Database Management Performance Review Phrases Examples

Database Management Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John has managed the database system that several of us use.
John is an outstanding, all-around database team manager.
When it comes to database clean up and management, there is no one better than John.
As DBA John has managed more than one hundred different databases.
He was very knowledgeable in the various bank databases and management systems.
His knowledge of database architecture and management is unmatched.
John is more than just another brilliant program manager.
He was one of the best program managers that we had.
As such, he makes an excellent program manager.
John is a visionary and empowering manager.
John is an excellent manager and coach.
John is an exceptional program manager.
John is an accomplished program manager.
He is very knowledgeable in database management.
John is the best there is when it comes to database marketing.
John knows his stuff when it comes to the database.
John had the right resume in his database.
The thing that impresses me the most about him is the way he manage his resources.
John was instrumental in the design, support and management of the databases.
John was also integral to our database consolidation and management efforts.
John knows how to manage and effectively use all of his resources.
He's one among few who knows exactly how to manage his resources.
I found him to be an excellent resource and manager.
To him, you are not just a resource he is managing.
John doesn't believe in management speak or waffle.
He knows how to manage with few resources and many.
John was my resource manager and one of the best.
John is an extremely resourceful manager.
John is very straight out speaking manager.
He manages his resources very effectively.
He is one of the best resources I have ever managed.
I consider him as a versatilist in product, program management and strategy management.
John is a very professional manager with an efficient and direct management style.
As my manager at our company, he patiently taught me everything from managing client relationships to SQL databases.
John managed our web build and database integration.
He is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to sales and managing client databases.
He has been very successful in technical lead and database management positions.
He kept booked all the speakers, managed the marketing, volunteers and database.
I have learned much from observing as well as being under his management style.
He manages his responsibilities well with little direction or oversight.
Brilliant not only in code but also in managing teams and relationships.
John is master in managing several conversations at the same time.
He will definitely be a great asset to the database management team.
An organization would be lucky to have him as their program manager.
John was one of the best technical program managers in our group.
John managers always benefitted from the audits as did the company.
A professional manager which is always taking care of the client.
The value of the programs he manages can be delivered worldwide.
He supports the team, coaches them and when appropriate manages.
The team had total faith in his scripts and database management.
He manages well his team and all relationships he has as well.
He manages with care and consideration instead of criticism.
John is also an effective and successful program manager.
He is very knowledgeable in the field of program management.
John has always managed vendor relationships very well.
He is ready and well oriented in management and coaching.
John was an effective manager and coach for his team.
He managed each one professionally, on time and on budget.
He is very good at networking and managing relationships.
John was an outstanding manager, disciplined and caring.
He knows the complexities of database management to the details.
A good example is his voting database with web-based balloting and database management.
The things he managed to accomplish on the back-end of our database continue to amaze him to this day.
His expertise in database management has always been prominent in the team
John did an excellent job at our company while he was managing our mysql databases.
Especially in databases, scripting and performance management he's his band of brother.
John has taken on complex tasks, price modelling and database management.
John managed the implementation and discovery of our new national database flawlessly.
He worked with our department mainly in the area of database management.
His work is always timely and accurate, which is essential to database management.
John managed client's that were implemented by his group into our database.
John specializes in electronic database management, organization and presentation.
He is instrumental in advising us on how to rebuild our relationship management database.