Development Coordinator Performance Review Phrases Examples

Development Coordinator Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He coordinates with the developer to get the tasks done or to resolve any issues.
He also coordinated the development of intranet and collaboration tools.
John always went above and beyond in his role, successfully coordinating all development activities.
John coordinated and envisioned the development of our company for our company.
It is his idea that he's developed, cooperating with many people and coordinating them.
John did a splendid job of coordinating the developer summit.
John when he served as the job location and development coordinator.
A very good coordinator who is also throwing himself into professional development.
As an example, he was able to coordinate teams across organizational boundaries to develop more efficient procedures for onboarding new developers.
John is a great coordinator who develops his work with mastery.
John, as marketing/business development coordinator for our company, was always responsive with materials.
John worked for him as an onshore coordinator and developer for our eCommerce development team.
Because of his expertise in ad development, he was able to coordinate and deliver for us on a whole new level.
John, himself, is the quintessential embodiment of what efficient, coordinated development processes should be.
He suggested that we coordinate the two courses and employ a greater use of our company development.
He will also coordinate the resources best suited for prototyping or developing the solution.
John develops a strong rapport, communicating and coordinating up, down, and across the organization.
He performed coordination efforts with the customer and the development group.
John provided effective coordination across multiple development teams that were globally dispersed.
John coordinated the various aspects of all partners and developed a clear and concise submission.
He has successfully coordinated the requirements gathering, analysis and development processes.
John worked well with him to coordinate business development activities