Dependent Performance Review Phrases Examples

Dependent Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Not just any type of dependable but he is the definition of dependability
John has always been dependable with everything we have done together and has always come through on the tough assignments.
John is not only very efficient and quite knowledgeable about what he does he is very dependable.
They all want to be able to do more business with him because he is so dependable.
He comes across as someone dependable and definitely efficient in his our company.
John is dependable, efficient and even better, very skilled/talented.
He is always dependable when it came to partnering in new initiatives.
He also manages those around him with his initiative and dependability.
He is dependable and always enthusiastic to take on new challenges.
He is always very pleasant to our company with and was very dependable.
He has always been dependable, prepared and more than competent.
He is dependable and always provides helpful and useful insights.
John is not only dependable but is also very detailed oriented.
He is someone you can depend on and do not need to micro-manage.
He is knowledgeable, thorough, efficient and very dependable.
He's dependable, consultative and knows his way around an our company.
He has always been dependable and consistent in everything he has taken on.
He is dependable and really cares about doing the right thing for customers.
If he says he will take care of something, you can depend on him to do so.
John is dependable, thorough and conscientious in all that he does.
John is someone you can truly depend upon to be forthright and caring.
He is diligent and dependable in doing what he said he would do.
He has been one of our most consistent and dependable contributors.
He is friendly and well liked among his peers and is dependable.
John is one of our most dependable artists here at our company.
He is one dependable, professional whom an organization can trust and depend on.