Digital Marketing Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Digital Marketing Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is a great digital media/community marketing specialist in the gaming space.
If you know him and are not convinced about the need and opportunity of digital marketing, you must be deaf or made out of stone.
Beyond that he is way ahead of the curve in digital marketing and has been preaching the gospel since before it was trendy.
He is always on the search for the next big thing in digital marketing, which ensures he is always ahead of the trends.
John has associated himself with several marketing companies, which has helped him become an expert in the digital world.
I wish him all the best in his future endeavors and strongly recommend him to anyone looking for digital marketer.
If you need someone who understands the intricacies of digital marketing and know how to deliver, he is the guy.
John is very enthusiastic about marketing and really sees the value of digital as well as traditional methods.
I would recommend him to anybody looking for a digital marketer who provides results without drama.
John's passion for marketing, especially in the digital realm makes him an invaluable colleague.
He's always had an ability to think forward and have a vision for new trends in digital marketing.
His grasp of our various digital marketing disciplines and how they interplay is second to none.
John is smart and very conversant with new technologies/trends in the digital marketing medium.
I've been especially impressed with his passion and expertise in the digital marketing space.
He not only has the expertise in digital marketing, but, also has the strong desire to excel.
He is an expert when it comes to digital marketing and always delivers outstanding results.
He can handle anything you throw at him, from traditional to digital to shopper marketing.
I would definitely recommend his classes to anyone that's interested in digital marketing.
John is a smiling powerhouse when it comes to both digital and traditional marketing.
John is an expert in digital marketing and a pleasure to be around and to collaborate.
His wider appreciation of marketing is profound and goes well beyond the digital world.
He is truly well versed in digital marketing and has a passion for getting it right.
John is passionate about digital marketing, and it shows with his efforts and results.
John is all these things, with a unique understanding of the digital marketing space.
His expertise in the digital marketing world has not only depth, but also breadth.
His commitment to his profession, and passion for digital marketing is exemplary.
He clearly really knows his stuff both in the digital arena and the music market.
He is not only an expert, but an evangelist of digital marketing and e-commerce.
His enthusiastic approach to all things digital marketing is refreshing to see.
John combines all the attributes needed to be successful at digital marketing.
John is one of the sharpest minds in digital marketing and conversion today.
He is interested in helping me and others grow as digital marketing experts.
John is an extremely experienced, enthusiastic expert in digital marketing.
He was quick to understand and apply the concepts of digital marketing.
He also gave countless tips on how to succeed in your digital marketing.
He makes this complex side of digital marketing approachable for anyone.
John is an energetic, focused and finger on the pulse digital marketer.
John provides an awesome menu of digital marketing to help firms with.
He was instrumental in taking our digital marketing to the next level.
John is a digital marketing wizard and provides a value second to none.
John has a profound and up-to-date appreciation of digital marketing.
His latest digital marketing certification has been invaluable to me.
John is an all-around great guy and a phenomenal digital marketer.
John has a strong grasp of both traditional and digital marketing.
I highly recommend him for any digital marketing leadership role.
John is a seasoned marketer who thrives in the digital space.
He also was willing to help answer my questions and teach me principles of digital marketing and was always up-to-date on new marketing ideas and platforms.
He had a strong interest in digital marketing and how it was impacting traditional marketing and advertising.
His knowledge of digital marketing is undeniable, specifically in the performance marketing arena.
He has a wealth of knowledge and his experience in marketing and digital marketing is evident.
John stood out from other digital marketing agencies because of his demonstrable knowledge in all things digital marketing, strategy and reporting.
John is at the cutting edge of digital and is ideally placed to help you with your marketing campaigns.
He really understands how to drive go-to-market, and he taught us how to use digital to our advantage.
He has excellent ideas, and knows how to get the right results out of digital marketing campaigns.
He has continually given us the best opportunities for us in the digital market to stay on top.
He is very aware of the digital market, analysis and has a looking-forward way to see things.
John is incredibly innovative as well as effective with him digital marketing efforts.
John is the most passionate wizard, you'll ever meet in the digital marketing world.
He knows the clients, how to close them and he really understands digital marketing.
John's familiarity and awareness of digital marketing was unique and powerful.