Digital Project Manager Performance Review Phrases Examples

Digital Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He totally got the digital world and constantly made sure it was at the heart of many of his projects.
I would absolutely recommend hiring him for any projects in the digital space.
He knows how to deliver digital projects - quickly and with minimum fuss.
His persistence helped to deliver the complex digital projects.
John is helping me with a digital project ATM and is amazing.
He is a highly organised project manager with a thorough understanding of the digital environment.
He managed and facilitated this digital media project excellently.
John is an energetic project manager with a real passion for all things digital.
John is an extremely competent digital producer and project manager who has proved himself with delivering large complex projects.
John has all the qualities required for managing complex digital projects.
He is motivated and determined to get the most from projects, as a digital project manager, he is always looking to develop briefs.
He instills a real confidence in managing digital projects because he has such an innate knowledge of all things digital.
I'm confident that he would be a great member to any digital project.
John led many digital transformation projects for my clients.
And even more impressively, he has managed to sell and deliver great digital projects to his clients.
John is extremely organised and efficient in the running of digital projects and managing clients.
John is unique managing high complex digital projects from inception to the end.
John is an outstanding all rounder digital producer/project manager.
He is also very strong in all things digital, something that shines through in his work and projects.
Combine that with his project management acumen and you end up with fresh, professional, and on time projects.
I don't know how he manages to juggle so many projects at once, but he does it well.
Truth be told he could probably be one of your best project managers as well.
He does what he says and project manages expectations really well.
John is one of those guys you absolutely can't go without during creative digital projects.
He has been working for digital agencies for a long time and led many digital projects successfully.
John has been key to success of many a projects on the digital side.
John is a strong, dedicated project manager who is always willing to do whatever it takes to ensure a project's success.
The value that he adds to any digital team or project is phenomenal.
I'd highly recommend him and his team for your digital projects.
John is an organized, focused, reliable digital project manager who has helped me learn the ropes when my company became more digitally focused.
He knows the trends in digital before they happen and has probably been using them already for a project in some form or other.
It also means he has got to be in tune with various kinds of projects - traditional and extremely digital.
His approach to individual projects is unique and refreshing, and he is passionate about digital.
The attrition rate of the project always remained in the single digits throughout his tenure.
His digital strategy frameworks were heavily leveraged through the project.
He quickly and seamlessly injected his rich understanding of everything digital as well as much needed project management techniques.
His knowledge in managing projects and specifically digital have brought so much success to the organization.
John has been a fantastic digital producer for several projects.
He was my connection to the digital team and always made working on digital projects easy and fun.
John can take a lot of credit for various digital projects which were recognised amongst peers as hugely successful national digital projects.
His experience on digital projects contributes to his ability to ask the right questions.
His vision of the digital landscape is without equal and his ability to manage complex projects is absolute.
He looks at all angles of a client project, not just the digital components.
He was the perfect right hand man for several online and digital projects.
He has the stamina and empathy to manage conflicts and setbacks that are inherent to complex digital transformation projects.
I worked with him on critical and time-sensitive digital projects where both projects are delivered successfully.
When he is involved from the very beginning to the very end of digital projects, that's when we deliver our best work.
John's passion, dedication and knowledge of all things digital came across in every project and pitch.
He brings digital knowledge and enthusiasm to every project and timeline.
I also see him managing multiple projects simultaneously and doing all of it well.
Adaptation is very valuable in our project and he manages to do so amazingly well.
John is very thorough in his approach and managed the project really well.
I would recommend him as a manager on other projects as well.
He is an excellent creative/design manager and a great all around project manager as well.
He takes a very calm approach to projects and he is very supportive of all aspects of digital projects.
John understands the importance of taking ownership when it comes to successfully delivering digital projects.
He understands the principle and tools of project management very well and he has strong leadership on the project from initiating to closure.
The way he drove digital transformation projects and his professionalism in those complex projects has been always very much respected and valued across the company.
I've seen him thrive on projects that involve a lot of digital interactive and management because they allow him to use his many strengths simultaneously.
John exemplifies the difference between working with a normal project manager and a strategic project manager.