Digital Account Executive Performance Review Phrases Examples

Digital Account Executive Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He's one of those rare digital individuals that can put the idea before the execution.
He understands and enables digital execution, measurement, and optimisation.
John is an experienced, results-focused and determined digital executive.
John is all rock star when it comes to digital strategy and execution.
He is an executive who has transitioned into the digital age well.
John is an excellent strategic executive for the digital age.
John is the best kind of digital content executive, one who gets things done.
He is a digital ninja and very detailed individual when it comes to his executions.
John is one of the most knowledgeable digital advertising executives.
I highly recommend him as a leader for any digital account executive team.
He is a top-notch account executive who always did an outstanding job.
John's mentoring has helped me exceed my goals as an account executive.
I often had his customer executives tell me that they wanted him to remain on their account.
John is a top executive with an amazing vision of the future in the digital world.
He was one of the few account executives known for consistently doubling his quote - doing twice as much as the company required of him.
John is a detail oriented executive with a flair for execution.
John really is the complete digital executive, combining an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things digital with an inspirational and naturally authoritative style.
His expertise in the digital arena is undeniable and he is very passionate about ideas, strategies and creative execution when it comes to anything digital.
He combines great new ideas with innovative and emerging digital executions.
John provided the leadership around all strategic and executional digital activities for our partnerships.
John is an intelligent, all-around executive with a very strong understanding of the digital space.
He's a digital executioner & practitioner who just executes on all levels.
John combines the brilliance of digital creative mastery with flawless execution.
I would recommend him for expert digital execution, strongly aligned with the brand.
He has many years of experience working on many different types of digital executions.
John is an awesome account executive who understands clearly the customer needs.
From the pencil to the digital pen he executes a vision with detail and passion.
John is a phenomenal digital executive, and his work speaks for itself.
John is a bright, fast to execute and digital savvy professional.
John has an extensive knowledge of the digital space from an executional as well as results-driven perspective.
He is also a highly trained, motivated, and experienced account executive.
Secondly, he gets digital, not because it's a cool space to be in, but because he likes the numbers, the accountability and the engagement opportunities.
He was tasked with running one of our most complex digital accounts and often had to adapt to new strategies each quarter.
Additionally, he knows how to execute on the digital side as well as build a thorough and well rounded strategy.
I always appreciated his focus on execution and clarity of thoughts worth account strategy.
John is a unique executive in the digital and mobile space because he has this ability to conceptualize outside-the-box ideas and execute quickly and with precision.