Department Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Department Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an exceptional manager who not only excels in any department, he managers, but he goes above and beyond in everything he endeavors.
I was really fortunate to have him in the management department addressing the budding managers.
I need to thank him for all that he has done not only for me but for the whole department.
He will go out of his way to help out someone, inside or outside of his departments.
He's always willing to help in anyway he can, even if it's not his department.
He had many responsibilities across different departments, and he managed them all flawlessly.
He also dives right into help in any of the departments he manages when help is needed.
John was in this position and, for the past years he managed this department.
John has been a selfless manager, always looking out for everyone in his department.
He managed several departments simultaneously and seemed to do it with ease.
He was sought after not only by his own department, but also other departments across the company.
He is always available to help his colleagues within his department or from another department.
John is one of those rare employees that every manager wants to have in their department.
He co-managed the largest department in the facility and managed his department very well.
John worked very well within his department as well as with all other departments.
John was always willing to go out of his way to make sure that my needs for my department were met.
Despite that we were in different departments, he is always very approachable.
He also gets along very well with other colleagues from various departments.
Him assessments were much appreciated by myself and my department and managers, as being both thorough and fair.
He was one of the managers who got the best upward feedback scores in his department.
Over the years he has managed some considerable difficulties within the department.
His department is highly responsive to management's needs throughout our company.
He quickly became the most trusted & respected of the managers in my department.
John very quickly became an indispensable department manager at our company.
He welcomed the opportunity to manage the department and make it successful.
He managed his department efficiently and the results were quite impressive.
He got all the departments, managers, and employees talking to each other effectively.
John is also an exceptional manager who motivates and empowers his department.
John knew how to balance his goals with those of each department and department manager with whom he interacted.
He allowed managers the autonomy to manage their departments while always being available to guide and influence as needed.
John is always willing to help anyone, it didn't matter what department, they were in he would always help them out.
And, he will proactively look for things that you or the department can do better and he will just get them done.
He's proactive with other departments to see what their needs are and always did his best to accommodate.
He was always able to get everyone around him excited about what everyone did, even in other departments.
Although we both were into different department, but he was available for any kind of help to anybody.
He could take on several disparate assignments at once, from several different departments.
Employees in other departments would say that he always adds value to any conversation.
I really appreciated his willingness to help although we were in different departments.
We are in different departments, but that does not stop him from trying to help me out.
He is unpretentious, and as such is quite well regarded by others in his department.
He came in and make an immediate and very significant difference to the department.
I appreciate everything he did for the department and that which he taught me.
He is and was up to speed with what was happening in and around his department.
John made himself available to all departments and the individuals within them.
I never found that he imposed himself into another department's responsibility.
His value to me and my department far outstrips anything he might be selling.
He was more than friendly and always keen to help even for other departments.
He manages those in his department with respect and has consideration for their opinions and abilities.
His ability to delegate and manage others was another strength of his leadership in his department.
John was able to adapt his management style to the needs of the individuals in his department.
John was an excellent manager and kept the purchasing/estimating department running smoothly.
He is also noted amongst his department for his approachable and likeable management style.
John joined a department that hadn't been well managed and was rife with inefficiencies.
Under his management our department took a new turn towards profitability and success.
I have been managed by him in two departments and him managerial style is spot on.
John managed his department with style in an efficient straight forward way.
John actively uses delegation to better manage the workload of his department.
He managed to keep all our departments on board, and with a positive momentum.
He is very reliable and was always depended on by our manager to keep things organized in the department.
His responsibilities were many, but he always had time for others in and out of his department.
John excelled in all departments he managed during his ascending path toward management.
John knows how to manage across departments as well as up the organization.
He gets everything done while managing expectations across departments.
He's what every manager could ever wish for in his/him department and destined to be the one that is running that department.
John's management style clearly made his departments the best in the company.
John skillfully manages all of this across many departments and geographies.
There were some tough times in the department while he was the manager.
He is very self-sufficient and proactive in managing his department.
Under his leadership his managers and their departments flourished.
John continued to manage his department without interruption.
He managed all the jobs coming in and going out of our department.
John is well respected by the associates he managed as well as him department managers.
Additionally, the managers he hired/developed have been the cornerstone of the department, even after his departure.
Secondly, when required, he stood up for what was right in dealings with other departments and managers.
He managed his department with dedication and with all the intention so that each of us would succeed.
Despite his departmental commitments, he always manages to help out other departments when possible.
He transformed and reinvigorated every department, he was tasked with managing.
He can cover, without any problem, management roles in different departments.
He wrote all new procedures and successfully managed the department.
He came into a disassembled department, because of the previous managers
John company, department or manager would be lucky to have him.
John is his manager for several years in the our company, department of our company.
John is always willing to help others not only in his department, but also throughout the organization.
And that's to say nothing of living up to the requirements given to him from different department managers seeking employees who will help their department's progress.
John got along well with his colleagues in the editorial department and other departments of the newspaper.
Him management of this tool was truly transformational for our department and our company.
John has done an outstanding job while managing the fulfillment department.
The management of our company recognized his strengths and expanded his role to manage additional departments.
He's a great manager and handled the day-to-day management responsibilities within the department.
He can do this, as well as stay very responsive to any requests from managers, or even those in completely different departments.
He knows how to bring the best of his employees and manage his department so that all tasks are done on the best possible way.
Samit managed his department well and you could never question his commitment, both to the company and to himself.
His genuine interest and kindness is what allows him to stand apart from other managers within his department.
John goes beyond his managing duties repeatedly to take on other roles as needed in the department.
John managed his department, and he requires very little input to determine the priorities.
The presence of others in his department meant that he also had to act as management for them.
John's experience and management style directly contribute to the success of his department.
John manages a huge department and somehow keeps track of everything that is going on.
His ability to manage the department is seamless and his accessibility has been invaluable.
He can influence across geographies and departments effectively, and manage across levels.
John is a focused manager providing leadership within the department.
John managed his department well, with a capable and positive attitude.
He is highly organised, and able to manage several departments at once.
As a manager, he is your biggest cheerleader and department champion.
As a manager, he set standards & guidelines for the department.
Our company, though he had his own department to manage, he always had time for the Apprentices and was somehow always updated on our different tasks.
John brought a different approach of management into our department here at our company.
An excellent manager both on a man-management level and in terms of his management of the departments' work and responsibilities.
John is the head of his department and later his direct manager.
The way he manages the department and utilizes personnel is amazing.
He goes above and beyond what is expected of him, and is truly the anchor in his department.
John is always open to improvements, whether it is his own or his departments.
John seems to treat the whole company the same as he would his own department.
John is respected throughout the organization and within his department.
He is always collaborative and listened to the needs of his department.
Our company Service is more than one department in any organization.
Those who reported to him really appreciated his management style and he was very well liked in the department.
John did spend some time reporting directly to him when we were in between managers for his department.
John always delivers to meet the manning needs of various department managers across the company.
John managed many of the critical departments that his organization interacted with regularly.
His position required interaction with upper management and between various departments.
He is very effective in working across the various departments and management levels.
This was tactically planned and always well-managed by all members in his department.
John worked with and managed deliverables in almost every department in the agency.
He is a great manager of his department, always motivating and innovating.
He deftly managed a department that was going through dramatic changes.
Both as his direct manager and from a separate department perspective.
John is a well respected leader and was thought of highly by those that he managed and the other managers in our department.
He very capably managed several departments at one time, helping each thrive both as a department and individuals.
As an interface for management and other departments he always provided us with the needed information.
He allows him to manage his department and entrusts him to make the informed decisions.
The data and department that he managed was the heartbeat of the company.