Dealing With Difficult People Performance Review Phrases Examples

Dealing With Difficult People Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has an amazing handle on the way people communicate.
He challenges his people, motivates him people, and is down right wonderful to his people.
I also like his way of communicating with people.
He handles difficult people with grace.
He is willing to negotiate and re-negotiate to ensure you get the best deal for you.
He is also an excellent negotiator and communicator.
He is very good in negotiation and communication.
John is an excellent communicator and negotiator.
John is also an excellent communicator and negotiator.
Skilled leader, communicator and negotiator.
Enthusiastic, excellent communicator and negotiator.
John is brilliant with communications and negotiations.
He is one of the best communicators and negotiators out there.
Capable of dealing with difficult people under stress.
He seems ever-willing to take on new challenges, and he's someone who knows how to get the best out of people.
Best in dealing with all difficult to handle clients.
John has an outstanding way of dealing with people, even the most challenging.
He knows exactly when and how to challenge people.
He does what he says and handles difficult challenges with grace.
Effective communication when things are going well is one thing, but effective communication when things are tough is quite another challenge.
John has on several handled difficult negotiating with my clients for collections.
He has an amazing way of handling people and I think I can never see anyone else handling people at different levels.
He communicates very well and knows how to get the most out of people around him.
What makes him different is that the way he communicates always motivates people.
John is also very good at dealing with people and easy to communicate.
He handled all the necessary communication well throughout the process.
Not only that, he knows how to help people become better communicators themselves.
He is also witty and communicates well with people.
In the community, he goes out of his way to help people in need.
John knows people and is an effective communicator.
He does the right thing for people and is very involved in the community.
He brings people together who might not otherwise communicate.
He knows how to handle people and source for the people perfect people for the job.
John knows how to deal with different people and handle business opportunities.
He knows how to handle people in any situation.
He is good with people - be it good or difficult people.
He challenges the people around him to be better and because of that, the people around him were ultimately more successful.
He knows how to handle his people as well as dealing with our clients.
He challenges people to do more than they think that they can and he gives opportunities for people to shine.
John is one of those people who can handle anything.
Nothing gets beyond him during negotiations on larger deals.
John is an excellent negotiator and made sure we got the best deal.
Tom always achieved to negotiate the best deal.
He knows how to negotiate and get results when dealing with difficult vendors.
Looking forward to our next negotiations.
He is dedicated to helping the people in the community and the community in general.
There are people who challenge you to make you do better work and then there are people who challenge you to make you succeed.
His communication and dealings have been outstanding.
It was difficult since it was the biggest and best within the community.
Easy to deal with, understand and communicate.
John is an excellent communicator, and knows how to deal with difficult situations.
I enjoyed each and every deal, and communication with him.
John is very easy to communicate with and very flexible in terms of negotiating deals.
He is also a very effective communicator and negotiator.
He is an excellent communicator and efficient negotiator.
He is very good in negotiation and business communication.
He is well organized, excels in communications and negotiation.
I have found John is an outstanding negotiator and communicator.
Excellent in dealing with people from all levels.
John is an expert when it comes to dealing with people.