Digital Strategist Performance Review Phrases Examples

Digital Strategist Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

Definitely would recommend him to anyone looking for a solid digital strategist.
John is an extraordinary digital strategist who is always buzzing with ideas.
John's a brilliant digital strategist and all around thinker.
John is a brilliant strategist who excels in the digital space.
He's a natural born digital strategist, always willing to get further.
John is a sharp, thoughtful, and a versatile digital strategist.
He is a digital strategist who will push you, always in a way that is results oriented.
John is the epitome of an amazing social and digital strategist.
What he doesn't know about digital journalism isn't worth knowing.
John has always been self motivated and an excellent strategist.
John is an outstanding digital strategist: understanding the big idea and how to turn that into action.
John is an experienced digital strategist with the ability to help any business entity navigate the digital world.
John is an exceptionally imaginative and brilliant strategist.
He is an accomplished visionary, entrepreneur, and strategist.
He understands the digital environment and gives excellent advice.
He has great vision and mastery of the digital environment.
John's one of the sharpest minds in digital journalism today.
He is a pitch monster and definitely the most creative digital strategist out there.
He is an outstanding facilitator, strategist and collaborator.
This is probably what makes him one of the best strategist around today.
And it goes without saying that he is an effective strategist.
He really gets digital and is one our best evangelists in the company.
John provides insights that allows the "strategists" to actually progress.
He follows through on everything and is a methodical strategist.
John got him started on the road to digital imaging and digital photographic output.
To be a good digital strategist, you have to know about all the cool things that can be done and know when it is our company to use them.
John's passion as a digital strategist really does shine through and can be seen in the results that we've achieved.
He keeps himself updated with the latest trends and he to him is a very smart digital strategist.
Being also a digitally savvy strategist, he will be an asset to any organisation he is in.
John embodies the idea of a well-rounded digital strategist across many mediums.
In his opinion, he is one of the strongest communicators and digital strategists.
His understanding and experience of all things digital is comprehensive.
He just gets digital and knows when to apply it to obtain the results.
John will take your company's digital presence to the next level.
He knows the digital space inside out and has buckets of experience.
Since then he has rounded out his digital experience considerably.
As a strategist, he often looks at new perspectives of doing things better and more efficiently.
He challenges everyone around him and inspires them to become better strategists and thinkers.
He knows what to say, when to say it, and that's ridiculously valuable in a strategist.
John always looks at the bigger picture, which makes him an excellent strategist.
As a strategist, he challenges himself to try new things and allows himself to fail.
John is known for becoming an expert and strategist in segments that he pursues.
John's is truly a strategist at heart which makes him the best at what he does.
He'll add value beyond what you may be accustomed to from a strategist.
Best of all, he's a keen strategist and knows how to get things done.
That's him - result driven strategist that cannot be overestimated.
What' unique here is he is also an amazing strategist and thinker.
John can also play the role of strategist on down to the tactician
Clients love him as they understand him, unlike other digital strategists that make up words just to confound people.
And of course, he knows his way around the interweb - and all things digital - rather well.