Design Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Design Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is the bar against which all our design managers should be measured.
John is a strong design leader and empathetic design manager.
John is a great game designer and manager, but what impressed me the most is how well he managed me being a manager.
He designed many interfaces that were very well accepted by upper management.
John is not only an incredible designer, but he is also a great manager.
He gets design management, solves problems, and makes things happen.
John's balanced approach to design and management is refreshing.
I thought he was an incredibly good manager who could deal with innovation in design and approaches to design.
He has out-designed designers, corrected analysts, and out managed managers on numerous occasions.
John is an impressive combination of design, management and innovation.
He managed his time well, and amazed me with his designs and concepts.
I know that he is liked, admired and respected by his peers, managers and designers.
Projects under his management move forward smoothly from design to deployment.
John is an extremely strategic, creative, and collaborative designer and design manager.
He was tasked to manage the vendor who was delivering the overall design.
John's been an absolute pleasure to have as a manager and co-designer for the last two years.
Not only manager, but also as a designer, his insight is very quick and to the right.
He's the type of manager that will jump in where needed and design along next to us.
John is smart, passionate, and fair, he is excellent in both design and management.
His passion for design is revealed in his collaborative management approach.
John has the greatest combination of being a great designer and manager.
He is both a good manager, and an excellent designer in his own right.
Brilliant designer, great manager; he always has a smile on his face.
His tasks were managed, delivered and the design endorsed with no issues.
He managed the translation of a number of websites which we designed.
The best of the best - from management to design, top of his field.
John is an excellent manager and an extremely talented designer.
Him relationship management and design ability are outstanding.
From people management to sophisticated design discussion, he does all effortlessly.
John was also relied upon to design, code and help organise / manage stakeholders.
He manages to discover the audience and design each job accordingly.
John has been a great design manager and contributed a lot to the design team.
In this role he managed outside designers and other vendors, always delivering on time.
Even though he managed the entire global design organization, he still managed to make time to catch up with everyone individually.
John is one of those very rare managers that understands both design and technique thoroughly and can juggle with those blindfolded.
John was really great at managing the designers under him and keeping everyone calm during the long hours.
John is the type of manager who is an advocate for you and gives you the freedom to create and design.
He values design, but more importantly, he intricately understands the role of management.
His ideas were always spot on and he managed to turn these ideas into great new designs.
But beyond that, he is also a great manager and mentor to young designers.
He is a great designer, enthusiastic, diligent and an excellent manager.
When designing went over budget, he managed to find ways to get them built without sacrificing the integrity of the design.
He successfully designed catalogs, magazine ads, as well as both designed and managed web pages.
He is very disciplined and thorough in managing risks as well as in designing solutions.
He manages outside vendors, printers, and designers very well.
He has managed third party design firms as well as internal design resources.
John was very detail oriented and efficient in his design management role.
I have enjoyed printing his designs and see he has a managing ability.
Him talent never seized to amaze me when it came to design and email management.
He has great instincts and is a very capable manager of the design organization.
One of his many duties was to manage our design group - not an easy task.
In addition to design management, he also has a great sense for a copy.
He designed and implemented a persistence manager from scratch.
He is both an intelligent and experienced designer as well as diligent and purposeful manager.
He really excels in the design and integration of heterogeneous management environments.
John's passion for design comes through in all of the websites he manages.
He also helped manage our agency relationship with frog design.
He gets along with everyone and leads with the most amazing sense of design and management.
John can do it all-designing, organizing, managing and delivering training.
I would highly recommend him for either an instructional designer or management position.
During our company he served in several capacities, in both design and management.
Him selection to design and manage our site was definitely the right choice.
He manages updates and changes to his design responsively and efficiently.
He would design, alongside the group which is uncommon with managers.
All the designers he hired and managed to be as wonderful as him.
Also, would hire him to manage and design any our company in the world.
Probably best of all though has been him management and leadership of the design team.
His creative approach to design and knowledge about management will certainly help him become an unusual designer
John is his first design manager, and frankly, he's going to be hard to beat.
Our company, John managed the workload of the design department.
As is an exemplary design leader, any design manager would be lucky to have him on their team.
He influenced everyone he managed to be a better designer, and strive for the best because that's how he always preforms.
If anyone ever manages to bottle and sell what he has been given by design, then the world will be their oyster.
John took our ideas and made them become a reality by managing the designers and outside agencies.
Amazingly, he managed to nail the re-design perfectly with his first attempt - that's not easy.
The website he has designed for us is up to the latest standards and very simple to manage.
As part of his responsibilities he had to manage deadlines for the designers.
John manages designers with clarity, flexibility, and great patience.
John lives design and managing comes easily and naturally to him.
His core strengths lie in management and organisational design.
John is also an excellent design manager, with an eye for details.
He went on to also manage the overhaul of the website, doing both the writing and management of the design.
He allows him to focus on designing while he manages the team.
Not only were he a talented designer, but also competent web designer and manager.
His experience is broad in both the arts and design management.
At our company he managed a group of designers, production managers, and traffic managers.
He manages the design team, balancing multiple projects and another designer.
He manages design projects for a team of designers and freelancers.
The website that he created and managed is informative and well designed.
He took our requirements, managed the investigation phase and design.
He managed the brand, design, photography and more for the company.
His management style allows creatives to do what they do best - design and write.
He just gets it no need for micro managing here, he makes the whole design process look so effortless.
John not only is a strong designer and manager, his passion for design and fashion is just superior: he outclasses everyone near him.
In his tenure managing him, he has increased his design, crafting capabilities and explored the world of our company based design.
John managed the design and delivery end to end and the result was nothing short of spectacular.
In that way he functioned excellently for him in both a management and design capacity.
He excels at managing the delicate balance between design and function.
His management style is designed to bring out the best in his staff.
In that time he managed him as his internal graphic designer.
As a manager, he saw the creative potential within each one of us which resulted in becoming better designers, a great design team, and outstanding designed experiences.
John always gave us his time, which in turn got the best for us as an exhibition designer and management company.
He can concept and design with the best, but also has the distinct ability to manage and inspire those around him.
He manages to understand also that the design is not about making things look pretty, but about solving problems.
John is experienced and gifted designer, he always managed to exceed and excel at what he does.
John's exceptional ability to bridge the gap between designer and manager was indispensable.
He manages to retain his design chops while inspiring those around him to deliver our company.
John's grasp of product/project management and user experience design is unparalleled.
He stayed organized, managed all the constituents and became well versed in icon design.
It was obvious he would be on an accelerated path to advanced design and/or management.
He held his own very well and managed to be strong participant in tough design reviews.
His expertise, both as a designer and as a manager, was always on clear display.
He effectively advised management of personnel and organizational design issues.
He manages design, brings audiences together and delivers identified outcomes.
John expertly managed a range of designs, from sophisticated to whimsical.
He always manages to deliver outstanding designs and hit tight deadlines.
He taught him a great deal about design and management with style.
The initiatives that he has come up with has been extremely helpful for our company manager and designer's workflow.
John designs divisions incorporating necessary management constraints to targeted deadlines.
This rare combination not only makes him a great experience designer, but an effective design manager as well.
As a manager of the design team, he strives to boost overall, as well as individual designers' performance.
John is a detail-oriented manager that came from a design background, so he knows the design process and is mindful of letting someone design something their way.
He starts during design, managed our go-live events, and has managed through several deployment phases.
In addition, he's good with people, well-spoken, knows how to manage and design, and often has elegant insights into difficult design problems.
Highly recommend his abilities as a manager and creative designer.
John has deep expertise in talent management as well as in learning design and change management.
His department provided user interface design for some of the solutions he was managing.
John manages to combine lucidity of design and clarity of code with healthy pragmatism and time management.
From his perspective as a design manager, it was important to make strong allegiances with forward-thinking and progressive managers within an otherwise design-agnostic environment.
Additionally, his ability to inspire and manage his team of designers makes him invaluable.
John can manage under adverse conditions and try to maximize your design resources.
John managed the overall design and implementation of the service.
John is technically broad he can troubleshoot, design and manage.
John is his design manager for two and a half years and during that time he became both mentor and friend.
He is experienced in most, if not all, user-centered design techniques and he has management experience.
Him ability to design and manage change across large organisations is outstanding.
John's ability to manage complexity in design and code impressed him the most.
He draws on extensive design and management experience to drive to success.
He is also a working manager and has a solid contribution to design.
He is the heart of our design and muscle behind project management.
John project managed for a website for which we did the design.
He effortlessly moves between designing and project managing.
He manages all the events, collateral, PR, design, and much more.
He managed all the technical design aspects from brainstorming to final design direction.
Our company John would rise from designer to become his manager when he was hand picked to manage a team of lead designers.
He is as adept at managing designers as he is in working with clients.
Throughout the whole process, he thought about design, but also what was easy for him to manage on-going.
Because of him and his management, we are able to have a smoother design process.
Not only is he a great designer, he is an incredible manager and leader.
He can manage website design so that it is appealing to other individuals, and functional at the same time.