Data Science Performance Review Phrases Examples

Data Science Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is capable, passionate, thorough and always has data and science to back up his approach.
John is also into the data science and he is a very keen technocrat.
John understands data science well and can help evaluate companies that strategically rely on data.
And he has been doing it with much less data than what is available in today's data rich applications.
He is also a strong evangelist for the potential of data science.
He analyzes data, seeks clarity and understanding, and is very data driven.
He was able to utilise his data modelling knowledge into the data science space.
John has great passion for the power of data science / data analytics and shares his insights.
He always seems to know just how to drill down into data to make it more sensational.
John knows how to harness data to get things done in government.
Then he went through the data and tried to make sense of all of it.
He is data driven to ensure the science behind the decision is in tact.
I would recommend him to anyone looking for a career in data science.
John worked with me to make more than five data science and economist hires.
John is also an expert in the application of data - has been way before the "big data" craze.
He was the go-to-guy in our organization for all things data.
He bridges the gap between the science of data and making it meaningful to all.
I found his ability to analyze mountains of data and understand the story of the data impressive.
His ability to quickly look at the data and interpret the data for the findings is excellent.
I have appreciated his focus on doing things well and encouraging by example, particularly in the area of data science.
He knows how to ask the right questions and always delivers what is needed from the data.
He would not rest until he would have the data analyzed through all possible dimensions.
I analyzed the data for him and it indeed turned out to be true.
He knows how to analyze data & clearly articulate his findings.
His opinions are always steeped in data, and ever diplomatic.
He has a strong understanding of the science and art of data.
He is passionate about his work and especially data analytics and big data.
Similarly, data that he provided to my area was accurate and always provided quickly.
His passion for data was quite apparent from our very first meeting.
He will be starring in any organization with needs for strong data science talents.
John's passion for applying data science findings to disrupt and grow is infectious.
This past week, he shared his passion and expertise with me and many others about data science and analytics.
He always made sure that questions were answered and necessary data were provided.
John has a phenomenal intuition for what is right and uses data to back up his intuition.
His contributions have been always thoughtful and backed with qualitative/quantitative data.
He would look at data from all possible angles to find answers to his questions.
He simplified an understanding of the data as well as answered all my questions.
Data because of his excellent ability to take, analyze, and synthesize data.
His approach is well thought out with data points to back up his hypothesis.
His observations and recommendations come with layers of data and insight.
He gathered data, answered questions and nothing was too much trouble.
He knows when to trust his gut and when to dig deeper for more data.
He is able to take the data into insights, and he shares it willingly.
He jumped right into geographic segmentation with secondary data.
He knew how to leverage data to identify the best opportunities.
John analyzed and evaluated everything based on data and facts.
What is more, he has a strong ability to communicate with others who are even unfamiliar with data science.
He shares an appreciation for data science, quantified self and other data driven habits.
His data science knowledge, even motivated and inspired him to go for a degree in data science.
And he'll explain the data, studies and science behind his suggestion.
John can make the science behind the data easy and fun to understand.
Working with him allowed to introduce him to analysis and data science.
John uses innovative techniques for data mining and data analysis.
John understands data and this helps him map experiences to date
He understands both the art and science of data mining and data visualization.
Throw some data around him and he will come back with metrics and useful analysis.
Not only did he get the data, he also provided his insights and analysis.
John also was very data driven, which he used to help make decisions.
He always comes with data will help him to take a right decision.
He knows the value of making decisions based data and the implications of using bad data.
His comprehension of data and data analysis is at a very high level.
During the course of it, he and his team were quite data oriented, questioning us at every step with data.
The way he presented complex data using data visualization was outstanding.
Before taking any action, he will analyze all the available data and he will take the right decision.
John's experience when it comes to all things data and print/production is second to none.
He always uses data to back his decisions and knows how to make the tough choices.
He always goes above and beyond to help solve the complicated data requests.
John keeps up on all the data and trends to make your website effective.
He makes decisions based on both his experience and the available data.
John goes beyond data analysis putting everything into perspective.
Moreover, he has never rushed him through any decision or data point.
He makes data analysis seem far less complicated than it really is.
Scrutinizing and data analysis has always been his strong points.
He makes his own decisions after reviewing all of the data input.
More importantly, he can back his decisions up with solid data.
Professionally, he is really good at excel and data analysis.
His capacity in the field of data science is massive which always inspired him in each an every lecture.
He is energized by tough data science challenges and he conquers them masterfully.
John's passion for deep dives and experience in data science is extraordinary.
He collaborates well with others and is truly motivated by the science.
His passion and knowledge towards data analytics and data science has always been an inspiration for him.
He relies on data whenever good data are available, but relies on experience and expertise just as much.
John showed him comfort with complex data while making many data-driven decisions.
He quickly grasps very complex data and turns data into relevant and useful analysis.
True to say that his data works, but it's also about the individual.
He makes sense of data, and knows how to use it to drive action.
He uses data, but he moves quickly and is willing to take risks.
His understanding of science journalism and science publishing is second to none.