Delegation Performance Review Phrases Examples

Delegation Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

When something needs doing, he will take it upon himself, or delegate it and oversee it until it gets done.
He has a way of getting around and getting things done, be it by himself or by delegation.
He doesn't delegate and ask others to do what he is not willing to do himself.
He knows when and how to delegate and how to get the best out of him people.
Prioritization is effortless for him, knowing what exactly needs to be done above all others, or what can be delegated.
He is always willing to go above and beyond him delegated duties and help the other brands.
When he is delegating, he is supporting the delegated with all the tools to be succeeded.
John led by example and would never delegate anything that he himself would not do.
He also uses every little opportunity around to make the most of delegates' our company.
He knows how to delegate and did not use micromanagement over his collaborators.
His help was very much appreciated and was recognised by many of the delegates.
He is all about getting value for delegates to the various conferences he runs.
He knows to delegate things and making sure that the things is done correctly.
John also provided an opportunity for networking with the other delegates.
He delegates as needed, but is willing to discuss re-delegation if needed.
His presentations have always been very well received by our delegates.
If he couldn't get it done himself, he always knew who to delegate to.
He delegates well and never gets in the way of the people he hires.
He knows how to make delegation our company and does so very effectively.
One can delegate him any our company and he will take that to the closure.
He knows how to take the reins, and how to delegate appropriately.
One can be sure that the our company will be done if delegated to Dinesh
He always provided him with support, guidance and also delegation.
He does this by knowing when to outsource and when to delegate.
He is very organized, and knows how to delegate responsibility.
He not only delegates well, but he is also hands on when needed.
John delegates and then follow up without harassing his team.
He strives to lead by example, but also knows when to delegate.
John brings out the best in even the most reluctant delegate.
He could have delegated it and he would have lost his SignUp
He has himself and the other delegates hanging off every word.
John knows when to delegate but also when to jump in himself.
He knows how to delegate and be inclusive in team our company.
The course delegates came from all over the our company and beyond.