Database Developer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Database Developer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John excels both at database administration as well as database development.
We're also moving him into the realm of database development, something he has taken to amazingly.
John developed the school's first development, database system, much of which is still in use today.
Whenever our developmental needs solutions on database issues, he is always there to help.
He understands application development and database hierarchy.
John volunteered to develop our online benchmarking database and successfully launched the database later that year.
He's been involved in major database redesigns and development throughout the years.
Himself strong in a number of techniques and database development.
John is one of his favorite database developers to work with.
John is the database developer assigned to his first project.
His experience with application development gives him the developer perspective to understand their typical database access challenge.
John approached him once with questions regarding database development during his tenure as an intern.
John developed a personnel database and completed this within the given time scale.
Our company as a new developer, John excelled at complex database design and development.
With his well developed database of intercultural responses, his model is sophisticated.
John consistently demonstrates himself to be an incredibly proficient database developer.
For his initiative in developing this database, he received company recognition and reward.
John constantly strives to improve his development skills and has excelled in database development.
He's a strong back-end developer, who has developed highly complex databases and applications for the agency and its clients.
He helped us tremendously with his logical and structured approach to database development.
John is the go-to guy in our organization for database issues.
He provided him great guidance on the design and development of databases.
His deep and thorough understanding of database technologies is widely appreciated across the database development group in our company.
As such he was part of the decision making team on how the database was developed.
He developed what is arguably one of the most comprehensive, integrated medicine databases around.
John turned this around very quickly and the database was well presented.
The databases he developed were very complex and scaled with large sets of data.
He is an excellent database developer who has a passion to understand data.
He's very knowledgeable when it comes to developing applications or building databases.
He did a terrific job, the database is solid and we are still developing new modules for it.
He took part of the interviewing phase until developing the database structure.
He has a strong command for database and server side development.
John worked on his database development team at our company for many years.