Digital Marketing Strategist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Digital Marketing Strategist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is an incredibly switched-on, passionate digital marketer and media strategist.
Had he not been in digital marketing space, he would have been a successful singer.
He was also responsible for the initial phases of our digital marketing efforts.
He has a deep understanding about digital marketing and application marketing which makes his activity so unique.
John is one of those special marketing strategists that really gets it.
His understanding of his subject matter (digital marketing) and its application in the digital world is first class.
John clearly appreciates the power of video marketing and its important role in digital marketing.
John is expert at digital marketing and specifically at mobile.
John is an innovative, collaborative and inspirational digital strategist.
John is an out-of-the-box thinker and innovative digital strategist.
He is extremely knowledgeable in the areas of strategic marketing, digital marketing and digital media.
John is one of the most talented and passionate digital marketers in the universe.
John was and has always been on the forefront of digital marketing and technology.
I believe he will bring strong digital marketing expertise to any organization.
If you're looking for a great and reliable digital marketer, he is your boy.
John is a powerhouse when it comes to the science of digital marketing.
John would be a great addition to any digital marketing organization.
He is extremely talented in all aspects of digital marketing.
John is a smart, focused and experienced digital marketing producer and strategist.
John is an efficacious marketing strategist and excels specifically in the areas of market segmentation, targeting and positioning.
Last, but not least, he was an excellent collaborator and strategist in a marketing capacity.
John is an exceptional marketing strategist and creator of audience opportunity.
I absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for an online marketing strategist.
He was always a strong strategist, and my main competition in the market.
He is a brilliant strategist and his fervor for marketing is contagious.
He has an in-depth understanding of the market and he is a good strategist.
John is an excellent strategist who has a broad market understanding.
John is an extremely bright, results-focused marketing strategist.
John is a rare combination of strategist, marketer, and geek.
John is the consummate digital strategist and agency partner.
John is a digital strategist and marketing professional in the truest form.
He achieved some of the new record in the digital marketing area.
John not only knows traditional digital marketing, but he also understands mobile marketing techniques which has proven immensely valuable.
John is a talented marketing strategist that waltzes between digital and traditional platforms with ease.
John would be the perfect strategist for anyone looking to take their search or a digital marketing program to the next level.
John's approach to digital marketing and branding is refreshing.
John knows digital marketing and how to drive online engagement.
John has given us some great insight into digital marketing and how to get the most from our online presence.
I found him to be very knowledgeable in the area of digital transformation & marketing.
John is an excellent marketing strategist who consistently goes above and beyond for his clients.
John is an amazingly talented marketer and strategist who makes everyone around him smarter.
He's equally an amazing strategic and tactical marketing expert.
He is organized and positive, and a great marketing strategy.
He also has a vast array of knowledge in content marketing and digital marketing.
He is an excellent writer, and is very well versed in digital marketing.
I am anxious to see his next book, what an intelligent marketing strategist.
John has a strong understanding of digital marketing and digital business opportunities.
He is an excellent writer, a superb marketing strategist and an outstanding marketing tactician.
John has proven himself as a marketing strategist and an entrepreneur by becoming the guy marketing strategists and entrepreneurs call when they're trying to figure it out.
John has the creative edge that makes him the perfect marketing strategist.
John has been invaluable in my learning about online marketing and anything digital.
He has extensive experience with online and digital marketing.
John is one of the digital world's truly great thinkers, innovators and strategists.
John is an exceptionally talented entrepreneur and digital strategist.
He was very knowledgeable about digital marketing and e-commerce and was willing to try new approaches.
He is so professional in leadership, and digital marketing domain.
He has expert insight into direct marketing, digital marketing and analytics, but always remains faithful to the brand in all his marketing efforts.
John is a bright and energetic strategist who is extremely well read in the digital and marketing landscape.
John is someone who is really passionate about the various facets of digital marketing and the impact it can have on the organization at large.
He is particularly strong in his current role of digital marketing and demand creation.