Directional Driller Performance Review Phrases Examples

Directional Driller Sample Phrases To Write A Performance Appraisal Feedback

John knows when to ask for direction, but is self-sufficient and self-directed.
He has always directed him in the right directions, in better solutions/upgrades.
Not only does he take direction well, but can also give direction.
You tell him what you are looking for and he will take you in that direction.
He did what he had to do to make sure we were going in the right direction.
He needed little by way of direction, but still took directions very well when it was necessary.
His advice and direction have always guided him in the right direction.
Our company thorough with Process and knows exactly what he wants and always willing to guide his directs in the right direction.
He needs very little direction when you are asking him to do something and then does it better than you could have imagined.
He always made himself available to help even when he was getting pulled in every other direction.
He also took direction very well and was always about getting the best out at every opportunity.
He can see and do things that would not otherwise be done without him direction and insight.
Give him direction and get out of the way and there is almost nothing he cannot accomplish.
John will tell you the way it is, without any messing about and is very direct.
John, thanks for everything that you did during our direct Associateship
You are not alone because he will be there to nudge you in the right direction.
Now it is down to him, thank you so much for pointing him in the right direction.
He will do anything asked of him and do it well, with little or no direction.
He gets what needs to be done and has taken us in new and growing directions.
He jumps right in and knows what has to be done with little to no direction.
Challenge him with anything and he will complete it without much direction.
If you are going the opposite direction to him, you may want to reconsider.
This made him very comfortable that he was going in the right direction.
You can look forward to him for direction and he will not let you down.
It is because of this that he gives you the right advice and direction.
Moreover, he did all of this with no need for directions given to him.
John knows when to ask questions, though he needs a little direction
He is self-directed and always gives his best at everything he does.
He needs little direction and gets anything done that is required.
He can see your idea and take it in six other possible directions.
Straight to the point, knows exactly what he wants and is direct.
You would be foolish to look anywhere else but in his direction.
John did quite a few things for us with very little direction.
John has always followed every direction given and then some.
His direction regarding user experience was always one of the best direction that we were ever given.
He anticipates what direction his guest will go in and knows how to best direct the conversation.
John not only provided direction, but always explained the 'what's behind any direction given.
He did as for direction initially, but as he progressed, he began to go his own direction.
His directions are always clear and concise and he is always direct and to the point.
He's good at following directions as well as giving directions to others.
John is direct in his feedback, direction and inspires success.
There was not much that he didn't just have a go at getting them done and sure enough - soon they would be moving in the right direction.
If he can not help you he has always been willing to point you in the right directions for what you need and are looking for.
But if he doesn't know something or is not able to do something he always seems to point you in the right direction.
He always tries to help, even when questions are directed at him that are outside his immediate responsibilities
He always knew what was going on and help you in the right direction if you didn't know how to start.
And without fail, he'd be willing to help and would at the very least point him in the right direction.
He definitely does not need much direction, and he'll take on an assignment without much hesitation.
Rabah was always willing to help out, regardless of whether it was in his direct interests to do so.
Sometimes what he has to say, they don't want to hear, but he directs always know where they stand.
Sometimes he followed his advice; sometimes he took it and went in a different and better direction.
He gives great direction on what he wants done and is always willing to help in any way possible.
John will always take the initiative to get something done, even without being directed to do so.
John's been there and back, so he knows what direction to point you in at just the right moment.
If not for him, we may have still been trying to figure out what direction we should be going.
He has never let him down, nor has he sent him in a direction that was not right for his company.
Invisible when he needs to be, directive and clear when he knows what will make the best shot.
John listens to the direction one wants to go and he knows what to do to get you on that path.
He can take direction as well as come up with his own ideas and see them through all the way.
His leadership is second to none - you always know the direction in which you are being led.
He always tried his best to help him with his questions, even if it wasn't him direct subject.
He knows how to get things done in a way where everyone gets focused in the same direction.
He will always try to push you into the right direction, but will never tell you what to do.
He took the ideas we had and made them better than we imagined with very little direction.
John always makes himself available for guidance and direction, but does not micromanage.
He sees what needs doing and gets on and does it with little need of direction or guidance.
He won't settle for anything but the best and pushes all around him in the same direction.
Anything he didn't know how to do he figured out on his own with little direction from him.
John explores aspects of all the things that needs to be done to get the best directions.
He's willing to take directions well and make something out of the guidance given to him.
If he can't help you, he is so well connected, he can point you in the best direction.
Personable and quick to get back to him if the artwork needs to go in another direction.
Ultimately, he will point you in the right direction and get you where you want to be.
Likewise, he was always willing to embrace other directions if they made more sense.
He always makes sure that the right question is asked to get in the right direction.
He needs little direction and always wants to take on new tasks to better himself.
If he did not know the answer, then he has always directed him towards someone who did.
John takes direction very well and goes above and beyond what you ask him to do.
He can get the most of everyone with the right balance of directions and autonomy.
He is very good at what he does and knows exactly in the direction he wants to go.
But he also knows how to direct them and guide them, when they need to be nudged.
And he is more than willing to steer you in the right direction if he cannot help.
Last but not least, he is very open and direct so you know exactly where he stands.
John always points out the direction very clearly, even if it changes frequently.
John provided direction and let you get on with the tasks that had to be done.
He is direct about what he can and cannot deliver and then does what he says.
He has no direct responsibility for it, but was willing to help out as he could.
This would not have been possible without his direct efforts to help us succeed.
He got us all organised and followed direction whilst using his own initiative.
He knows in which direction you want to grow and will make sure that it happens.
Besides that he is charismatic and gets everyone pulling in the same direction.
He never once let on that he disagreed with something he was directed to do.
Perhaps even more impressive, is that he can also take direction well himself.
John doesn't micromanage, rather he provides direction and gets out of the way.
John looks out for all of his directs but always treated everyone as an equal.
He never asked his directs to do anything that he wasn't willing to do himself.
John needs very little direction, knows and understands what needs to be done.
He energizes those around him, keeps things directed and keeps things focused.
Most importantly, he is always available for help, suggestions and direction.
He gives clear direction and lets you know exactly what he needs from you.
He's very direct, knows what he wants and you know what to expect from him.
He listens to those around him and then provides well thought-out direction.
He would always know the right direction for any question you sent his way.
He can take directions from superiors who are also from different countries.
He knows what he wants and is clear and direct on how he's going to get it.
He always took his thoughts graciously, even if he went another direction.
He gives direction, is always positive and keeps you up in every situation.
Despite being pulled in every direction, he always made it seem effortless.
People within the organization always look to him for direction and vision.
John also directed and challenged him to be his best without micromanaging.
John provided the direction, but challenged him to get there in his own way.
John knew exactly where to direct him to make the appropriate corrections.
His new proprietorship will do very well with his direction and guidance.
John would also take-on items that were not his direct responsibility.
If direction was required from him, he provided it clearly and concisely.
In other words - for that last one - he directs but doesn't micromanage.
John provided him with the necessary guidance and direction for this book.
John needs very little guidance and direction and he always delivers.
He provides good direction and follows through on what he has promised.
He provided direction as necessary and collaborated with us constantly.
He will direct you in the right way and you can trust him when doing so.
He's definitely the guy to help you move forward in the right direction.
John is an individual who needs very little supervision and direction.
John is very direct, and doesn't skirt around what he's trying to say.
John took direction very well and required little to no supervision.
He always had an answer, and if not, pointed him in the right direction.
John is direct about what he wants, which is refreshing and effective.
Where there were strengths, he was always sure to direct the spotlight.
John comes across as approachable - he is direct but passionate.
John knows how to get things done with him a pleasant yet direct style
He knew exactly what he was looking for and directed him to that end.
He is very direct and to the point and that is why he is so successful
And if it didn't make sense, he would point you in another direction.
He knows what he wants, gives clear direction and is very responsive.
He steered everyone in the right direction and was always available.
John always has new ideas and doesn't have to wait for direction.
Johnved only took direction from him, during his tenure along with him.
He does not micromanage, but gets into direct exactly when required.
When it is not his expertise, he directs you someone who can help.
John always had clarity and directness without being overbearing.
Once pointed in the right direction he will make sure it gets done.
He can be direct but you will always know where you stand with him.
John even directed all of the filming/production around the world.
He does this all with grace and kindness while being quite direct.
John opened up another for us direction that we had not considered.
John took direction well and became self-sufficient very quick
His direction was then geared towards each of our individualities.
And always honest and direct when corresponding with his contacts.
He encouraged all under his direction to be the best they can be.
Without him, we would have had to take a completely new direction.