Desktop Support Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Desktop Support Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

There is no challenge he will not tackle; and yet, he always manages to be there for those who count on him for support.
He has always been supportive, ready to help and even take it up further for higher management to get things done.
But more than that, he manages to make sure everyone feels not just included, but welcomed and supported.
He doesn't micro-manage, but he's always there when you need him, for advice or support or anything else.
John is one of those rare and excellent managers who is always very supportive and inspirational.
I appreciated the fact that he did not micro-manage but was always available and supportive.
He does not believe in micro management unless necessary, and is happy to support new ideas.
His notebook never fails to support him and he always manages to keep everyone up to date.
John was not a micro manager at all, but always available for support and encouragement.
I always felt supported by him, which is what good managers do for their subordinates.
John's management style is best described as passionate, encouraging, and supportive.
He is a very approachable manager and was always there to help and support if needed.
As a manager, he is very supportive and always available to show you the right path.
He manages to do this in a very natural, supportive way that never seems contrived.
John always looked after his managers and gave me and the others great support.
In the role of resources/project management, he's so supportive and efficient.
He provided necessary moral and management support during my tenure with him.
He was a very supportive manager, always backing up his team and giving the necessary support when needed.
John helped me with audit support management, remediation and evidence management.
I have seen him managing things even during the worst times when there was either no support or it was not sufficient.
Very supportive and demanding in the best possible way, he managed to bring out the best in me.
As a manager, he was always supportive and encouraged us to think innovatively.
He was able to manage his own growing workload and support others in managing their workload at the same time.
John managed to lead everyone around him by supporting and listening better than many of the most seasoned managers.
I will always be grateful to him for being supportive and always looking out for my best interest not only as my manager, but as a friend.
As a manager, he was always supportive but more importantly always makes you want to strive to be better.
He's a manager, you can trust, being always there to talk or support you in whatever might be going on.
He is always on top if issues, follows up on actions, and knows what it means to support management.
He is very good at managing expectations considering the fact that he supports various geographies.
He is the perfect balance of a supportive manager who knows what's going on without micromanaging.
He was also an outstanding 'man-manager', who never offered me anything other than total support.
John was incredibly encouraging and supportive, two traits that you always want in a manager.
John has a fantastic management style, and is always very approachable for help and support.
John, was a very good manager, always supportive and very adaptable to all situations.
John was my manager for almost a year - he was very supportive and extremely approachable.
He's an extremely supportive, and well versed manager with compassion and understanding.
John found ways to support us when his management still lacked the vision to understand.
John is a supportive manager that can be trusted and relied upon in any situation.
John is a very considerate manager with the right balance of challenge & support.
John was a very supportive manager who had our teammates best interests at heart.
His priorities are right and true and his management style is highly supportive.
Shortly thereafter he became the manager of all support for a year and a half.
His unwavering support and encouragement as a manager was truly appreciated.
He manages to do so in a way which is supportive and facilitated without falling into the trap of unnecessary micro management.
He always managed expectations around the timing of receiving requested support and he provided support timely.
John supported and defended my position with upper management at the appropriate time.
As manager, he was supportive, demanding and faithful to his beliefs and principles.
John manages to create a supportive work environment without micro management.
He provided an environment where you felt safe to ask questions and know that no matter what you had the support of your manager.
John is a very efficient yet effective manager, he is always organized and is there to provide support to me when needed.
John has provided our organization with excellent support and advice, particularly when managing challenging situations.
With all that going on, he still cheerfully taught and supported me so much, as both a manager and a coworker.
John supported several of our offerings from a partnership/business development/product management perspective.
It was great to have a manager, you can trust and know he would be there to support you when you needed him.
As a manager, he was supportive, available and would always go the extra mile whenever you needed him to.
He is bright, gifted, passionate and incredibly supportive of those around him-and any manager's dream.
He helped me grow as a manager and always supported taking on new opportunities and responsibilities.
John had an outstanding reputation of the firm, being recognized as skillful and supportive manager.
As a manager, he was supportive and constantly looking for ways to help others grow professionally.
To top it all off, he is incredibly supportive and always manages to find a way to make you laugh.