Determination Performance Review Phrases Examples

Determination Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is very thorough and determined.
He is one who is determined to do the right thing, and to do it the first time.
He is determined to get things done the right way, regardless of what it takes.
John is determined to always do the right thing in any of his endeavors.
John can help you through these and help you determine the best approach.
He is always determined to get things done and always succeed.
Whatever it is he is determined to do, he will get it done.
He was determined and thorough throughout the whole project.
I found him to be very professional, thorough and determined.
John's determination in getting things done is infectious.
Challenges will only make him more determined to succeed.
John could only be described as determined to succeed.
John is very determined and knows exactly what he wants.
I know he's inspired me with his will and determination.
He is determined to be and do his best at all times.
He is determined to do what's right for him clients.
John, thank you for your vision and determination.
His determination when made could not be changed.
John is determined to see through his vision.
He has the determination to make things happen.
Nothing stands in the way of his determination.
He is determined, thorough, and professional.
Dogged and determined, he gets things done.
I'm really impressed by his determination.
He is thorough and full of determination.
John is the definition of determination.
He is determined, thorough and persistent.
He is very determined and never gives up.
John is determined to help others succeed.
His will and determination are indomitable.
He is very well respected and determined.
John impressed me by his determination.
I see him determined and get things done.
Intelligent, professional and determined.
You yourself is an example of determination and success.
Quite the entrepreneur who is determined to always do the right thing in his profession.
He isn't afraid to stand up for himself, or others, and he is very determined.
John is quite simply the best at whatever he determines he is going to do.
If he sees something that could be better he is determined to make it better.
The only way he has achieved this is through hard work and also determination.
Him determination makes the differences between them almost insignificant.
He is always there for his friends and is determined to see them succeed.
John is one of the most determined go-getters that you can come across.
John is equally as determined to help those around him become successful.
John is certainly determined to get the best outcome for the client.
John is determined to succeed and makes sure things are done right.
He really knows his stuff, and has the determination to get things done.
John could always be trusted to determine what to do and then execute.
He is always determined to do things right and believes in his opinion.
He's extremely determined and is always trying to do something amazing.
He is one of the most determined and is meticulous in all his efforts.
He determines needs and does everything he can to meet those needs.
By doing so, this enables him to determine the best way to help them.
His determination and dedication to getting it right is never ending.
I have always found his determination and passion to be contagious.
John is one of the most enthusiastic and determined individuals.
He went to the source, to the team and made his own determinations.
His knowledge and determination to help others is often overlooked.
John has an eagerness and determination not often seen in sales.
I could tell that he was determined to make something good happen.