Dependability Performance Review Phrases Examples

Dependability Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He has the energy and desire to accomplish all the needs of your work.
He's professional, confident in what he's responsible for, delivering the expected result and a bit more, showing the way, and just nice to spend the day at work with.
When he takes on a project, you can be sure that he will complete it with the highest level of detail and research.
He is punctual, accurate, he is very attentive to details.
He went beyond what was expected, even after the project's completion.
You can rely on him even when the task is difficult.
He diligently met his commitments and was very easy to work with personally.
He was consistently professional and diligent and always went out of his way to deliver results.
He achieved the trust and respect of both clients and colleagues very soon.
It is amazing that no matter what my question is, he always knows the answer.
His work was always strong, showing commitment to deliver within very tight timescales and a drive for the best architecture and creative solutions.
John task or project assigned to him has been managed to perfection.
He demonstrates an admirable work ethic and an impressive execution of strategy, all of which are results-oriented.
He's a very competent and diligent worker, and always strives to stay on task even when others aren't.
We sometimes work under deadline and have to juggle multiple projects.
He shows a great drive for results.
When he makes a commitment you can rely on him following through on it.
And you can always count on him to follow through with diligent execution and a smile on his face.
He is proactive person and interested in producing the best results.
He is a punctual and a straight forward being who is always high on energy.
It was an absolute pleasure working with him.
He brought to the table a high level a professionalism, attention to detail and a positive attitude.
He is loyal, personable and respectful and always delivers above and beyond what is required of him.
I am confident he can achieve anything he sets his mind to, due to his amazing personality and his professional experience.
He was always incredibly responsive and ready to help in any possible way he could.
We could always rely on John to get the job done with the most ambiguous instructions.
John is a very responsible person with a high level of compromise.
John is reliable and dedicated, and we count on him to help with any and all tasks with a great attitude.
John has my trust, respect, and admiration because he always has the company's best interests in mind and truly cares about his team.
He is a very conscientious, reliable and patient person who has a great can-do attitude.
More importantly, John is always on call to answer your questions - no matter how complex the situation, he has a solution that is bound to get you a response.
One of the most impressive aspects of working with John is his availability.
John is someone I can rely on to ask the right questions and get to the actions that will produce real, measurable results.
Permanently asking the right questions, and challenging everyone in his team to do better, John always delivered complex projects on time at the highest quality possible.
Any time there was a question, challenge, or difficult situation pertaining to managed care, I could rely on John to provide answers and support.
John is very loyal to the employees that he manages and they give that same respect back to him.
John was highly diligent about his work.
Whatever task John takes on, he consistently delivers a top, quality product, and he has an impressive creative mind.
His understanding of briefs, personal attention to details of clients, and ensuring the finish product went above expectations is uncompromising.
He is a person you can really trust and count on.
John is known as a very responsible and dependable person.
When we worked together on some tasks we understood each other without words.
John is one of the hardest working and talented guys in the business.
We worked on a number of various projects during our time and John professionalism and desire to achieve the desired results was ever impressive.
We have met on a personal and business level.
You can rely on John to deliver what is promised.
John is a person who is very dependable.
John has always demonstrated an outstanding way to handle difficult situations, always keeping the highest level of professionalism.
A creative thinker who integrated very well with the team in a short time.
John is company minded and works perfectly in a multicultural environment.
You won't find anyone more professional, reliable and an overall great person.
For me, it's important to work with, reliable partners.
Having finished work at my previous employer I was very nervous about finding my next job.
I've met a lot of accountants over the years, and John is the exception to the rule.
John was a person with high level of energy and whose networking skills were simply superb.
John is not just creative, but with high level of attention to detail.
As the head of the project, John demonstrated reliability and integrity, that resulted in a high business performance.
Multilingual senior executive, a reliable person, decisive, action oriented and mature, being a character first of all.
I'm truly honored have worked with such a professional.
Incredibly competent, skilled, talented, and dedicated with the highest integrity - absolutely, all those things.