Digital Industry Performance Review Phrases Examples

Digital Industry Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is one of the most well known leaders in the digital industry.
John has one of the most comprehensive understandings of digital in the industry.
In my opinion, he is one of the best people to know in the digital industry.
I honor and respect him as someone to look up to in the digital industry.
I do believe he was and will be best in digital and in the luxury industry.
He is also well connected in the industry and within digital agencies.
I have also been pleased to see his growth in the digital industry.
John's experience in the digital industry, is second to none.
Enhance digital was my very first industry job after college.
John is one of the digital marketing industry's best and brightest.
John has taught me so many things in the digital marketing industry.
John is one of the most talented digital marketers in our industry.
John is one of the best digital marketing experts in the industry.
I can see him doing well in the digital industry and would be a great addition to any digital agency.
I consider him to be the authority in the automotive industry as it relates to all things digital.
John is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate digital practitioners in the industry.
I found him to be very professional and vastly knowledgeable about the digital industry.
As the industry has become more digital, he has proven his flexibility in any medium.
He is truly in-sync with changes in the digital industry and is on the cutting edge.
John is one of the brightest and most devoted digital strategists in the industry.
He understands the challenges of the industry, particularly in the digital space.
First impressions are critical in my industry, whether digitally or in person.
John is one of the most innovative and digitally savvy people in the industry.
John is one of the digital industry's best authors, speakers and leaders.
John is one of the most groundbreaking digital executives in the industry.
John is the most atypical 'digital doctor' you'll meet in the industry.
John introduced me to the most important people in the digital industry.
He is so astute within digital automotive and other industry realms.
John has an impressive understanding of the digital photo industry.
John is an amazing, connected professional in the digital industry.
His knowledge and passion for the digital industry is commendable.
His enthusiasm for the digital advertising industry in contagious.
His knowledge and passion for the digital industry are inspiring.
I wouldn't have guessed him as someone new in the digital industry, especially with all the connections he made outside of our company.
But even beyond that, he really gets the digital medium, and I can't begin to tell you how important that is in our industry.
To me, John is definitely one of the women to watch in the digital industry.
John is one of the most digitally savvy experts that I know in the industry.
Our company pioneered the automated digital response in this industry.
His inside on the digital video and Internet industry is unique.
John is highly respected in the digital industry in Australia.
John had an uncanny knowledge of what was going on in the digital TV industry.
His fingerprints are on everything we do in digital advertising.
He is highly knowledgeable when it comes to everything digital.
John is well versed in all things digital and very passionate about digital marketing.
He is an industry expert in digital marketing and speaks at industry conferences.
He would be a good asset for anyone looking for help in the digital marketing industry.
John is one of the most experienced executives in the digital media industries.
John is one of the best digital marketing professionals in the Mexican industry.
John is one of the industry's proactive and progressive digital marketeers.
I appreciate his knowledge and passion towards digital media industry.
John is one of the true visionaries in the digital marketing industry.
John is an exemplary leader within the digital marketing industry.
John has extensive experience within the digital media industry.
John exemplifies digital inclusion within the media industry.
I would say John is an architect in the digital marketing industry.
He gets things done and has an understanding of search and the digital industry that is second to none.
This even looks natural to him thanks to his strong expertise in the digital industry.
He is also always up-to-date with the latest happenings in the digital industry.
Him capabilities in the digital space are also recognised by the industry.
But it is his vision for the digital industries that truly sets him apart.
He's extremely passionate about search and the digital industry.
He really gets digital and comes up with things that make you go 'wow.
He's certainly on mine as the go-to guy for all things digital.
His enthusiasm and passion for all things digital makes him an asset for both his company and the industry.
He's also well-connected in the digital arena, particularly in the music industry.
He really understood the digital publishing environment and is truly passionate about the industry.
John's reputation for driving digital transformation in the industry is legendary.
John truly is a digital expert, across all elements of the digital mix.
John, a digital lover and someone well known of his digital expertise.
Passionate about the digital world, he is always tuned to what is coming next, a profile extremely valuable in the digital industry.
He keeps not just his finger, but his whole hand on the digital pulse of the publishing industry.
He gets digital and you can tell he's passionate about what he does and not just going through the motions.
Basically, if there is anything he doesn't know about digital, it isn't worth knowing.
Australia is truly fortunate to have someone like him in the digital ecosystem.
He also knows more about digital cinema than perhaps anyone else on the planet.
He clearly enjoys all things digital which comes across in everything he does.
He knows digital, knows what needs to be done, and is an all around good guy.
John always has his finger on the pulse of anything and everything digital.
We were so impressed we will be using him for all of our digital needs.
It seriously had him, considering his own digital behaviour and detoxing.
John was, and is, on the forefront of what's next in the digital age.
He's at least two steps ahead of everyone else in the digital space.
John is as passionate as he is knowledgeable about all things digital.
John knows digital and is very well connected, he knows everyone.
John is switched on, organised and definitely knows his digital.
John always ahead regards digital initiatives and or trends.
When it comes to digital, he can handle anything given to him.
John knows all there is to know about digital 'bonkers-ness'.
As well, him more recent digital paintings are very well done.
He knows enough to know where to push the digital boundaries.
Knowing the digital industry as well as he does mean that he didn't waste our time with inappropriate candidates.
He has an incredible passion for digital and he comes with no ego, which is incredibly rare in this industry.
He has a real passion for what he does which makes him an absolute star in the digital industry.
John has a great understanding of not only the retargeting industry, but also the digital space.
His insight and passion has made digital more approachable in a somewhat antiquated industry.
His digital abilities are respected industrywide and at all levels of the organisation.
John is a pioneer in our company page industry and digital line.
He's undoubtedly one of the gems at our company as it embarks on the next leg of industrial digitization.
John would be an excellent and welcome addition to any digital team in the industry today.
We definitely need more people like him in the digital space.
In his view, this is one guy to look out for in the ever-changing and fast paced digital industry.
John really knows the digital industry and was a pleasure to work with.
A digital native, he intimately understands digital users and their needs.
He lives and breathes digital newsrooms and digital journalism every day.
He's cut his teeth in a variety of industries as well as a diverse set of roles, both digital and non digital.
His digital analytics knowledge is unmatched by many in the industry.
John can speak to different stakeholders depending on their digital maturity, their geography and industry.
His passion for digital and hunger to learn every day keeps him at the sharp end of the industry.
John is all things digital - he truly brought the passion for digital to our our company team.
He really helped our organization meet key people in the digital industry.
If you are going anywhere in digital, you should definitely get in touch with him or subscribe to his newsletter.
He knows what's going on in the current digital marketplace and what we should be looking at in the future.
John's brilliance doesn't come from merely knowing about what's out there in the digital world.
He really understands how to get the most out of any new opportunities that digital can bring.
He just gets it - our mission and what we need to do to be successful in the digital space.
He always delivers what he says he will, and he's extremely savvy in all things digital.
He wants you to be as excited as he is about all the opportunities that digital offers.
John would be your go-to guy if you needed to get something done on the digital front.
For him this was invaluable as he had kept him up to date in the digital world.
He is visionary and under his leadership he took digital into new frontiers.
John knows the digital world, and, more importantly, he knows how to use it.
He's a craftsman and knows what he's talking about when it comes to digital.
He loves the "digital world" and knows his way around it like no other.
John epitomises everything that is great about our digital society.
John is a breakthrough thinker, especially when it comes to digital.
The great thing about him is the way he understands the digital world.
Most of what he had to say was new, in a digital word that's crucial.
His strength is in digital and he's willing to push the boundaries.
In the digital space, this keeps him always connected to the user.
He walked him and several of his bosses through our digital upgrade.
John is his own thinktank for the digital entertainment world.
He understands the digital space thoroughly and gets things done.
His finger is well placed on the pulse of the digital revolution.
To say that he understands the digital disruption is an understatement
His understanding and use of the digital toolbox was impressive.
You can tell that the digital arena is his passion and it shows.
John's specialism is digital and he is very, very good at it.
He makes the complex comprehensible and the digital digestible.
His understanding of the digital medium is particularly strong.
John is brought in as the beachhead for our digital offering.
He's known and respected in all of the major digital agencies.
John is as proficient digitally as he is in an analog format.
John gets the vision of our digital future, but is not dazzled.
Our company conscientious, very digital and very good on the old John.
John and our company really made him think about the (digital) future.
He knows how to make everything come together in harmony across all digital channels and has shown time and time again that he is at the forefront of the industry.
He also has a keen awareness of what the digital industry is doing and an ability to know how it could be applied locally.
Abrar has consistently shown his interest with current updates in the industry as well as digital transformation.
He's outgoing and friendly, and you can see from his eyes that he has a strong passion for the digital industry
His passion for the digital industry allows him to remain at the forefront of the latest best practice.