Database Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Database Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Over several years he has been the database designer for three of his teams.
John came in and did a fantastic job with our database design.
He's always willing to help and has helped him improve everything from database designs to individual queries.
He knows the databases from inside out, especially the our company.
Then he worked for us designing the back end of our new premium stats database.
His databases were designed to meet current needs and future growth.
He also created a database schema for the underlying database.
From application and database design, to showing us how we should be doing things (without the often associated arrogance).
He understands the application requirements and designs the databases with that in mind.
He showed him many new tricks on programming and database design.
He is also good at database architecture design and implementation.
The team often sought his guidance in designing database artifacts.
He makes sure that all the correct specs and designs are in a database build.
He then made sure that the database design effectively used existing features and ensured the design's longevity and compatibility with future needs and functions.
Architecting and designing efficient and scalable database / data warehouse designs are where he excels.
John also provided testing of the database to ensure it functioned as designed.
He soon went on to start designing and building databases for clients.
John carried the responsibility of maintaining and designing multiple websites and databases for the company.
He helped us with our database design and architecture and gave us solid recommendations.
He provided valuable insights from the outset on app architecture and database design.
He taught him programming concepts and database design, among other things.
His database expertise in both maintenance and design is top notch.
He provided valuable input to the database design, object-oriented code design as well as the layout and flow of the user interface.
His expertise in our company database design and proficiency in sustaining databases, proved invaluable to our site and ultimately many sites.
John has saved his department many, many hours with the database solutions he has designs on our behalf.
In this role he also performed tasks such as needs analysis, database design and web application design.
John really went out of his way to help him get to grips with the profiling of our donor database.
He's thorough and isn't afraid to dive into the database when the need arises.
He is also having a great database of numbers in his phonebook.
He knows everything about our company database at the enterprise level.
When it becomes to our company database world you should ask him.
Our company he took Europe-wide responsibility for databases.
He'll create value for any company needed complex database design and build.
He demonstrated ownership of the databases that were his responsibility.
Unni shows exceptional knowledge in database design throughout his career.
As a designer, he has created many insightful, ingenious, and appropriate solutions, especially in the areas of logical and physical database design.
He listened carefully and designed a database that appropriately served our very specific needs.
John's database design and performance tuning had a crucial impact on overall user experience.
He provided clear and concise information on his code design and database updates.