Development Officer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Development Officer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He developed the office to one of the company's top ranking regional offices in less than two years under his stewardship.
When he started, the development method being used in the office was still the waterfall method.
Those lessons extend beyond the office and continue to help him develop his character.
He's an outstanding development officer and exceptional leader.
John developed his wonderful website and helped his office develop a web presence.
He developed many back office applications which are being used daily by different groups in our company.
In our company, he has consistently contributed to the development and overall success of this office - in so many ways.
When he stepped into our office, we knew that he had another brilliant idea to develop on one of our sites.
During that time, he built a development office from the ground up.
He helped us develop an emergency response plan within our office.
He developed a respect with clients and others in the office and was known as someone who could make things happen.
He showed excellence in the development of his peers, both in our office and across the region.
Needless to say, we were delighted to have him in the leadership portion of our officer development curriculum.
He built the office and developed the business very effectively.
He developed new workshop materials for several different offices, having different audience needs.
He joined our office in the early stages of its development and took to his role with gusto.
John also encouraged career development activities outside of the office.
He currently runs and owns the development of multiple middle and back office functions.
He also helped the office develop new, efficient techniques to make the job easier.
It was just as exciting to play the games he developed, as well as to interact with him in the office.
John did very well in setting up the office, and created a strong basis for its future development.
Around the office, his optimism and approachability visibly lift spirits and help develop a culture
John contacted him, developed his profile and then met him at his office to discuss a replacement.
He also built solid partnerships with development colleagues in the central advancement office.
Our company his point of view, this is the strongest and fastest developing Creditreform office in the world.
When he left the development office at the our company, there was a big gaping whole.
His personality and leadership developed an incredible office culture.
He helped get the office up and running, including much research and development.
John worked for him for one of the development project where he was always ahead in development.
He continue like to develop himself and share this with other people in is network and office.
John became his development contact when the office went to college based leads.
John also has great office development ideas and is easy to work with.
John is a wise and savvy development officer who works smart.
He often becomes the go-to guy in the office for many different projects because he is a very global developer.
John helped us in the development of a new format strategy for the Belgian post offices.
His efforts in the development office helped us to maintain focus and move forward.
His staff respects him and he developed a great office environment.
What sets him apart from other great developers is that he makes a strong effort to connect with his coworkers outside of the office.
His enthusiasm is mind-boggling, as is his knack for getting out of the office and developing valuable sources.
As a result, he consistently develops initiatives to improve the effectiveness of the office even more.
He is an excellent admin officer and has put enormous effort to continuous development of the our company.
He also developed a very important role concerning our office's online media.
John developed a concise and targeted training experience for our office of tenured and developing search consultants/recruiters.
He would work with his team in developing win/win solutions in their development as well as the team's development.
His focus, passion for people and their development brings inspiration and sunshine to the office.
John worked closely with the developers in the office, bridging the often seen divide that frequently occurs between testing and development.