Delivery Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Delivery Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is very thorough delivery manager.
I would definitely recommend him as delivery manager.
He is a seasoned delivery manager and he is very meticulous in managing the delivery at on-site.
John has excellent delivery management and people management capabilities.
John is an ideal combination of people management and managing delivery.
John is one of the most dependable managers you can have in your delivery organization.
His man management is second to non and his delivery is first class.
I can say with reservation he is an outstanding delivery manager.
And then he consistently manages the delivery of those outcomes.
We were both very efficient in our art of delivery management.
I am managing the delivery of the training to our learners.
He is dedicated delivery manager and very approachable.
John is an excellent and dedicated delivery manager.
He was one of the seasoned delivery managers in our company.
John is one of the best delivery managers I've seen.
John, despite managing large volumes the effectiveness of his delivery management was really great.
John has long experience of people management & service delivery management.
He was my delivery manager and he was a great manager to work with.
He is good in managing large teams and global delivery management.
He managed deliveries on time with specified quality.
He was not only good at people management, managing delivery timelines and quality.
I managed John over the last few years, both as a line manager and a software delivery manager.
He's an outstanding recruiting manager and was the best manager ever.
I have to say though with training like these, it's all down to the delivery.
I found it really useful and your delivery was very engaging.
John was very reliable and always thorough in his delivery.
I can't say enough about his professionalism and delivery.
His looks are really deceptive, when it comes to delivery.
Thanks John for going above and beyond in your delivery.
We kept in touch and after seeing him recently, he still managed to impress me with his delivery and passion.
We have successfully managed several, real critical situations with deliveries.
He understands the people he manages as well as the requirements for delivery.
He was the master of managing delivery of the same event in different cities.
John is the gold standard when it comes to delivery - and stakeholder management.
John is very professional in his sales, delivery and in managing the process.
John, along with him awesome team of delivery managers was my go-to folks.
John was exemplary in managing all these elements of programme delivery.
His delivery is timely and always manages to deliver beyond expectations.
That was an example of true "predicted and managed delivery pipeline".
John has been involved in managing deliveries from multiple locations.
All the while managing and directing delivery schedules and deadlines.
Every delivery manager would love to have such an asset to his team.
John comes with strong delivery and program management experience.
His management style is educational and his delivery is even-keeled.
He managed expectations well and ensured satisfaction in delivery.
He is self managed and does a great job in looking after delivery.
As a delivery manager, he knows exactly when and where to step in.
The structures really helped with delivery of managing an event.
John worked with me as the manager of the remote delivery team.
He manages the customer as we well as delivery teams very well.
For more than a year he has become our delivery group manager.
John is a committed manager who is focused on delivery.
He can manage change extremely well and ensure delivery.
John is a veteran in delivering management and leadership.
Him change management, service delivery was outstanding.
John was a service delivery manager in my organisation.
John is a manager that can ensure on-time delivery.
John had been one of our very best service delivery managers over the last few years.
I worked with him very closely when he was the delivery manager for our company.
John contribution to manage global delivery has been significant.
He manages his various stakeholders well and is very delivery focused.
He did all this while clearly managing expectations up and out around delivery timelines and positioning.
One of the few delivery managers who can stand up and do what is right and not just what is asked of him.
His delivery, assessment and stakeholder management are second to none.
John is great managing the overall delivery for the conversion group.
As a manager, he expected nothing less than efficiency and delivery.
He knows what delivery means and manages expectations throughout.
John, as he is called by all his colleagues, was his delivery manager at our company.
His delivery was one of the best we have seen in quite some time.
His delivery excellence was always impressive, he never gave up, and managed the delivery in tough circumstances.
And now he is managing complex deliveries of it along with a huge set of connector deliveries.
He also managed to include our overall meeting theme in his delivery.
A meticulous manager whose pleasant and helpful nature made him the most sought after delivery manager in our company.
Working with him means getting only the best results, perfect management of and delivery up to expectations.
John's speciality has always been a perfect stakeholder management and on-time delivery.
His management of our outsourcing resulted in the smooth delivery of these assets.
John's real abilities are in key account/contract management and delivery.
His delivery was polished, and his time management relaxed and precise.
John is a delivery oriented manager and amazingly strong at analysis.
He has displayed exemplary delivery management capability to date.
He managed excellent delivery and exceeded the our company expectations.
We had successful delivery to the customers, thanks to his great management.
He managed the delivery very well with excellent customer ratings
He can do both - think it up, think it through and move to delivery at our company.
He is not only diligent but also thorough in his analysis and delivery.
John did everything he could to make sure the delivery arrived on time.
John's influence in the overall delivery should be well recognised.
Best of all, he is straight forward in the delivery of his message.
It was delightful to see him become more confident in his delivery.
He gets everything first time and is punctual in his delivery.
Jagajeet's attitude towards delivery and people management would make him an asset for any organization.
John puts people first and manages to balance results with delivery.
He effectively manages innovation, change, or delivery, as needed.
He led and managed delivery to make sure expectations, road map, delivery and resources are aligned.
One of the many things that he differentiates him from regular managers is he puts people first while managing delivery well.
And his delivery and demeanor actually makes you look forward to meetings.
He has always been someone we could depend on in driving the delivery.
He knows what he is doing and this evident in his delivery record.
John proved himself to be one of our best application delivery managers and we're sorry to lose him.
John manages to balance delivery and strategy very well - and that can be very tricky at times.
He also was able to manage vendors to budget and delivery times.
He manages to steer specification and delivery through a political minefield on time, which very few in the company managed.
He also presents well to management and collaborates on presentation preparation and delivery.