Dependable Performance Review Phrases Examples

Dependable Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John depend on him for getting the things done through his resources.
A person who doesn't depend on authority, he depends on goodwill.
He is very dependable when you need something done and never complains about anything.
He is also dependable and resourceful and someone you want to have on your team.
He is dependable and provided the necessary resources for us to be successful.
He is one of the best engineers in his division and he is very dependable.
He has been one of his most dependable and knowledgeable resources.
He is always available, dependable, resourceful, and pleasant.
He is very dependable and you can trust that if he says something will be done, it will be done.
He always follows through on what he says he'll do, so he's dependable and trustworthy
Ma'am has been very dependable for him in terms of being there to help out in any manner.
He can always be depended upon to get things done in a thorough and comprehensive manner
He is consistent and dependable and went above and beyond his responsibilities.
John is dependable, trustful and is well-liked among those around him.
He is someone you can trust and depend on when you need them the most.
He very creative and dependable and is known for getting things done.
He is someone that his clients know they can depend on and trust.
John is dependable and can always be trusted to get things done.
Not only is he creative - but more importantly, he's dependable.
John is dependable and creative, often going above and beyond.
He is trusted, dependable and one of the best in the business.