Direct Care Worker Performance Review Phrases Examples

Direct Care Worker Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

He is a hard worker, and he needs very little direction to get things rolling.
Needing little direction, he took care of his responsibilities with cheerfulness and self-discipline.
He truly balances care for his people, and care for the organization.
He cares about his direct team, his co-workers and of course, his customers.
He also knew that if he showed he cared for the employees they would care for the company.
He cares about his clients, and he cares about delivering results.
And, by taking care of his clients, he takes care of the company.
He really cares about them, motivates them, and provides clear, no-nonsense directions.
His guidance and passion about taking care of his directs was unparalleled.
They routinely made progress under his caring guidance and direction.
John provides the perfect balance of guidance, care, and directness.
He genuinely cares about his co-workers and it shows in the work.
He is very willing to train new workers with guidance and care.
John is a hard worker and cares about his job and takes it very seriously.
He is compassionate, caring and clear when providing direction.
He only accepts the best from himself, his co-workers, and his direct reports.
John is well respected and liked by his direct reports and co-workers.
He's direct but empathetic, and a hard worker who makes it look effortless.
John is a great mentor and cares about those under his direction.
John cares for his teams and an is an inspiring co-worker in any studio.
He really cares about us and does all he can to help our department.
He's very friendly, has a great sense of humor and really cares about his co-workers and him direct reports.
He cares about his clients and colleagues and always steps up to make sure they are taken care of.
He is much more than business though, he cares about his coworkers and his company.
John is an excellent motivator who cares not only about the results of his directs, but about how they are achieved.
John kept me pointed in the right direction, brought out the best in me, and cared about my career.
He is careful to maintain objectivity and not push participants in any direction.
John's best attribute, though would have to be that he cares about his co-workers and is always striving to improve himself and those around him.
He cares about the success of his co-workers and makes sure their work is featured as appropriate.
He showed both a passion for his work and caring for his co-workers.
It is evident he cares genuinely about his job requirements as well as him fellow co-workers.
He's a hard worker who cares deeply about doing the best job possible.
He helps us to remember the importance of self-care, and, in honouring the self, how we can better care for others.
John is a strong manager that directs him co-workers with care.
He's able to bring out the best in his direct reports and other co-workers.
He cares about his employees and goes out of his way to help them and make sure they get everything the need.
John always made himself available to his employees and was very understanding and caring.
John also cares about his employees and provides for their wants and needs above his own.
I've always appreciated that he actually cares about the well being of all employees.
He is always looking out for others and cares deeply for his employees.
He really and truly cares about his employees and their well being.
He cares about those around him and the success of his employees.
He took care of us and we gave him everything we had as employees.
John is also very compassionate and cares about his employees.
He will help you take care of your employees like no one else.
He cared about each of us as individuals, not just employees.
John cared about each employee and really got to know each one.
Someone who gives space to his colleagues and co-workers but also set clear directions and expectations.
John had a direct yet a gracious way with others that endeared him to co-workers, donors and alumni.
He is always calm, clear, and direct, always treating his co-workers with the utmost respect.
He is focused, direct, honest, and an extremely hard and effective worker.
John is a hard worker with a very direct and challenging style.
His careful and thorough approach to leadership provides clear direction and enables others to succeed.
His manner is friendly, caring, empowering, and also direct and precise when needed.
John goes out of his way to make sure that he Co workers and clients feel important and taken care of.
He's one of those who takes full responsibility and genuinely cares about the job and his co-workers.
He always went the extra mile to take care of his clients, his partners, or his co-workers.
John cared not only about his customers, but for his co-workers as well.
He cares for the people around him and would take it upon himself to help others be successful.
John is the one to go to when you want to protect someone or something you care about.