Digital Marketing Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Digital Marketing Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John's passion for digital marketing is evident in his role as brand manager.
Sharp, efficient and well-versed in digital marketing, he's definitely a must-have member in a marketing group.
He taught me many things about leadership, digital marketing, and good teamwork.
He has great insights and he always thinks marketing - not just digital.
He is well versed in digital marketing and thinks into the future.
John is a forward thinking digital and marketing practitioners.
John is a dynamic, problem-solving and very experienced digital marketer and a great manager.
John is an enthusiastic digital marketing manager with a keen eye for the detail.
John has been very helpful and has given me very sound advice on my digital marketing coursework.
John is an enthusiastic and motivating manager who has a ready understanding of digital marketing and all its many facets.
I would recommend him to anyone looking to manage and implement their digital marketing strategies effectively.
John is one of the few that has managed to unite traditional marketing disciplines with digital thinking.
John and myself manages operational local digital marketing agencies for distinct market organisations of an automobile company in a global digital marketing program.
His years of diverse digital marketing experience make him a force to be reckoned with, and an incredible asset on any digital marketing effort.
John, one of the most inspiring digital marketer who has abundant knowledge in both marketing and technology.
He is so good in all topics concerning marketing, digital, business management.
I'm saying that not just because of his extensive knowledge in digital marketing, but also based on his great management approach.
John is brilliant and strategic in his approach to digital marketing, and he's an awesome manager to boot.
John has always shown tenacity in his craft – both digital marketing and relationship management.
John is an excellent manager with an extensive knowledge in e-commerce & digital marketing.
John has a wealth of experience across the digital marketing landscape that could only be considered of high value to any marketing manager.
His creativity and passion for digital marketing was infectious.
John never fails to bring us innovative ideas and is always on top of digital marketing trends and routes to market.
His wealth of knowledge in digital marketing and project management made it easy for us to communicate about new digital marketing initiatives.
John is on the edge of digital marketing, very plugged in and open to other people.
His knowledge of digital marketing is impressive as is his ability to explain digital marketing concepts through the use of real world examples.
John has good management skills and is well-versed in digital marketing.
He is always thinking three steps ahead and has his thumb on the pulse of all things digital marketing.
Him ability to navigate the world of digital marketing is on the cutting edge.
He has a deep understanding of the entire digital marketing universe.
I wish him a good luck for future endeavours and highly recommend him for digital marketing and management.
John has a great understanding of marketing from a digital standpoint and he is a well-rounded manager.
His rich background in management and digital marketing allows him to provide excellent guidance, and he knows how to delegate.
John is a warm and people-focused marketer, with real passion for the direct marketing and digital marketing space.
He is a rising star in the world of marketing and brand management with strong experience managing both traditional and digital marketing channels.
John excels in strategy, innovation, digital and marketing excellence.
John is a highly qualified and hands on digital marketing expert.
John will be a great asset to any organization seeking experienced digital marketing management.
He is truly well prepared to take on any management or highly technical role in digital marketing.
His ability as a digital marketer and manager is evident in his day-to-day accomplishments.
John belongs to the new breed of marketers who have this special eye for digital.
He is well connected to the digital marketing world and that's a very important quality a digital manager should have.
John is a very driven marketing manager with deep insight in the digital marketing world and mobile advertising in particular.
He is an out of the box thinker and a very creative digital marketer.
Besides being a formidable expert in digital marketing, he was an excellent manager and an even better person.
His command over the email marketing ecosystem and other digital channels is phenomenal.
The digital marketing strategy was to the point, and very well presented by him.
He also confidently managed our digital experience and marketing collateral in multiple languages.
He is a brilliant marketer, with expertise across the digital spectrum from web to content marketing to digital strategy.
He successfully managed various international markets and partnerships.
His insight and advice was invaluable to our group as we tried new initiatives in digital marketing.
He totally gets the challenges that face marketers in a complex digital environment.
John is a highly effective manager who feels comfortably on the fast changing digital market.
John is very knowledgeable in the field of digital marketing.
He is excellent at managing client relationships and his expertise in digital marketing is impressive.
John is that rare marketing managers who trusts and empowers the people who create him marketing materials.
Him digital marketing expertise, adept interpersonal management, and creativity set him apart.
He is highly knowledgeable in digital marketing, marketing strategy, and organizational structure.
John is a seriously talented marketing professional with strong instincts in all aspects of digital marketing.
He thoroughly understands all elements of the digital marketing value chain and how to apply them.