Design Skills Performance Review Phrases Examples

Design Skills Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He knows all what, when and why in design.
John gets the best out of his designers.
John is among the most skilled designers and design leaders in the industry.
Not only for his skills in design, but also for his integrity.
Needless to say him design skills are beyond outstanding.
John is definitely one of the best of the best designers in the generation.
He always designs with purpose and his designs are always insightful.
Always challenge the designs to ensure the best possible design.
John is perhaps best described as an analytical designer.
John has been our go-to designer for the past few years.
And of course, everything he designs looks awesome.
John was always given the more difficult designs.
I would recommend him as one of the best designers.
John soon became my go-to-guy for anything design.
John is one of the go-to designers in our group.
John is more than just an excellent designer.
John is much more than an exceptional designer.
John is an amazing designer and design lead.
If you have any design needs, he's your man.
John brings all of that to every design.
He also had taste when it came to design.
He is an inspiration to other designers.
John knows how to design for the web.
John is definitely more than a designer.
However, the best designer of all the designers I have known has always been John.
He works well both alone and with other designers, and his designs are very solid.
John's vision and design skills allow him to operate as both designer and architect.
His skills as an interaction designer and interface designer are many.
Rounding out all of these skills is an outstanding design sensibility.
John's design skills exceed your average designer in every way.
He's a talented designer with skills that reach beyond just design.
John is an intelligent and skillful designer and communicator.
John has the intuition to design and the skills for coding.
He also has the design skills to do stellar presentations.
Him design knowledge and skill are something to be admired.
John's typesetting and design skills are second-to-none.
He is very skilled in network design and configuration.
His skills allow me to design shine in all their glory.
John has tremendous skill with product and design.
His skills in layout and design are second to none.
His technical and design skills are most excellent.
John is a very skilled and accomplished designer.
His skill sets outside of design is also fantastic.
He has shown determination in him design skills.
John is very skilled in business process design.
His design approach and skill is impressive.
He has strong design and analytical skills.
John is a talented and skillful designer.
John's skills go beyond design, as design is often narrowly understood.
John has some of the best design skills I've seen.
He is very skilled in BI/Database design and development.
John is an amazing designer who knows what his clients need in design and in the way they are found on the web.
John is not one of those designers - he has an exceptional understanding of the principles of design.
He is not a designer, but he knows enough about design that he can speak with them on their level.
John has been designing my website for several years now and will be my designer for many more.
John is an innovative designer that is always sensitive to the relevance of any design.
John took us all the way from architecture through design and on to development.
I would recommend him to anyone looking for some help with interior designing.
John is one of the best in the business when it comes to design realization.
However, unlike many design providers, he also follows through on the detail.
John is a dedicated and hard working designer with a skill set that transcends both design and level design.
While his strength is interaction design, he is also skilled in customer research, conceptual design and interface design.
He has an eye for design, exceptional research skills, and he is skilled in storytelling.
He has excellent communication skills as well as creative design skills.
John definitely helped him to get there with his writing and designing skills.
But it soon became clear that digital design has been just one of his many skills.
John's character design skills are another area where he is very strong.
He is a student of design, and is always trying to sharpen his skills.
His design and technical skills, along with his organizational skills, allow him to be highly effective.
His passion and energy to design have motivated him to expand his skills as a designer.
John pulls out each individual student's strong design skills and helps them use those skills to their advantage.
His people skills are impressive, exceeded only by his professional design skills.
Great web design skills he used in designing one of the applications impressed our customers so much that they said they would like to kiss designer's hands.
His graphic design skills were beneficial to his skills in production.
His design and illustrative skills are very strong, always pushing the boundaries and asking questions of stakeholders to get the best design possible.
His visual design skills are exemplary and were critical to the success of several key design initiatives.
In addition to top notch design skills, he's a very detail-oriented designer.
His skills go far beyond expectations you may have for a graphic designer.
His designs are sharp and his animation skills are second to none.
Our company design skills, John gets to the point of the application.
His skills were centered in hardware design, but were far-reaching.
John's design skills are excellent and he applies them equally well to both print and web design.
John does things effortlessly that others would spend much longer on, and still not reach the skill of his design.
Oh, and he does this with not just outstanding conceptual skills, but also with an amazing eye for design.
His genius is not only in his designs and skill, but also how he holds space for whatever the occasion.
His design skills are clearly strong, but it's his cultural experiences that make him so valuable.
What was very clear even back then was him conscientiousness, aptitude and skill as a designer.
John's design skills are second-to-none - he always seems to know how to create great visuals.
His skills in photoshop manifested where he designed the course shirt for two batches.
His design skills are outstanding and he has an amazing ability to get things done.
There is no design task to complex for which him quiver of skills cannot handle.
His design skills are first class and he is constantly coming up with new ideas.
John came in a designer but gave the company much more in terms of his skills.
His own skills in design are mighty impressive and is an asset to any company.
He always showed skillful and wise design and was always very result oriented.
John oozes positivity and fun while still having versatile design skills.
Others will undoubtedly attest to him great design and orchestration skills.
His skills in design are fun and hip but are still elegant and approachable.
His passion and skills have enabled him to deliver truly impressive designs.
He delivers both the skill and passion to succeed in any design atmosphere.
John's problem solving skills towards simplicity of design is very valuable.
He's intuitive and skilled at designing for conversion and user experience.
John's skill as a designer is only matched by his loyalty as an employee.
John's design skills were evident as the prototype exceeded expectations.
His design skills are strong and his attitude was positive all the time.
His eye for design is first-rate as is his skill with the written word.
His design skill set is well rounded and always extremely thoughtful.
His background in design complements his front-end skills perfectly.
His eye for design is one of a kind and his skills are unmatched.
He has some special skills for creating pixel perfect designs.
He brings to the table excellent design skills and aesthetics.
He's got a great sense of humor to go with his design skills.
His design skills and insights are unequivocally world-class.
Our company design is a rarefied skill, and John has it in bucketloads.
He not only has an impeccable eye for design and user experience, but he also has the skills necessary to implement the designs he creates.
John is an excellent designer who is skilled in print, video, and web design.
John's design skills are both conceptual and executional; which makes him a very diverse and adaptable designer.
His knowledge of design is excellent and has guided and pushed him to improve his own skills as a designer.
In addition, he used his (highly appreciated) design skills, working alongside the design team to come up with many improvements to the design of the levels and puzzles.
With his creativity and extraordinary design skills, he was definitely an inevitable piece of our design team.
He cares about the user and designs for them; his product design skills are exceptional, especially when it comes to user interface design.
John also has excellent communication skills, process design, documentation skills, and partnership skills.
He's skilled at designing curriculum and he's an excellent facilitator.
Combined with his game design, level design, and art skills, he is an all-around valuable teammate.
John strives for design excellence and with his design talent and people skills achieves this.
His website design skills are fantastic & he has lots of experience & skill to bring to the team.
His design skills and problem solving skills were a tremendous boon to the team.
Our company his design skills, John's strong interpersonal skills make him a natural for any team.
John's other testimonials will surely tell you about his skills and smarts when it comes to interaction design.
He made sure that every student got the attention and help they needed to level up their design skills.
Throughout, he has also shown leader/mentorship skills, and his design peers look up to him for such.
His enthusiasm and hands-on character have always been as good as him designer skills.
His design skills and intuitive interpretation of a brief are second to none.
Not only with his fine design skills, but with overall knowledge and ideas.
John's skills have proven to be that rare breed of designers who can code.
His coursework design and presentation skills are of the highest level.
His design skills are excellent, particularly within the digital space.
Him skill sets also vary from conceptualising, designing and coding.
His design and people leadership skills set him apart from others.
His digital, design and artwork skills were very well appreciated.
He continually updates and refines his interaction design skills.
As well as his rare skill combo of being able to design and code.
Our company top of all of this John has wonderful print design skills.
His design skills, along with his absolute ability to know what you want and how you want it forms the basis of a great graphic designer.
His graphic design skills are impressive, from the mundane to the outrageous, he will bring your design concept to life.
Not only is he an amazing designer, but he has inventive web designing skills with an eye for detail.
His background and design skills are impressive and he is expert in standards-based web design.
His expertise is a great mix between him design skills and him technical skills.
He's known for his iconic design and data visualization skills, which are always a combination of his great analytical and design skills.
John is skillful, detail-oriented interaction designer with strong visualization skills.