Demand Planning Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Demand Planning Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He manages to go above and beyond and do more than what is asked or planned to do.
He is very demanding and straight forward and gets the best out of those he manages.
John is very demanding of his subordinates, but his demands are no more than what he demands of himself.
John is definitely the manager you would have: he taught me what does planning mean and how to follow the plan you did, to deliver on time.
There was nothing that he could not figure out, or plan, present and manage.
He doesn't demand it, he makes you demand it from yourself, which is much more rewarding.
John can be demanding, but always demands more of himself than he does of others.
He plans his things so perfectly that manages to see his way very easily though complex.
John always has the ability to manage whatever is coming his way and plan accordingly.
He will have a plan on how to start all the way to how to manage your successes.
During my time managing him, he was consistently an overachiever and above plan.
John is also an excellent manager who focuses on talent management and succession planning.
He has been an excellent people manager and will be as meticulous and planned.
Even when things did not go as planned, he manages to give me the confidence that things will not only be done, but they be done properly and satisfactorily.
He talked about breaking things down into manageable components, about planning and about prioritizing.
He knows how to articulate what is asked from his managers and help them plan to achieve it.
John is an inspirational manager who balances current needs with planning for the future.
John is a self driven manager and individual that demands sticking to the goals and the plan.
I especially appreciate how he always demands the best in himself and those around him.
He was demanding, but never would ask you to do something, he himself wouldn't do.
He was never pushy or demanding despite being under extreme pressure by management.
John's style of management inspired me to do my best and demand the best of others.
John was very successful at managing this complex and demanding environment.
He was truly a pleasure to manage because he always puts greater demands on himself than any manager ever would.
And in addition to juggling all this he managed to keep to time, starting and ending as planned.
John is extraordinarily efficient, manages time well, and is thoughtful in his planning.
He has been dedicated and very focused on planning and managing the tasks assigned.
Many of these justifications were already covered in him risk management plan.
John has a plan for everyone he works with and that plan is to make you better than you thought you could be.
I always appreciated how he would demand excellence of me, but also how he demanded it of himself.
He led by example as he demanded excellence from himself before demanding it from anyone else.
He demands excellence, but never unfairly and never without demanding the same from him.
He belongs to the category of very demanding managers, but all of his demands are absolutely reasonable and always were well grounded.
Through him planning and management, the transition was virtually seamless to the employees.
His time management is impeccable and gets his tasks done with precision to his plan.
He really does his best to keep, budget, schedule and deliverables in planned plan.
He is fantastic when it comes to man management as his plan things much in advance as he is visionary to the core.
John is excellent at planning and organizing and can manage multiple sites without hesitation.
As a manager, him strengths would be the outstanding planning and delegating capacity.
He managed the demanding audience well and made some timely tweaks to the plan as he went along in response to audience need.
John is a detail oriented manager who makes sure that everything is planned out as specified.
He excelled in stakeholder management and was detail oriented in here planning.
John may seem very demanding at first, but once you get to know him better you realize that's actually just how he is.
He's both helpful when you need it and demanding when something must be done in the right way.
He demands excellence from himself first, then from others and knows how to appreciate it.
He is very driven and demands the best from himself as well as the others around him.
John demanded that we all were of the best, he didn't let any of us slide through.
He demands the best from those around him because he always delivers his best.
It only serves to make him more in demand for others and less available for us.
He knows how to bring out the best in others because he demands it of himself.
Always challenging and demanding that best out of you as he did from his.
I was impressed with his ability to multitask and manage his workload which was very demanding.
John was a challenging and demanding manager, but also universally well like and regarded.
John demands excellence, and that is what makes him a great manager and inspiration.
He manages to be proactive and positive even in difficult and demanding situations.
He was my manager and he was ready to fold his sleeve if the situation demanded.
He was demanding manager, but with transparent leadership style and approach.
He is always available when you need him, but doesn't micro-manage, he is firm with expectations, but also compassionate and motivating if things are not going as planned.
He is always so precise with him planning and direction so everyone is extremely efficient under his management.
I have been impressed by his ability to manage the crisis and to bring forth well thought out plans.