Direct Care Staff Performance Review Phrases Examples

Direct Care Staff Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John ensure that his staff is taken care of and will follow up on career advancement opportunities for his staff.
Furthermore, he cares about his staff and is extremely intelligent.
He is very passionate about his work and cares about his staff.
He's a quality guy, who truly cares and takes care of his staff.
I found him to be straight forward and direct in his dealings with staff, ensuring clear direction and expectations.
John demonstrates caring and understanding towards him a staff and truly wants us to succeed.
I knew we could count on him to get the job done and also take care of the staff.
He truly cares about the well-being of people, franchisees and staff alike.
John is a very committed employer, who clearly cares for his staff.
He truly cares about both his staff members and the prospects/customers he engages.
He firmly believes both in taking excellent care of his clients and making sure his staff are well taken care of.
Most important of all he really knows how to take care of his staff, and that's the most you can ask from anyone in a managerial position.
Through his actions, it shows that he cares deeply for his staff and will go out of his way to help and listen.
John and his staff go the extra mile to make sure they are all happy and well cared for in my absence.
John not only cares about his staff, but also the success of the students we all serve.
It gives me peace of mind that our staff are provided with expert advice under his care.
More than that, he consistently acted with genuine concern and care for his staff.
He always had a joke, a smile, and he actually cared about his staff.
He truly cares for his staff and helps encourage growth and success.
He values everyone's contribution and cares about staff's well-being.
He actively and sincerely cares for the welfare of each of his staff.
He is genuine and cares about his students, colleagues and staff.
He takes good care of his staff and have a great interest in his staff's interesting, well being and what we want to achieve.
He provides direction when necessary; and always stands-up for his staff when warranted.
His staff appreciates him for his clear direction and genuine concern.
He also directs and supervises his staffs well, providing clear directions on what, when, where and how to do their job.
John always assured that everyone was taken care of including his staff.
Additionally, he is passionate about leadership, staff development, and staff care.
He not only have the eye for details and was always very caring for his staff well-being.
John was not only genuine, caring and sincere to me, but to his staff as well.
I have never worked for anyone who cared so much for his staff and peers.
He was a passionate leader who cared about the direction of the company and also cared for each employee.
He cares about his staff and gets the most out of them while increasing and enhancing employee satisfaction.
He genuinely cares for his staff, taking an interest in who they are and what drives them.
John has also never fail in sharing his cares and concerns to all the staff members.
Him positive and caring attitude allowed the staff to get through the impossible.
He cared deeply about the success of his clients and his stuff.
John supervises staff with great patience, caring and courtesy.
He truly cares for his contractors, him clients and his stuff.
John inspires an honest and caring relationship among his staff.
John cares for his staff, and ensures credit is given when due.
His staff always seemed to just enjoy their work under his direction.
John always puts on listening ears to both his staff and those which his department needs to take care.
He not only gets his job done with accuracy, he is honest and very caring for his sizeable staff.
He and his staff are not just numbers people, they are warm, friendly and caring.
He is a caring employer who looks after his staff and values them greatly.
He cares about his staff and motivates them to perform at their best.
John is caring and thoughtful, as well as directing and detail oriented.
He always went above & beyond the call to take the best care of our guests, and was well-liked by the entire staff.
John truly cares about his staff and is always available for guidance and mentoring of his employees.
John is demanding, but at the same time shows that he really cares about his staff and colleagues.
He cares for the company and the welfare of his reporting staffs.
He is thoughtful, insightful and intuitive with his approach to any given situation, and he really cares about his staff.
John was fantastic in this position, helping to bring out the best in the diverse staff under his care.
He sincerely cares about his students and staff and it shows in all that he does for them everyday.
His leadership was exceptional and his obvious care for the company and the staff was inspirational.
Not only is he hardworking and diligent, but also kind and caring towards students and staff.
Most importantly, he is an open and honest individual who genuinely cares about his staff.
He has shown tremendous care for his staff and wanted them to be successful in many ways.
John is a very caring and compassionate boss who is always concerned about staff welfare.