Day Care Teacher Performance Review Phrases Examples

Day Care Teacher Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is someone that truly cares for his work, and gives it his all each day.
He allows others to see beyond the day to day into something well beyond such.
He really looks out for his people because he cares and delivers his very best for them each day.
He's one of those people you really care about, and enjoying seeing every day.
Weeks later we then hired him for another and he had it taken care of within a day or so, literally.
He cares, he is committed and he always seeks to become better than he was the day before.
He was one of those students whom a teacher looks forward to seeing every day.
He is an excellent, caring and thorough teacher who is passionate about what he teaches and believes.
He truly cares about everyone on the team and it shines through in his day to day actions.
I wish him all the very best in his journey ahead and would strongly recommend to anyone who is looking for a sincere and caring teacher.
This is just one of many examples that show how caring and helpful of a teacher he is.
When a teacher truly cares about, and loves, what he does, it shows in fantastic ways.
John is a remarkable teacher and he truly cares about the success of his students.
As a teacher, he is caring with students and advises them to always do their best.
He has a genuine and caring nature and was an excellent and inspiring teacher.
He is a good teacher and more than that a careful and attentive listener.
I was sorry to see him go and look forward to getting together again one of these days.
He will go out of his way to help others the best that he can on any given day.
He was also among the first ones to welcome me on my first day.
John is just the kind of student that teachers wish they had a day to day basis.
John is a wonderful teacher - engaged, caring, committed and passionate.
John is very caring and is a great teacher of all things digital.
John is the epitome of doing the right thing day in and day out, even when no one is looking.
John challenges those around him to be the best they can be day in and day out.
We are grateful for the first day and the following days we are in contact with him.
He is the guy you want beside you on both your worst day and your best day.
The rarity of this is that he is also fun to be around day to day.
He will go above and beyond to get day to day challenges resolved.
All this was over and above his challenging, day-to-day workload.
He is driven to make himself better and more valuable day by day.
Therefore, he is available anytime of day - any day of the week.
He doesn't just say he will do something, his actions every day speak for those he cares about.
Work aside, he cares about people, which is why we still stay in touch to this day.
It's rare these days to find someone who really cares about his people.
He cares genuinely about other people and demonstrates it day in and day out.
It is refreshing to work with an individual that cares about what he does day in and day out.
John is an extremely intelligent and caring individual and gifted teacher.
He is an outstanding teacher and an incredibly caring person.
He goes above and beyond every day to make sure that everyone in the company is happy and he does it with pure sincerity and care.
He really cares, goes the extra mile and follows through, and that is rare in this day and age.
In addition, he genuinely cares for my well being and that's rare to find these days.
He never only thinks or cares about tomorrow, but already in the days after tomorrow.
John makes it easy to put aside the tension of the day to take care of you.
If we have any questions about our phones he takes care of us that day.
John always has the best interest of the children for whom he provides day care at heart.
I learnt more in a whole day class with him than in several weeks with other teachers.
John is an incredibly sincere and dedicated teacher who cares deeply about people.
He is very enthusiastic, great teacher, cares for his team and very helpful.
John is an excellent teacher as he doesn't believe in anything but success that helps motivate his reps day after day.
I'd wished he'd been my teacher in many other classes; he was fair, measured, and clearly cared about his students.
Over the years our children thrived in his environment, under his care, and under that of the teachers he mentored.
Not only is he a great teacher, he is also an outstanding citizen who cares deeply for those around him.
He is also a passionate teacher because he cares about his students and knows what to expect of them.
John is a teacher who is passionate about his subject and cares deeply about his students.
John is well regarded by students and colleagues as a dedicated and caring teacher.
He is a natural teacher who really cares if his students understand the concepts.
He is a fantastic teacher caring deeply that his students succeed.
He truly cares about his people and is an outstanding and patient teacher.
He cares for his clients and takes the up most pride in what he does each day.
John is a warm, energetic and caring teacher who lives what teaches.