Digital Designer Performance Review Phrases Examples

Digital Designer Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Pioneering years have taught him nearly everything you need to know about digital design and that show
And the speed at which he has taken in all aspects of digital design is astounding.
John really understands digital and the purpose of good design.
Thirdly, because he is really very good in so many areas, design, digital, conceptual.
What he doesn't know about design, print and digital aren't worth knowing.
He excelled at every task given him in print or digital design.
His graphic design and website design aptitude allows him to manifest your digital dreams unlike any other.
John knows that being a great digital designer is about more than pretty pictures, type and layout, it's about designing an experience.
He's committed, passionate about what he does and has a love of all things digital and design.
His passion and love for design and digital is absolutely contagious.
John is a highly capable and very committed digital designer.
His grasp of digital design and user experience is excellent.
John is a digital design ninja stealthily gets things done.
He designed a clever digital ecosystem using the digital tools available within our organization's toolkit.
He creates clean and sensible designs, for all digital channels, as well as for print.
John continually raises the bar in innovative digital design.
As an interactive designer, he's got the coding background and design chops to create best-in-class digital experiences.
In summary he can be a one stop solution for any digital design problem.
His knowledge of digital as well as print design is fascinating.
Thousands of young designers were inspired and still are when they see his passion for type, whether analog or digital.
He is an experienced designer with great taste and understanding of the digital space.
His color correction, digital manipulation and design techniques became second to none.
He is a very good digital designer and has an eye for detail.
John is not only a fantastic designer, but he understands the technology for which he is designing.
His passion for design, can be seen in his drive & determination for staying ahead of digital design trends & technologies.
John breathes digital solutions, master digital design and do so with a permanent smile.
John joined his team for his internship as a digital designer.
His class was full of designers, people who are often not that comfortable with the digital world.
In addition, he explained how to design digital strategies to disseminate digital intelligence instead of random digital data.
He taught him so much as digital design lead and his recommendations improved our design department no end.
He created one of the most influential digital companies, and will continue to have a profound effect on how digital and design interrelate.
John never ceases to amaze with his talent for both digital and print design.
John's ability to navigate design challenges and his impeccable attention to detail sets him apart as an outstanding digital designer.
John's knowledge and experience in print and digital design is invaluable.
His knowledge in design, whether it print or digital, is deep and thorough.
He knows everything and everyone in design, direct and digital marketing and truly has been there and done that.
His work with digital and print puts him over the top of all other designers.
His passion for excellent design and finish is matched only by his love of gadgetry and all things digital.
He asks the right questions, is full of great insights and is in touch with all things digital design.
His insights and understanding of how to create and design clothing digitally really blew his mind.
He designed all user interfaces of digital touch screens which are now being deployed globally.
His passion for no-compromise design makes digital services to be, really made for the users.
His out-of-the-box thinking helped us with innovative new designs for our digital platforms.
For a very long time he has understood the unique requirements of digital design.
John added a high level of craft and design to our digital output.
He's become an impressive leader for any digital design team.
John designed and implemented our organization's digital strategy flawlessly.
He understands the world of digital design, through the front end and back end logistics.
His understanding of design and the digital landscape is impressive and his accomplishments have been inspiring.
The digital outdoor creative he designed was well done and delivered the anticipated results.
He's a triple threat in strategy, copywriting, and digital design.
He eats, breathes, sleeps digital and digital design which makes him invaluable for translating big ideas online.
John's an incredible asset to any team with his digital vision and design expertise.
His design work is impeccable and progressive and he specializes in optimizing his designs to the digital customer experience.
His knowledge across digital channels, design, and the personalisation was exceptional - it was really first class.
His enthusiasm for exploration in the digital design space inspires and motivates everyone around him.
He lives and breathes the world we work in, and is truly passionate about digital and design.
Those he supervises demonstrate greater awareness of traditional and digital design concepts.
John also demonstrated a remarkable understanding of design concepts and digital mediums.
His design style is clean and modern, perfectly suited for digital as well as print.
He consistently displayed a passion for design and all things digital marketing.
Knowledgeable and creative, he was his trusted go-to on all things digital.
John knows his stuff, knows what is possible through technology and design.
He tends to think outside the box when it comes to technology design.
John's ability to design and conceptualize digital projects was amazing.
John consistently delivers solid, well designed digital projects.
He always comes through with something unique and brand ownable whether it be messaging, design, digital, etc.
Additionally, his graphics work both in print and digital design are second to none.
John helped him to raise the bar with his design team, as well as personally to achieve the very best in digital design.