is very impressive.
John combines the data and the models to maximize the deliverables.
He helped in solving issues with big data pipeline having a complex data model
He worked directly with the vendor to establish what data was needed and how that data would be presented to the model.
Him models and forecasts are immaculate, and him data literacy is elite.
Best of all, though, is that he is a model for others to follow.
He has a great analytical mind and is very good at data mining and data modeling.
He knows the data modeling tools from both pre and post perspective.
John created very useful conceptual data model using his consolidated data knowledge to solve above issues.
John came in to our organization and helped with everything from architecture, to analysis and data modelling.
He frequently asks questions that spring new ideas for data modeling.
He knows his our company, can define architecture, data model, etc.
He knows how to collect and present data and bases his decisions on the data.
His expertise in analytics and data modeling is deep and very valuable.
While he does what they do best, protecting your data integrity.
He is the go to person when we had any questions about data models, and he always made himself available.