Digital Media Planner Performance Review Phrases Examples

Digital Media Planner Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

I would welcome the opportunity to further recommend him for new positions in the digital media space.
Most of all, he is approachable, optimistic and passionate about the opportunities of digital media.
Talk to him today- seriously, if you do anything tied to digital media you'll be glad you did.
His expertise with digital media is exceptional and he's always willing to go the extra mile.
John is one of those rare individuals who truly understand digital entertainment and media.
John is one of the most experienced and well connected individuals in the digital media space.
I would absolutely recommend his class to anyone wanting to know more about digital media.
John really understands the world of digital media, particularly the arena of podcasting.
John has impressed me with his command of digital media and the omnichannel segment.
He now has an inspirational and unparalleled expertise in digital media of all forms.
Apart from that he is a very dedicated professional that understands digital media.
Being heavily ingrained in the digital media ecosystem, he's very well connected.
He knows the digital media space incredibly well and knows how to get deals done.
His passion for the digital media space was evident from our first conversation.
He's as equally conversant in the digital world as he is in traditional media.
John is a visionary and thoughtful sage about all things media and digital.
John would be an invaluable asset to any organisation within digital media.
His insight into the future exploitation of digital media is unparalleled.
He is determined to win and his passion for digital media is contagious.
His genius is with digital media of any kind-and the numbers that follow.
John's insight and expertise in digital media is as broad as it is deep.
He also acquired an excellent understanding of the digital media ecosystem.
He has a rare understanding of both traditional and digital media.
He embraces digital media and new frontiers with true enthusiasm.
It was obvious right away that he is a total digital media expert.
As much as being a great planner - what he doesn't know about digital and social media just isn't worth knowing.
John is an incredibly single-minded, digitally focussed planner.
His honesty and knowledge of digital media would make him a valuable addition to any media company.
His energy is infectious and is passionate about the media and all things digital.
John was a forward thinking media planner that took a chance on streaming media well before other people.
When it comes to innovating on new media or digital he is extremely bright and quick.
He's great with both the overall digital media strategy and tactics.
John was the catalyst in the launch of my career in digital media.
John takes my vision and translates it into digital media with ease.
He has strong contacts in the digital media & broadcast markets.
He would be a great addition to any digital media organization.
John is an expert in the digital arena and when it comes to digital media planning and buying, he's a pro.
He's one of the most affable and intelligent minds in digital media.
John really understands digital and traditional media integration.
His understanding of the importance of digital media keeps him on the cutting edge.
He is passionate about digital media and brings that passion every day.
John is one of my go-to guys when it comes to the latest and greatest in digital media - no one is more plugged-in and in-tune.
He really knows what he is doing, has a deep and thorough understanding of digital media and knows how to deliver results.
He has that often hard to find combination of being well versed in both digital and "traditional" media.
I am constantly amazed at his ability to be ahead of the curve since him transition into digital media.
John's understanding of the digital media space is exceeded only by his character and passion.
His understanding of the requirements needed in all aspects of digital media is extensive.
As a digital and new media thinker, entrepreneur in my view he is second to none.
John is an energetic, bright, passionate visionary in the world of digital media.
John helped guide me and taught me the fundamentals of digital media selling.
John is an outstanding 'all rounder' in terms of digital media and commerce.
He is a prolific blogger and understands the world of digital media.
And he knows both the traditional and digital media landscapes better than most people.
Add to it the fact that he has oodles of energy, you got one of helluva media planners.
John is a terrific media strategist and certainly knows his stuff - both in the world of traditional media and the new age of digital.
John has broad experience of music through digital new media.
He created messages in many forms of print and digital media.
John was one of the first digital media professionals and he has always led the way.
At the same time, he knows digital media back and forth, conversations with him are concise, to the point, and insightful.
Clearly, it's for these reasons that he's so well-respected within the top digital media companies in the area.