Decisive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Decisive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He makes the right decisions, even if they are not the easy decisions.
He is decisive and when necessary can take difficult decisions.
John always focuses on the decisions that need to be made and the appropriate data/information to make those decisions.
John does not tell you what the right decision is, he teaches you how to look at data to make this right decision.
And he doesn't just get decisions made - he gets the right decisions made through him our company influence.
John can be very decisive and has an ability to help make the right decision in any circumstance.
He does not take decisions just because he can, but take the necessary decisions when needed.
Once decisions are made, whether he agrees or not, he gets behind that decision and executes.
John's suggestions for him to make decisions has always been the correct decision.
He could make decisions when decisions needed to be made instead of waffling.
When decisions needed to be made, he was collaborative but decisive.
He is not afraid to take difficult decisions and he is decisive.
He has never let him down and more than that he has driven him forward to make the right decisions.
He always does the right thing and makes sure to do his homework and make the right decisions.
He always does the right thing and will make decisions on what is best for his clientele.
He always wants to do the right thing even if it could mean an unpopular decision.
Hiring him will probably be the best decision you will ever make for your business.
He is very inspirational for us, he let you think about taking the right decision.
John will do everything he can to help you make the best decision for your future.
He knows what he wants and he makes the decisions to make those things happen.
His decisions were always made considering what was the best for the company.
He follows up on whatever the decisions we have made without any remainder.
He is decisive and not only doing the right things, but also things right.
He is always far ahead of his our company and always make the best decisions.
He provides appropriate supports to help him make the right decisions.
He wants to make sure that it is the right decision for his company.
He is not overbearing and allows you to make your own decisions.
He always uses that knowledge to help you make the best decision.
While very decisive, he is also willing to consider alternatives.
He likes to know what others have to say before taking decisions.
Be sure you have made the right decision having him in your team.
He never once made any decisions without first asking the team.
Partnering with him is one of the best decisions you could make.
He knows how to prioritize, get things done and make decisions.
He always seems to know the right decision in every situation.
Get to know him if you need help with your business decisions.
He knows exactly what is his expectation and is very decisive.
John has always tried to help him make decisions for the best.
In our company 's like these you have to make the right decision's.
It might be the best decision you make for quite some our company.
John is also not one to shy away from tough decisions, and when those decisions had to be made, they were done fairly and impartially.
John is the one those who not only helps make the right decisions, but have the power to see those decisions become favourable.
The strength of his character comes through on both the business decisions he makes and in how he makes those decisions.
He is known as an expert who makes decisive decisions and ensures that things are getting done effectively.
He helped him make the decision not to invest, which, was in the end, the best decision for his business.
He is smart about his decisions and will be smart with the decisions that others need to make as well.
John always listens to all sides before any decisions are made and makes the best decision possible.
John is such an expert and your decision for our company with him will be one of your best business decisions.
The decision to ask for his help in these areas was one of the best business decisions we've made.
He makes decisions with input from others, but discerning in what is relevant to the best decision.
He is very, very decisive and makes the decision almost immediately identifying the need for one.
He is very thorough in his decision making and he does not make snap decisions without the facts.
He is always willing to hear from another perspective, and be decisive to make the final decision
John is also an excellent decision maker and is thorough in his analysis of his decisions.
He'll also get completely behind the decision of the team when that decision has been made.
He is decisive in his direction, but does not make decisions before examining all avenues.
He is decisive, taking the our company to make decisions, but when it is time, he makes the call.
He always empowered his staff to make their own decisions and supported those decisions.
These decisions have proved to be the right decisions and have benefitted his career.
Additionally, he is effective at making decisions and standing by those decisions.