Diligence Performance Review Phrases Examples

Diligence Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He knows what needs to be done and does them diligently.
John has always been very diligent and thorough in following up on necessary timelines.
John is very diligent and is always willing to help others on his own initiative.
He is diligent and always make sure he does his best in all that he does.
John always follows through and is very diligent in getting things done.
His diligence in getting things done the right way is admirable.
He is very thorough and diligent and was very well regarded.
He wants to know when his name is on it, diligence was done.
He always follows up diligently, thoroughly and promptly.
He is diligent, thorough and nothing is too much trouble.
John is diligent and follows through on his commitments.
I found him to be very diligent in whatever he took on.
He has always come across as diligent and enthusiastic.
He is also a diligent and does what he says he will do.
I am certain that his diligence and warmth will take him far, and wish him all the best for the future.
I also really appreciate the way he has always been very diligent with and responsive to our needs.
He has always gone out of his way to be helpful and is diligent in all of his dealings.
It is truly remarkable how diligent he is with this, as with everything that he does.
John has always brought the best out of those around him with respect and diligence.
He is always willing to helping those who need it with diligence and compassion.
He is incredibly diligent, and only wants what is best for everyone around him.
He was extremely diligent in doing whatever it took to help us make the move.
His diligence in following up with requests made is always done expeditiously.
He is always right there if we need him, and extremely helpful and diligent.
He was very thorough with numbers and had been very diligent and meticulous.
He is focused, diligent and goes above and beyond in everything he does.
John is someone with vision, diligence and knows how to get things done.
Gets along very well with his colleagues and is diligent and hard working.
John's very diligent at what he takes on and does it with sincerity.
His diligence and dedication is something to which we should all aspire.
He followed up diligently on the issue before and after it was resolved.
It simply would not have been possible without his diligent dedication.
He was diligent, dedicated and always got on well with him colleagues.
Moreover, he has never been short of either enthusiasm or diligence.
His diligent approach to everything he does will take him very far.
Work-wise, he's diligent and doesn't say anything unless it's right.
I've gotten to know him as a being quite diligent and persevering.
Extremely thoughtful and diligent in all of his responsibilities.
He took our concerns seriously, and was diligent in following up.
He did so expertly and diligently, always going above and beyond.
I have always found him very flexible, diligent and trustworthy.
John is extremely diligent and can't seem to do enough for you.
They are diligent in their follow-up without being overbearing.
John's diligence has carried him forward in all that he did.
He is not only diligent but is passionate about what he does.
The handover he provided to me was comprehensive and diligent.
He is also about as hardworking and diligent as anyone around.
He is smart, diligent and is somebody who makes things happen.
He takes his responsibilities very seriously and diligently.
Whenever something was asked of him, he diligently delivered.
He was diligent and thorough in all that he endeavored to do.
I have always been impressed by his commitment and diligence.
Resourceful and diligent he has the ability to keep focused.
He was diligent, thorough and could run with any assignment.
John, thank you for your honesty, enthusiasm and diligence.
John approaches everything he does with diligence and style.
John puts in everything he found and did his due diligence.
John is deliberate and diligent in everything he endeavors.
John is diligent, trustworthy and above all compassionate.
However, he was also diligent about keeping me in the loop.