Design Engineer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Design Engineer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

His designs have been thorough and nothing much left to the engineer's imagination or doubt.
As an engineer, he was very responsive to his requests for laying out his designs.
John's designs are elegant, robust and scalable without being over engineered.
His understanding of design, engineering convergence is second to none.
John's engineering perspective is invaluable in design reviews.
He is an on the rocks wizard in terms of engineering designs.
John also brought his our company engineers and designers over to the our company.
John, in his capacity as an engineering designer, had oversight of engineering projects.
As a structural design engineer, he provided good design and thorough documentation.
John and his whole team of designers and engineers are the best.
He is of course an excellent designer, but he also works very well with engineers.
He helped him grow as an engineer by providing him with design opportunities, and offered useful, actionable feedback on those designs.
He conducted regular sessions with engineers to highlight the design decisions and brought them along the design journey.
At the same time, he connected well with his engineers and didn't make us feel as if we didn't have a say in the design.
He can mediate between designers and engineers with as much ease as he can get buy-in from the stakeholders.
He understands engineering principles very well, which sets him apart from the average designer.
It is no problem for him to solve some of the more difficult design and engineering problems.
An extremely advanced routing engine, which he helped design.
The designers and engineers he works with all look to him for guidance and leadership when solving challenging design problems.
That left him as the only engineer who could focus on hardware design.
John introduces the best innovations in design and engineering in their team.
He has provided the technical interface for us by the designers and engineers.
He would be at his best while working on conceptual and engineering design assignments.
We would recommend him for any design and engineering work that is required.
Due to his speed, our engineers had enough time to code up the final design.
As an experience designer, engineers are often an obstacle to his work.
He has the passion for learning about new designs of cars and its engine.
He travels equally well in both engineering and design disciplines.
John also knows how to work effectively with other designers and engineers to execute great design.
He helped him in his earliest stages of converting from a design engineer to an application engineer.
In his experience, the best design engineers are generally the ones to whom design is both a hobby and a profession.
He always pushes the envelope with his designs with full regard of the engine's limitations.
In reviewing his engineering designs, it was clear was smart and very detailed.
Best of all, he communicates well with both designers and engineers, using both halves of his brain.
He is a great balance between engineer and creative designer.
He has demonstrated versatility and flexibility within his design and engineering function.
These qualities of his has made him one of the best design engineer in his team.
He goes above and beyond to ensure that his team accommodates the demands of design and engineering.
John would often point out issues, to our engineering and design team, that they had missed.
His engineering design documentation was highly appreciated and very comprehensive.
His background in engineering and design makes him a great resource.
He held engineers, designers and other decision makers honest.
His guidance has given him the way to see beyond basic automotive engineering design and challenges.
In addition to his engineering competence, he has a very good understanding of design.
He provided a much needed link and sounding board between our designers and engineers.
He valued collaborations among engineers, marketers, and designers.
John originally started at our company as a hybrid designer and engineer.
He provides unique insight to engineering design from usability perspectives and help us to improve our product design.
He served as our core product designer and was able to conceive, design and prototype with our engineers.
He anticipates the goal of the end solution like a designer, rather than an engineer.
He would review all engineering design documents from different engineers in the group and made sure they are of high quality.
He then went on to mentor those engineers to grow quickly as engineers and contributors to the product design.
He's passionate about design, but also understands engineering and manufacturing challenges.
He knows search engine optimization and incorporates it really well in his web design.
He applies that to him graphic design, avoiding errors the engineers have missed.
He can quickly reverse engineer your system or design one from scratch.
Makes himself available to his team members whenever they need him, and isn't afraid to trust his engineers and designers.
As an architect, his design is clean and elegant, and never over-engineered.
He's not afraid to take on the design hat and go at it with engineering to push for quality.
He focuses on engineering design many years which help him to be an expert in this field.
Him level of expertise in engineering and design was of the highest quality.
He's a thorough professional with in depth knowledge of engineering design and reverse engineering.
He also has an incredible eye for both design and engineering, and thus was able to facilitate what could otherwise be contentious discussions.
John though he is hired as a designer, but he is exceeding our expectations and really come with better engine performance.
John is an exceptional engineer who has proven that he can tackle any challenge thrown at him as a designer.
His scientific background is evident in the methodical way he approaches engineering and design challenges.
His thorough and methodical way for designing and solving a tough engineering problem was commendable.
Given his engineering background, he knows the ins and outs of a successful and lucrative design.
He's never afraid to dive into a problem and assert his perspective in design and engineering.
His approach to the design of our logic engine was crucial to the company's early success.
He's able to provide architectural and design guidance to engineers without micromanaging.
John recognizes that a uniform method is the prerequisite for proper engineering design.
He is an excellent and detailed engineer with great design and troubleshooting experience.
John used to provide complete freedom to engineers in decision-making and design choices.
He has continually championed user-centric design in an engineering heavy organization.
As an engineer, he brings both intuitive and clear, methodical thinking to his designs.
John provided an excellent mix of innovation and careful, solid engineering design.
John embodies the perfect balance between design thinking and engineering trends.
His impressive designs push and improve his limits as a front end engineer.
He is also in his opinion a very solid software engineer and designer.
He designed, engineered and constructed our addition to our complete satisfaction.
He always consults engineering before making designs and even if some of his designs are ambitious, he makes sure to convey and communicate why engineering needs to make it happen.
He always looked for the best solution, focused on cost, engineering, and design.
His team of designers and engineers were happy, well functioning and effectively
He regularly considers other engineering disciplines within his design process, including specialty engineering disciplines.
Besides being an extremely talented and versatile designer, he really knows how to collaborate with engineers and get things done.
This makes him the perfect person to bridge the gap between engineering and design.
John did a great job clearing out problems between engineers and especially between design and engineers in very elegant and effective ways.
He worked very closely with the engineering team to help us design a pipeline to hire engineers.
He'll talk a design through with everyone to make sure the engineers and the whole team understands every angle.
John is a critical resource and asset for any design engineering organization.
His empathy helped both the engineering and design teams fight for the user.
He created pixel perfect designs and assets for the engineering team.
He collaborated well with both the engineers on our team and other artists and designers.
John's engineering acumen, results in him pushing the design not only of his own area, but also of the other groups around him.
John designed, deployed, and engineered some of the building blocks still used today in our overall environment.
John is an excellent front-end engineer and designer, very passionate about what he is working on.
He then demonstrated the engineering rigor and grit required to bring those designs to fruition.
He provided insightful and actionable tips on design, usability, and search engine optimization.
He's able to navigate complex design meetings, even after hours of debate among engineers.
His experience and command of design principles makes his a superb partner for engineering.
He doesn't rush into coding, but always designs first; this is a sign of a true engineer.
His engineers relied heavily on him reports to make critical design decisions.
John worked under his supervision as a design engineer and then a project engineer.
He made sure his design process was integrated into his engineering process and he provided excellent feedback on his designs.
The result is that his product designs are detailed, logical, and very easy to translate into engineering designs.
He is the engineer of the whole project, he designed the whole plan and saw it to completion.
His understanding of mechanical engineering made his designs not only appealing, but also achievable.
As an electronics engineer, he is ambidextrous, as he comfortable doing both hardware and firmware design.
John ran our scrum meetings and followed up on any unique needs from design, art, or engineering.
He knows how to overcome all types of obstacles that arise in the designing and engineering process.
He understands and appreciates the role of layout engineering in the design process.
John exemplifies what it means to be an outstanding leader, engineer, and designer.
John's excellent design, engineering background and his own portfolio of inventions made him ideal for this role.
He understands the importance of requirements gathering and best practice design engineering.
He always makes sure that his designs are submitted on time and he makes sure to balance the needs of the product and engineering.
He could orchestrate flawlessly between product, design and engineering and keep them in unison.
He truly cares about the collaboration between design, engineering, and product.
His expertise in product design and engineering alternatives is superb.
He gives valuable feedback to engineers' design and final products.