Digital Media Specialist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Digital Media Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John is truly one of the key evangelists in the digital media space.
John keeps up and embraces not only with the development of digital media, but also across all media and its challenges.
His enthusiasm and understanding of digital media stood out from the very start.
He keeps up on new media and shows a passion for the digital world.
In his class, digital media strategy becomes even more fascinating.
And his expertise in digital media strategy is truly commendable.
He would be an asset to any company in the digital media space.
He definitely knows him digital media and my experience with him has been a pleasure.
John really gets it when it comes to social media and the digital space.
He is very focused and has excellent experience in digital media.
John is passionate about social media and all things digital.
He is at the forefront of digital media and has no hesitation in doing all he can for his clients.
John is the reason behind my passion, and continued interest, in digital media.
John's in depth knowledge of digital media are nothing but second to none.
He has an outstanding knowledge of digital media in all its facets.
John has extensive knowledge in both the media and digital worlds.
He is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of digital media.
His knowledge in digital media is very inspiring and impressive.
John is a seasoned digital media specialist who never makes the mistake of thinking he has nothing to learn.
Additionally, he was my go-to person for both traditional and digital media.
Perhaps that comes from his extensive background in digital media and focus on the future.
John is super connected and knows things that most people in digital media do not.
John is the key essential figure to have in the digital media organisation.
He knows is subject inside out and he has inspired and motivated me in my digital media studies.
He strengthened the media team and was instrumental in ramping up our engagement with digital media.
He is well versed in new media and is enthusiastic about the opportunities available digitally change.
He understood the complexities of today's digital world and how media is consumed.
I am sure he will emerge as one of the prominent players in digital media world.
John is a digital media guru - an articulate and knowledgeable advocate for all things digital.
He knows every aspect of the digital media landscape, and can help anyone else grasp it, too.
He taught me so much about digital media and encouraged me to ask questions and learn.
His digital acumen and understanding of the new media landscape is second to none.
John has his fingers on the pulse of all things digital and social media.
He has a great all round knowledge of digital and the commercial side of digital media.
John is very smart and completely engaged with the endless possibilities of digital media.
Above all, his love and passion for digital media continues to inspire many of us.
John has never failed to leave all of us in awe of him digital media knowledge.
John is insightful, funny, and has mounds of knowledge in digital media.
He has embraced digital media and clearly communicates its advantages.
I can recommend him without reservation to any digital media team.
John is an astute and capable digital specialist, who displays passion in everything he does.
He is serious, very clear in presentation and you can trust the guy when he talks about new media and digital.
He also has an extensive background in digital and various interactive media as well.
John is someone who has a tremendous understanding of how digital media should be planned.
John is an extremely brilliant and forward thinking individual who is an expert when it comes to digital media.
John exemplifies everything you'd want in a digital media exec and a leader.
Not only does he understand the intimate details of digital media, but he also has a keen grasp of digital insights and trends.
John is very motivating and enthusiastic about new media, video & digital stuff.
John is an acute thinker on the commercial implications of digital media.
He's tremendously talented and a committed digital specialist.
John is a very intelligent and an outstanding new media specialist.
John is a 'safe pair of hands' when it comes to getting things done in digital media for sports.
John was among the genuine digital innovators back in the days when new media were still "new.
John has shown me all that digital media can provide my clients.
He understands branding, audiences and how to interact with them using digital media.
He has had experience in both the traditional and digital media space which certainly differentiates him from others.
John is as passionate as you will find when it comes to digital and social media in particular.
His enthusiasm and love for all things digital and social media is contagious.
He has a solid understanding of digital, in particular social media.
His knowledge about digital media and the capabilities of our publishers is exceptional.