Decision Making Performance Review Phrases Examples

Decision Making Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

Prioritizes which decisions need to be made first.

Sets a step-by-step plan of action in order to have a better understanding of the issues.

Weighs the pros and cons in order to make a more informed decision.

Focuses on a single event or situation that requires a decision and tries solve that issue.

Analyzes the problem by researching and requesting evidence from people who have identified the problem or worked on it.

Allows others to be critical about ideas and suggests solutions to expand an idea.

Evaluates the risk associated with each suggested alternative before making a decision or coming to a conclusion.

Tries to determine the real situation before making a decision on a certain situation.

Supports others proposals, during a decision-making process, and tries to find ways to make them work.

Asks a variety of people with various backgrounds for responses in order to evaluate how majority of other people view the decision.

Generates a number of options in order to dig deeper into the situation at hand and look at it from different angles.

Relies on past experiences and expected results.

He is unwilling to take the initiative.

Never takes the time to actually consider what might go wrong.

He is afraid of making decisions due to the fear that he might make a mistake.

Fails to connect the problem with the overall strategy thus ends up making bad decisions.

Innovations, a great communicator, and as real as a real specialist could be.

With a very human approach to situations, John has been a trailblazer when dealing with a variety of issues.

John's approach simplified the process of a somewhat complicated process.

John is a very knowledgeable, hard-working, and dedicated individual.

Keep up the good work, and we'll work again in the future.

Looking forward to working with John in the future.

John is very good at grasping a problem and coming up with solid recommendations for possible solutions.

John is a very intelligent and driven individual.

Thanks again for all your help and quick attention to the matter at hand.

Highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a job or need career advice.

Excellent communicator with hands on experience.

Every time the results have exceeded my expectations.

I am really pleased with the outcome of working with John and have no hesitation recommending him to others.

Having the ability to make the right changes the first time in a new company only comes with experience and expertise.

Open for discussion and logical arguments.

John helped me work through my next steps towards a new career.

It's a pleasure working with someone who is always willing to take a pragmatic approach to finding the best possible solution for a client, and is able to clearly communicate those solutions as only someone with over a decade of experience can.

Focused, attention to detail, and commitment.

Look forward to working again in the future.

Friendly and intelligently dealing with complex situations.

John is a great individual to work with and very detail oriented.

John is also very responsive and decisive which is particularly helpful in short turnarounds.

It is always hard to find someone that can be considered a mentor.

John is about as hard-working as they come.

John helped me shape the next steps of my career and was a supportive advisor.

Looking forward to working with you in the near future.

When the task at hand became complex, John was a pro at getting us periodically to step back for a "better view" so our entire group was always on the same path and going the same direction.

John would be a valuable addition to any company.

John is a true, hard working, risk taking entrepreneur.

John has always made things look simple, made us identify the gaps, helped us learn ourselves and come out with a planned solution whenever approached for help.

John is a visionary and always makes decisions with the future in mind.

I would not hesitate to recommend John as a valuable asset to any company as either an employee or a consultant.

John's management experience and ability to analyze a situation from every angle has really given us valuable direction during our project planning phase.

John is an intelligent and hard working student.

John was several steps ahead of us, leading us each step of the way.

Punctual at each step of process and very helping.

With John at your side, you are already a step ahead.

John is hard working, intelligent and personable.

Looking forward to an outcome in a near future, which I am sure will be favorable as well.

I would not hesitate to recommend John as a consultant.

John is a great expositor of emotional intelligence.

You will not find a more honest and hard working person.

John is a 360 manager, who considers all sides of a situation before making decisions.

John is a great engineer, is able to analyze and solve every problem that arises using intelligence and experience.