Design Consultant Performance Review Phrases Examples

Design Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I would definitely consult with him on any system design effort.
John provided good, concise design input and consulting with me when situations required.
He was always available for consultation outside of the classroom.
John is the go-to for tech, consulting, design, and marketing.
John is an expert at consultative selling and talent management consulting.
He pays close attention to what you say during consultation sessions and captures the essence of your requirements in him workshop designs and consulting approach.
I often consulted with him when working through a particular problem or design decision.
Finally, his passion for entrepreneurship and self-manufacturing, makes him the ultimate design consultant.
As a designer and consultant on web design and content, he's a dynamo.
He has an eye for detail with great consulting, design and governance capabilities.
John displays expert command of user interface design and consulting.
John designed a website for my non-profit organization and consulted me on maintaining it.
John also consulted with me to improve my own blog in design and content.
As a design consultant, my team really appreciated him respect for our expertise.
John is one of those incredibly rare consultants who will tell you what you need, not what you want to hear.
More recently we had an opportunity to engage again with him consultative capacity.
He always places the client first while considering the needs of his consultants.
He really knows how to connect with all of his clients as well as the consultants.
He's thorough during his consultations and always identifies with his clients.
They would be lucky to have him as an employee, colleague or consultant.
John is different than many consultants, living and breathing the same passion for the program as its designers.
He is a superb instructional designer and performance consultant.
John is also equally engaging during his one to one consulting engagements.
John's Feng Shui and design consulting work is awesome – almost unbelievable.
I strongly recommend him as a web site designer and consultant.
John provided regular weekly consultations with us during the design stage.
John provided him with a consultation regarding the look, function, and overall design of his website.
He does not hesitate to consult with other design disciplines to deliver the best possible results.
He always kept users first-in-mind with designs and consulted our users directly for feedback.
He has so much to offer as a highly experienced designer and consultant.
John helped us out with some consulting and graphic design for some of our labels this year.
He provided concept consulting on his app and helped design the graphics.
He is his creative and graphic design consultant from now on.
He may do so after consulting with an author, church planter, colleague, friend, or designer.
He is great at facilitation, design, consulting and research.
John could see this from his previous design, and from our consultation at the beginning of the project.
He also consulted with the company with an extensive product re-design.
He chose colours and designed the masthead and layout with only a few short consultations.
Our company when immersed in the pressures of design deadlines John has been available to consult and clarify with.
John's consultation was critical in the design of an innovative partnering model for our company.
John now runs his own successful design consultancy and we still regularly work together.
John's attention to detail and his many years of graphic design and consultancy experience are such an advantage over a bigger' design agency.
His expertise in design, branding, and overall innovation, consultation is top notch.
He proved to be an excellent graphic designer and writer, two things that aren't often found together from one consultant.
He also greatly improved the functional design of the feature, making it much more intuitive for consultants.
That has been his past experience with his website development and design consultants.
His hands-on approach encompasses design, implementation, troubleshooting, and consulting.
He still remains in touch as a consultant on network design issues.
He is creative and practical as he designs truly impactful strategies for those with whom he consults.
From the initial consultation, he was able to anticipate our needs, and asked all the right questions to create/refine the design so that it was just right.
John came to us as a 'converted designer' but quickly dispelled any doubt we had about his potential as a consultant.
He embraces user experience design, encouraging user consultation where it will add value.
He later hired him to do design work and consultation on various projects.
He consulted on the programme he designed to make sure that it fitted the brief.
His consulting practice keeps him up-to-date on the latest technologies and designs.
John came to our company as a designer with a lot of work experience and you could see it in his designs.
John has consulted with him on marketing and web site design.