Design Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Design Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback Or Self Evaluation

Other designers must have thought so as well, once his design was presented, other designers tried to copy his concept.

John is the kind of designer that can do it all, from game design to level design to implementation.

His creativity and designs are unmatched and are at par with the best of the designers in this industry.

He is very collaborative, and can contribute just as much to the design as the designer.

If you need something well designed and professionally designed, he's your guy.

I know of very few designers that can do both analytic and creative designs.

He always designs with purpose and his designs are always insightful.

Always challenge the designs to ensure the best possible design.

He is creative, visionary and the designer's designer.

However, the best designer of all the designers I have known has always been John.

He is definitely one of those designers whom you want to look out for in the fashion industry.

He really is one of the best designers and leads out there in the industry.

John is one of the best instructional designers in the industry.

John is one of those well kept secrets in the design industry.

He has also done several industrial designs and documentation.

Their packaging design is among the best in the industry.

His in-depth knowledge and passion for industrial design, UX design, brand design, process design, or really any design is evident within minutes of talking to him.

John is an outstanding designer with a flair for interactive design and package design.

John is a very talented game designer, character designer and weapon designer.

John's understanding of design aesthetics is as good as the most seasoned designers in the industry.

John is one of the most fun and dedicated designer, I have worked with in this design industry.

John also made sure that we were well rounded designers, not just using one program, but many different programs to design.

His designs went above and beyond what we were looking for, and the design handoff was fast and professional.

John is not one of those designers - he has an exceptional understanding of the principles of design.

John is an incredible designer, and keeps producing designs that are better and better each time.

John has been designing my website for several years now and will be my designer for many more.

He is very passionate about design, but also about taking others on the design journey with him.

John is an innovative designer that is always sensitive to the relevance of any design.

John is also adept at green design and is well ahead of other designers in the field.

Many of our guests complimented on the design and have asked us who did your designs.

He understands designers and values the back-and-forth of the design process.

The design was first class and the implementation of that design was superb.

John is a great designer and always comes up with designs out of the box.

Being a designer this is great because he makes my designs even better.

He's passionate about design and is an effective leader of designers.

It helps the new designers and even as a reminder for old designers.

I have used him to design a website and re-design another one.

He has designed a number of impressive designs for customers.

His passion for it makes him a real "designers designer".

Easily picks up and develops on design, design concepts.

The most talented designer and an amazing design lead.

If you want your design done right the first time, John would be the designer to have on your team.

It's not simply design for design's sake with John.

John is an amazing designer and it was very hard for me to believe that he was relatively new to the industry.

John is one of the best forward-thinking visual/experiential designers in the industry.

John has to be one of the most clever and creative designers in the industry.

Because of that he is able to design his trainings to any industry.

John is both an industrial designer and a trainer/consultant.

John is one of the best user-interface designers in the industry.

John is one of the premier lighting designers in the industry.

John is committed to the design industry, and to his clients.

John is one of the best game designers in the game industry.

John is one of the great design talents in the industry.

John is one of the most can-do people I've come across in the design industry.

John is one of the most creative designers in the industry.

However, what he has done here was way beyond his designated responsibilities.

And he was like this for everyone around him, designers or otherwise.

Branding and design are not just what he does, they are who he is.

If you want design done right, you have come to the right man.

John is perhaps best described as an analytical designer.