Decisiveness Performance Review Phrases Examples

Decisiveness Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is decisive and when necessary can take difficult decisions.
John's suggestions for me to make decisions has always been the correct decision.
John makes the difficult decisions and stands behind those decisions.
He has always taken his responsibilities very seriously and take the necessary decisions.
He is very inspirational for us, he let you think about taking the right decision.
John will go out of his way to make the right decision for everyone involved.
He is always there to help but always gives you the latitude to make decisions.
I always know he'll help me see things clearly so the decisions become simple.
He knows what he wants and he makes the decisions to make those things happen.
He was decisive and not only doing the right things, but also things right.
He not only gets things done, he does them in a very decisive manner.
He is not overbearing and allows you to make your own decisions.
He has been always doing that and very conscious of his decisions.
John never ceased to do things right and make the right decisions.
He knows how to prioritize, get things done and make decisions.
He always seems to know the right decision in every situation.
Try him and it will be one of the best decision you ever made.
John has always tried to help me make decisions for the best.
He is known as an expert who makes decisive decisions and ensures that things are getting done effectively.
He makes decisions with input from others, but discerning in what is relevant to the best decision.
John is thorough and conscientious, but also makes decisions quickly, and acts on them decisively.
He is very, very decisive and makes the decision almost immediately identifying the need for one.
He is very decisive and has the ability to see the overall picture and to make quick decisions.
He is decisive, but he understands the weight of his decisions and does not make them lightly.
He is decisive and is not afraid to make a decision even when it may not be popular.
He is honest, not afraid of taking decisions and ready to be own up him decisions.
He makes the correct decisions not always the easy or popular decisions.
He is always on his feet; able to make quick and decisive decisions.
He does not know the answer to some things, but he knows whom to ask, and then makes the decision and he is 100% accurate in those decisions.
He is someone who will always make decisions that are right in the best interest of everyone involved.
John would in the future as he always has in the past come through and make excellent decisions.
He doesn't just look at one thing, he takes in the whole picture and then makes his decisions.
He will tell you all you need to know so you can make a decision about what is right for you.
He is also willing to make the right decision, regardless of how difficult it might be.
Apart from that he understands each and every ones views and then make decisions.
He always listened to what you had to say, and was fair in all of his decisions.
He thinks decisions and approaches through before following through on anything.
Although he knows how to push things forward, he never makes overhasty decisions.
He knows what needs to get done and is not afraid to make the tough decisions.
John can make quick decisions if need be, and they are always right on point.
I always had the confidence that he would listen and make the best decisions.
On top of that, he's thorough and decisive and he knows how getting things done.
Simply let him into your world and you will quickly appreciate this decision.
I know that he will keep my best interest in the forefront of his decisions.
I think he helped me to make the best decisions possible on all the options.
If not, he will connect you with the right folks, so you take the right decision.
He knows exactly what he is looking for and acts decisively when he see it.
He is somebody who can take decisions and will take responsibility for that.
When decisions are necessary, he always chooses what's best for everyone.
He has the capability to take decisions in the most trying circumstances.
He can make the best of the possible decisions in difficult situations.
John is reflective and because of that he always makes good decisions.
John is confident and decisive, and makes everyone around him better.
He is always very calm and makes very calculated, thorough decisions.
He uses his diverse background to make the most out of every decision.
He made sure that we were at ease with every decision that was made.
He looks for advice and uses the feedback to make better decisions.
He is decisive, positive and follows up on everything that matters.
He is someone who calculates the future before taking any decision.
He made decisions where appropriate and asked for help when needed.