Digital Marketing Performance Review Phrases Examples

Digital Marketing Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is one of the best digital marketers you can have on a team.
With his leadership we've ascended to the next-level in digital marketing.
John provided an innovative platform for digital marketers to share ideas.
John is now considered an extension of our digital marketing team.
John is an incredibly dedicated and quick learning digital marketer.
John is an invaluable digital leader for any marketing organization.
John is a living legend in the programmatic digital marketing world.
I am sure he will have a long digital marketing career ahead.
John's vast knowledge of digital marketing allows the rest of us to relax.
He combines this with excellent digital marketing knowledge and abilities.
On top of everything, a reference of his knowledge of digital marketing.
John is absolutely fantastic to work with as a digital marketer.
I think he is an asset to any marketing department with a digital ambition.
He grew large-scale marketing efforts and major digital initiatives.
His insight is first class, knowledge of marketing and the world of digital likewise.
His passion for digital marketing and his thirst for knowledge is what impressed me.
He is a pleasure to work with, and truly understands the digital marketing arena.
He is a brilliant connector and has in-depth knowledge of digital marketing.
He is an ambitious marketer with a depth of knowledge in the digital arena.
John is a top notch marketer who knows how to make the digital space work.
John is a very dedicated digital marketer and wonderful to work with.
John provided a half-day digital marketing workshop that helped us define a strategic marketing initiative.
We wish him the best of luck going forward, and he will make a great addition to any digital marketing team.
John came to the team with a good digital marketing foundation and is very hardworking.
John joined the digital marketing team and hit the ground running.
He looks beyond the initial engagement to look for wider opportunities and provides guidance on all aspects of digital marketing.
He has the ability to unravel the complexities of digital marketing to people at all levels of understanding and inspire his audience to tackle their digital marketing strategy with new found enthusiasm.
John's digital marketing experience, creativity and insight go way beyond his years.
He is so knowledgeable about all things digital marketing and has been very clear and organized with any requests and feedback.
John is a true professional with robust experience in the digital marketing and search marketing space.
He understood client requirements very well and found appropriate solutions to most digital marketing issues.
John is a great co-worker with vast knowledge about marketing, that is both on digital an non digital side.
John understands all aspects of digital marketing and provides thought leadership to our clients and throughout the agency.
John is a new and rare breed of marketing talent any company who is serious about digital need on their side.
He is an experienced marketing man with great vision and a passion for innovation and digital.
John is a leader who has kept his organization on the cutting edge of digital marketing.
When it comes to digital, his ability to see the forest through the trees is commendable.
Not only is he passionate about what he does, but that passion is matched by an even greater knowledge of the digital marketing space.
His knowledge of the digital marketing world is second to none always staying ahead of the constantly moving curve.
John has an insatiable appetite for digital marketing and an incredible knowledge and understanding of the space.
His knowledge of the digital marketing and how it pertains to today's dealership environment is unsurpassed.
His knowledge within digital marketing is outstanding and has been able to deliver on numerous occasions.
It helps that he's a techie with an insatiable thirst for knowledge around all things digital marketing.
He has a passion for digital marketing and is always working on new and fresh ideas to make an impact.
John is super knowledgeable in his domain which spreads across the entire digital marketing space.
He has a strong knowledge of the digital space as well as an appreciation of the broader market.
John understands digital marketing and will no doubt be a strong asset in the digital marketing business
He always encouraged everyone to learn more about digital marketing.
His dedication to digital marketing has always kept him, and frankly, our company, up to date with some of the latest marketing trends.
But digital marketing is only one key component, and he understands how that layer up to the total marketing mix.
He successfully blended both traditional marketing with digital tactics across the full marketing mix.
John took pains to demystify email marketing to the participants in a digital marketing conference.
John is much more than just a digital marketing expert, he's a great marketer full stop.
Our company rounded, with an understanding of the various roles within marketing, John adds value in both traditional and digital marketing.
John specializes in the digital space, but him digital marketing know-how is backed by years working on other facets of the marketing world.
He'd be an asset to any technology or marketing organization looking to be at the forefront of digital marketing.
John also delivers on what he does; digital marketing, anticipating market trends, reaching audiences through marketing and advertising etc.
John and his team are true digital marketers, using data and best practices to drive marketing, not marketing.
Additionally, he knows quite a bit about marketing and how doing it the way it needs to be done in this digital age.
John knows all about digital marketing and has the answers to all those issues that you're just not sure about.
Not only does he understand digital marketing inside and out, but he's also really fun to have around.
He is an expert in his sector and there is not much that he doesn't know about the digital marketplace
The second thing you notice is that he is exceptionally passionate about all things digital marketing.
He is so well rounded, if you ever need digital marketing need, he would never leave you disappointed.
Equally, if you want to understand how best to use digital in your marketing mix he's also your man.
One of the things he helped them with was to get them started on their digital marketing journey.
Along the way, he has also given him countless other insights into the world of digital marketing.
John took the time to understand his needs and wants for his first placement in digital marketing.
He knows how to keep up with the pace of digital marketing and he's very quick to adapt.
He is one of the first few marketers who really understood digital in an in-depth manner.
John recently delivered a digital marketing course for us, both he and it were amazing.
John met with him and discussed the value and how-to of inbound digital marketing.
He will be the first stop for all of our digital marketing requirements in the future.
He is very savvy in digital marketing, knows what he wants and make quick decisions
He sees where the digital market is going before it gets there and acts accordingly.
He is smart, has contagious enthusiasm about all things digital and marketing.
He also knows about every other top digital marketer that is worth their salt.
It's amazing to see how well he is connected with the digital marketing sphere.
He really understands digital marketing and all the pieces that go with it.
He has always impressed with his enthusiasm in the digital marketing sector.
John's perspective on entrepreneurship and digital marketing is priceless.
Once you get him started on any digital marketing topic, he's unstoppable.
In other words, he's the rare digital marketer who's far more than trendy.
What sets him apart though, is his genuine passion for digital marketing.
His passion for digital marketing impressed many and always appreciated.
He has deep experience with traditional as well as digital marketing.
John gave him an opportunity when digital marketing was in its infancy.
He is innovative, helpful and is very entrenched in digital marketing.
He introduced and championed digital marketing for our organisation.
Trade is a digital marketing expert who gives it all he he has got.
His understanding of digital marketing as a whole is also tremendous.
However, his role was also expanded to include all digital marketing.
He truly helped him to improve his understanding of digital marketing.
His experience in digital and the Hispanic market is really great.
Most importantly, his passion for digital marketing is infectious.
John's marketing ability isn't just limited to, digital however.
John's digital marketing course keeps you awake and switched on.
A well organized digital marketer, he comes highly recommended.
John taught him throughout his digital marketing course at our company in our company.
His digital marketing knowledge is quite vast as it spans across all the digital channels.
He is highly knowledgeable in digital marketing & digital transformation initiatives.
He knows how to take a complex subject (such as digital marketing) and simplify the digital marketing learning so you can get the results you need.
He knows the ins and outs of digital marketing like the back of his hand and that experience in itself makes him an invaluable addition to any digital marketing team.
This combined with his leadership and enthusiasm for him digital marketing made him a key member of the digital marketing team.
He knows the marketing landscape well, especially the digital scene.
Him marriage of content and digital marketing makes him an essential asset to any clients who are needing digital marketing.
He knows more or less all sides of marketing inside out, but he really stands out when it comes to user funnel, digital marketing and user acquisition.
What makes it more rewarding is that he is incredibly knowledgeable about affiliate marketing and by extension, digital marketing.
His marketing and digital knowledge helped us to reposition the company to tap new markets.
John has an authentic passion for the digital marketing arena and coupled with his natural marketing savvy, he is a strong strategic and creative digital marketer.
John and his team know exactly what to do in any digital marketing situation.
His years of diverse digital marketing experience make him a force to be reckoned with, and an incredible asset on any digital marketing effort.
John's digital expertise coupled with his common sense approach to marketing creates a best of breed digital marketing pro.
John understands the event market inside and out, is comfortable in digital marketing and is not afraid to innovate.
John not only has a deep understanding of digital marketing, but also the underlying technologies that enable digital marketing to be successful
He's just one of those people that knows almost everything about digital marketing and if he doesn't know, he'll have an answer/opinion the next day.
If you need anything regarding digital marketing don't hesitate to hire him, he should be your go to partner.
He improved many aspects of our marketing department overall, but especially with all things digital.
John knows more about digital marketing than most other people in the space have forgotten.
He has demonstrated very clearly that he now grasps all the digital marketing concepts.
John to hear from him soon, on his further experiences in digital direct marketing.
In particular his comprehension in the areas of digital marketing was exceptional.
Not only is he a great digital marketer, but also knows how to code.
His blogs always have something which motivates a digital marketer.
He doesn't "market for marketing's sake", but works to obtain the best return from marketing dollars spent.
John's digital marketing expertise paired with his entrepreneurial expertise make him such an asset to a client - far beyond what most digital marketers can provide.
John is abreast of the latest in marketing, has great digital marketing skilled and what he doesn't know, he learns quickly.
John comes with very good background in marketing and he did contribute greatly to a digital marketing platform solution
He is not just riding the digital wave, he knows the sub currents and cross currents of digital marketing intimately.
He understands how marketing works and how to get the most out of the marketing spend.
He not only worked in the market, he was a student/professor of the market.
What he doesn't know about automotive marketing would be hard to guess and his grasp of digital marketing is truly impressive.
John has extensive automotive and marketing knowledge and he is particularly brilliant at digital marketing.
John clearly appreciates the power of video marketing and its important role in digital marketing.
John on, he had the foresight to see how important the digital world would be for marketing.
He's always ahead of every eCommerce and digital marketing trend and willing to experiment.