Direct Performance Review Phrases Examples

Direct Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

If he can not help you, he directs you in the right direction.
John knows when to ask for direction, but is self-sufficient and self-directed.
He did what he had to do to make sure we were going in the right direction.
Not only does he take direction well, but can also give direction.
He is direct to be sure - but never offensive in his directness.
He always made himself available to help even when he was getting pulled in every other direction.
He needed little by way of direction, but still took directions very well when it was necessary.
He also took direction very well and was always about getting the best out at every opportunity.
He can see and do things that would not otherwise be done without him direction and insight.
He is also willing to provide help and direction to those outside his direct responsibility.
Give him direction and get out of the way and there is almost nothing he cannot accomplish.
He is someone who will tell you like it is and also help guide you in the right direction.
John is always willing to help where he can or at least point you in the right direction.
Listening to what he has to say and following his lead is following the right direction.
He has been able to direct him in different directions when it has come to our company.
He is willing to take direction and provide direction at the appropriate interval.
John will tell you the way it is, without any messing about and is very direct.
John, thanks for everything that you did during our direct Associateship
Now it is down to him, thank you so much for pointing him in the right direction.
He will do anything asked of him and do it well, with little or no direction.
He gets what needs to be done and has taken us in new and growing directions.
He jumps right in and knows what has to be done with little to no direction.
Challenge him with anything and he will complete it without much direction.
If you are going the opposite direction to him, you may want to reconsider.
He is our company yet very responsive to direction from his supervisors.
John is very our company and always follows through on his commitments.
Yes, they always need something but it is always directed at his business.
He is our company and self motivated and needs a very little direction.
John will take direction if provided or our company self-directed as required.
John is truly at his best when all else seems to be lacking direction.
It is because of this that he gives you the right advice and direction.
He is very direct about things and usually gets along well with people.
His advice and direction have always guided him in the right direction.
He is direct, provides value, and just makes you better at being you.
Moreover, he did all of this with no need for directions given to him.
John knows when to ask questions, though he needs a little direction
He is always there when one needs directions or help, on any subject.
He is self-directed and always gives his best at everything he does.
He is willing to help those even not within his direct department.
He is always getting better and pushing himself in new directions.
He needs little direction and gets anything done that is required.
He can see your idea and take it in six other possible directions.
Straight to the point, knows exactly what he wants and is direct.
We couldn't have done this without his knowledge and direction.
John did quite a few things for us with very little direction.
He will also try his best to point you in the right direction.
He also took his direction and made sure that it was executed.
John has always been there for him with advice and direction.
Many of them have been our company minute and with little direction.
John has always followed every direction given and then some.
Our company thorough with Process and knows exactly what he wants and always willing to guide his directs in the right direction.
Our company will definitely be in the right direction with John.
John provides direction, but doesn't micromanage his direct reports.
There was not much that he didn't just have a go at getting them done and sure enough - soon they would be moving in the right direction.
If he can not help you he has always been willing to point you in the right directions for what you need and are looking for.
But if he doesn't know something or is not able to do something he always seems to point you in the right direction.
He is always willing to let his workers try new things and to be self-directed unless detailed direction is needed.
He always tries to help, even when questions are directed at him that are outside his immediate responsibilities
John is willing to help everyone, if he does not have the answer, he will direct you to the right person.
He is well liked and has the ability to motivate others to do more than they would have without his direction.