Development Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Development Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's well versed in web development as well as managing and mentoring developers.
Every manager wants him on their team, and so does every developer.
It is the first time in his experience of commercial development manager completely understands the developer and development itself with all its details.
We were in the same department and he was one of the managers, overseeing his development.
Meanwhile, he is most respected by his peers, and the developers he managed.
As a manager, he is entirely invested in the growth, development and well being of all those he manages.
He also is capable of managing hiring managers expectations, role development, and closing the candidate the manager wants in the end.
He keeps his head cool while developing the new concepts, and manages the development flawless.
Additionally, he supported managers with performance management development.
John managed to develop a very innovative cooperation model and he kept developing it till today.
John makes those around him better developers with his ability to manage and teach.
He developed solutions for us that were thorough yet easy to manage.
He can also help develop and manage the strategy to get there.
As a development manager, he always motivates and empowers his development teams.
John also developed and manages his own company on the side which shows him leadership and management abilities.
His style of management was straightforward and allowed us to develop without being micro-managed to death.
He has a sincere interest in the development of the employees he manages and manages by example.
John is a hands-on development manager, and he architected several applications as well as managing their development.
John understands the challenges of development and that allows him to provide expert guidance to developers and upper management.
John managed a group of remote developers that were assigned to a few of his development efforts.
His ability to develop and manage relationships across all levels of management was very impressive.
Business development and management are his trademarks, besides excellence in everything he does.
John is willing to let those he managed to grow and develop with guidance and confidence.
Personally, he has impacted his development journey and helped him become a better manager
John exemplifies the can-do development manager; nothing is impossible or off-the table.
Finally, he's often been the missing link between the top management and the developers.
Prototype development, fully managed by him, was always done quickly and smoothly.
He managed the other developers well by understanding their strengths and passions.
His contributions have become his new benchmark for offshore development managers.
Chula inspires those around him and manages the development process/teams incredibly.
From our perspective, he truly added-value to our management development agenda.
His value, dedication and leadership surpassed that of any development manager.
He managed our developers extremely well and made their onboarding very smooth.
As his line manager, he had always done his best to make him develop in his role.
His passion for management development shines through in everything he does.
He said that he wanted all followers could develop into managers and he did it.
As his manager, he helped him to develop himself by guiding him in his strengths
He always escalates any issues to management and development effectively.
This is evident in the type of managers he has developed over the years.
John knows how to develop and manage a territory with the best of them.
His colleagues respect his development and management capabilities.
He gets his highest recommendation both as a developer and manager.
Him attitude & experience were essential managing the development.
John delivers on every promise he makes as a development manager.
As a manager, he's always plugged in and on top of developments.
His ability to coach/mentor developing managers is unparalleled.
He introduced many new management ideas and development methods.
He is managing a very professional website that he developed
He truly helped him to grow and develop in his management role.
He knew how to bridge that gap between manager and developer.
Our company his own development, John has guided him on his management journey.
He seemed to have a knack for getting things done right from the developers, our company and management.
As the manager of the server development team, and as a developer himself, he really understands what developers need to stay on track.
John is excellent in the way he managed the development team and delivered the developments to the very tight timeframe.
Throughout the development he managed his team, and always ready to reply to developers' comments and need very quickly.
He knows what he want to develop from the team and which makes him a different than other managers.
He managed the team well, and was able to get the most from his developers.
John managed our development team and was always very well organized.
John's style of management was perfect for his development, he's willing to collaborate and pushes you in areas he feels you can develop.
He challenged and gave good opportunities to develop further which are the key things in people management and development.
His wheelhouse is in managing rapid development and creating an ecosystem of partners, investors and developers.
He managed a fairly large team of developers and development managers besides outsourced / offshore resources.
He makes sure that he develops people he manages to help them become successful in what they do.
John has been highly influential in his development, even though he was not his direct manager.
As his manager and mentor, he has provided many opportunities for growth and development.
He is one of the managers capable to drive changes and to develop fundamentals.
This allows those reporting to him to develop into better managers themselves.
John knows not only how to manage but how to develop those he works with.
His expertise in people management and development is second to none.
He is passionate about people management and employee development.
As a manager of developers, he is probably without peer in our company.
He also managed the budget and was responsible for the management of software development.
He worked well with the management team and developed well as a manager.
He opened his eyes to a different approach to managing developers and the development process.
He is excellent in whatever he does right from content development to management.
This was shown by his development of many store managers to district manager and beyond.
He did a fantastic job managing the development of our website and reengineering it as new requirements development
John would be an invaluable asset to any application development group in a development or management role.
He developed tools to manage his workload, where none was provided or available.
Agile yet disciplined in his approach towards developing and managing solutions.
His focus on the development of the individuals he manages is second to none.
His expertise includes leadership development, team development, and change management.
John is a strong manager, who, whilst he does not manage him directly, has proven to be a great help in his development within the organisation.
His management techniques allowed him to develop his own abilities and become a successful manager himself.
As co-developers, as development managers and finally as one of his direct reports and in each instance he has excelled.
As his manager at the time, he taught him great techniques for attacking development problems and supervising/growing new developers.
He served as a buffer between developers and upper management, and always treated developers as first class citizens.
He managed our developers and hit development deadlines with the dedication of a professional.
Whenever any issues were found, he would contact the developers and his management to expedite its resolution.
He developed very strong partnerships with the management of the six divisions for which we were responsible.
Overall, he was great to manage and has significant potential that could be developed in any organisation.
As a manager, he gives you space to develop and grow, still being next to you exactly when you need it.
Meanwhile, he is well organized on developing management and ready for different kinds of challenges.
His workshops are both entertaining and effective in managing changes in organizational development.
Finally, he has the wisdom to help guide developers who might want to venture into management roles.
John manages to see through the side issues and help you improve and develop what actually matters.
He also managed front end and back end development seamlessly all while keeping everyone on track.
John could develop and manage such an organization and provide the vision for where it needs to go.
He knows how to develop friendships with his employees while still remaining firm as their manager.
Describing him as a developer is just one part - but the best thing about him is being a manager.
John manages expectations of stakeholders and always makes everyone happy, especially developers.
John's ability to nurture and develop those under him management is nothing short of outstanding.
He seemed comfortable talking with upper management as well as the developers in his group.
He also showed considerable concern toward the development and success of those he managed.
He managed tasks and priorities for other developers, and was sought after for mentorship.
His management style is inclusive, and very much focused on the development of the individual.
As an experienced management development facilitator, he has his highest recommendation.
He gets excited about your ideas and helps you to develop them, and then manage them.
Under his management less experienced developers quickly grow up in their experience.
He understood how our developers think and could bridge the gap with upper management.
He is very good at what he does and knows how to manage a large group of developers.
His management style encourages the growth and development of others in the company.
Helping others develop and grow made him a manager that others could follow easily.
John also had the ability to ensure that managers shared his passion for development.
John's management style allowed him to develop within his role without micromanaging.
He can manage the big picture, but also help our his developers on the micro-level.
He develops an excellent rapport with both the candidates and his hiring managers.
The John management style allows collaborators to fully develop their potential.
Watching and listening to him over the years has helped him develop as a manager.
He should be a manager because he already handles that role as a developer.
A keen developer himself, he had an instant advantage when becoming a manager.
His management style is relaxed and he believes in developing his employees.
John takes pride in shaping the growth and development of those he managed.
Him methods will improve time management and develop your inner strengths.
His development of flextrac was revolutionary to manage contingent labour.
John gives his managers lots of room to grow, try new ideas, and develop.
John also managed the creation of a new development effort whilst on site.
He did not micro-manage and allowed effective discussion and development.
He's respected by developers, ops, management, and pretty much everybody.
He's producer/project managers dream developer when it boils down to it.
And he is able to develop others, as both a manager and a coach/mentor.
We were coworkers and later he helped develop him for a management role.
His vast experience in managing and developing strategies is invaluable.
He focused on his strengths and helped him develop into a better manager.
John cared about the development of young managers such as himself.
As a development manager, he never limited himself to managerial tasks.
He knows his stuff, and is a highly accomplished development manager.
He can manage large groups of developers both on-site and off-site.
As a manager, he doesn't set impossible tasks for the developers.
John is his first manager as a developer more than a decade ago.
He developed and managed initiatives that delivered real value.
He develops plans that are manageable and can carry them out.
As a manager, he worked with him to develop goals that undoubtedly helped his development as a search manager.
Under his management it was very easy to rise in development, management and personal aspects.
He's a manager whose efforts are not just for the betterment of his own career, he is also a manager who develops other good and aspiring managers.
John and his colleagues provided management development and coaching to middle managers within his organisation.
He effectively and efficiently managed projects without making developers feel like they were being managed or micro-managed.
He makes sure that developers and managers and customers are excited about what's going to be delivered.
Not only that, he knows how to develop that empathy in other customer success managers.
John's ability to manage both him developers and his clients is second to none.