Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an even better designer, especially with packaging design.
John would always think of who he was designing for versus designing for himself, which made all the difference in usability.
His designs are always innovative and is willing to take those designs to the next level.
He is very collaborative, and can contribute just as much to the design as the designer.
He is also very capable of explaining design and design intention to non-designers.
He works well both alone and with other designers, and his designs are very solid.
If you need something well designed and professionally designed, he's your guy.
Inheriting our company from another designer is something that most designers dread.
John is passionate about what he does, and this comes through in his designs.
John is very thorough in his designs and is always willing to help others.
John does great design our company but, for him, it's more than just the design.
We always look forward to the design he comes up with for our next project.
It doesn't matter what you need to be designed, he will design it for you.
Always able to articulate exactly why he designed what he was designing.
With every designer, the most basic question is how well can he design.
He always designs with purpose and his designs are always insightful.
And he was like this for everyone around him, designers or otherwise.
He is always willing to help out the other designers on the forum.
John is thus one of those designers whom you will always remember.
He came up with several designs that were beyond our expectations.
Branding and design are not just what he does, they are who he is.
John is one of the very few thorough and passionate designers.
He always goes above and beyond to make the best designs possible.
He's one of those designers who just knows how to get things done.
John is available to design, re-design or maintain your website.
The design he came up with was exactly what we were looking for.
John is the best of the best when it comes to graphic designers.
He became his go-to designer at not just one, but three companies.
And if he's not designing he's writing articles about design.
Unlike other designers, his designs were always distinctive and exciting.
And they have found no fault with his designs or design decisions.
John made an incredible impression on the designers under him and made sure we were better designers by the end of the project.
John also made sure that we were well rounded designers, not just using one program, but many different programs to design.
John designed this course, and probably many like it, to really get you involved so that you can get the most out of it.
John is an amazing designer who knows what his clients need in design and in the way they are found on the web.
His designs went above and beyond what we were looking for, and the design handoff was fast and professional.
That, right there, is what sets him apart from many, many designers, and it is what makes him a great designer.
John is not one of those designers - he has an exceptional understanding of the principles of design.
John is an incredible designer, and keeps producing designs that are better and better each our company.
John is also the ideal designer because of his eye for effective design, rather than trendy design.
He is not a designer, but he knows enough about design that he can speak with them on their level.
Not knowing which design to go with he then came up with suggestions on how to canvass the designs.
John has been designing his website for several years now and will be his designer for many more.
He is very passionate about design, but also about taking others on the design journey with him.
John also provides unique website designs which insures no one else will have the same design.
He is very knowledgeable not just in interactive design, but also in various types of design.
He almost always gets exactly what the client wants within the first round of draft designs.
John is definitely one of those designers that everyone fights for to have on their projects.
John to the our company to liaise directly with all the designers throughout the design process.
He himself likes to discuss the design created by other and help them to improve the design.
He has made some of our best designs, and is an inspiration to the rest of our design team.
He is always available to help others and is gifted with the design of his presentations.
He can take any idea and not only make it compliant, he makes it look how it was designed.
Additionally, he designed and laid out fully half of them and designed two of the bosses.
He always pushed us to do our best and to try new and different technics in our designs.
He is one of the very few customers that provides us designs that do not need tweaking
He handled everything that had to do with the design and we were better off because of that.
John is an innovative designer that is always sensitive to the relevance of any design.
He can design with the best of them, but more importantly has an eye for great design.
He came up with not one, but three amazing designs, any one of which would have worked.