Day Camp Counselor Performance Review Phrases Examples

Day Camp Counselor Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Moreover, he is always there whenever you need any help on day to day basis.
To this day they still use many of his ideas in running the camp.
He is also very diligent and thorough in his day to day responsibilities.
He was often the first one in and the last one out on a day to day basis.
Otherwise, he will ponder, think it through, and come up with the best solution, either at the end of that same day or the very next day.
He is capable of getting the very best out of his department's day after day.
He has insight into your day to day needs and truly understands what you go through as an entrepreneur.
John truly embodies relentless dedication and strives day in and day out to be better than he was the day before.
John got on very well with all his colleagues and was always willing to help in any way he could by taking on tasks outside of his immediate day to day responsibilities.
At the end of the day he knows how to get things done which is the goal.
He's one of those people that you look forward to seeing the next day.
You can always pick up one or two things from him that will help you in your day to day work.
John is easy to work with and was always available for whatever came about day to day.
He would consistently go above and beyond every day, and do what it took to be successful.
He always got back to me on the very same day and his advice has always been helpful.
From day one he has always been very friendly and willing to help with any problem.
From my first day in the company until now he has been an example to be followed.
Literally, he was adding value to our efforts on his first day.
John's passion comes through in his day to day involvement with our people.
His internship taught me many things which can be used in day to day life.
He shows up - not just for the day-to-day, but for his teammates and peers.
His excitement for the sport-day in and day out-is contagious.
He is not only driven, but persistent in his day to day goals.
He is someone that you can depend on each and every day, no matter the time of day.
John taught me to be persistent and to keep moving through the day since there is much to conquer during the day.
In his day-to-day activity he always sets an example of responsiveness and collaboration.
He is punctual and adaptable should you need him on a certain day or hour of the day.
John delivers on these passions diligently day in and day out.
John is one of those rare gems you come across in life who brings sunshine to your day - every day, all day.
I would never had been able to get through that day without his guidance.
He goes above and beyond to share his experiences and help others with their day to day challenges.
This is apparent in his day to day interactions with me and the others in the group.
He consistently takes time out of his day to better someone else's day.